Goose Gassing or Neck Snapping Imminent.

By Michael G. Stogner

Brent Turner “The Real Activist”

Update: justicee4muniredais on Instagram will be LIVE Streaming the event TODAY.

Friday August 26, 2022 Foster City 5 PM Join, Brent “The Real Activist” Turner in San Mateo County at Leo Ryan Park. Join the press conference/ rally to save the 100 Geese that the Elected Gang of Foster City Council Members have voted on and approved the Taxpayers to pay $90,000 to MURDER.  How NUTS is that idea ?

Congressman Leo Ryan R.I.P. if alive today, would Never stand for this Disgusting Plan.

Lynching, Gas Chambers, Nazis, KKK, Secret Society, Secret Handshakes all come to mind when you think about, Who in their right mind thought this PLAN was a GOOD or DECENT IDEA?

Is that really what San Mateo County wants to be known for.

It’s time for the Residents to not only SPEAK UP, It’s TIME to SHOW UP, Protect the GEESE.

The geese have been sentenced to death (by neck breakage or gas chambering) by the Foster City City Council.  Foster City residents are aghast at the cruel and barbaric decision 

In Defense of Animals will be there.

What do the Children of San Mateo County think about this GREAT IDEA by Politicians.

Don’t forget what 11 year old Julia said just a few short years ago.


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4 responses to “Goose Gassing or Neck Snapping Imminent.

  1. kimberly5681

    I agree this is disgusting .

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  2. Can we start a petition against that or call PETA or something?

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  4. Walter Holtz

    Glad they’re doing this. The geese could spread avian flu through their prolific poop droppings. Children and pets can get seriously sick from E Coli and Salmonella!

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