Daly City Police Department, Who BLOCKED Sereen Edais from your Instagram page on March 15, 2021?

By Michael G. Stogner

The Daly City Police Department had their own Instagram page on March 15, 2021 where the public could comment on it. I should say where some members of the public could comment.

The Daly City Police Department NEVER Investigated the Suspicious Death of Munir Edais as a Potential Homicide. As a matter of FACT they NEVER Investigated his death at all.

The reason I say that is the 911 call was made at 1:59 AM and 54 minutes later the case was closed. The wife said he hung himself, the Daly City Police Department said OK I guess that does it, Case Closed.

San Mateo County News.com would like to know WHO at Daly City Police Department Blocked Munir Edais’s 17 year old sister for posting on the Government’s Instagram Page because she thought her brother’s death deserved to be Investigated as a Potential Homicide. I agree with Sereen Edais so do 31,056 other decent and good Human Beings who signed the Petition.

“I got blocked on March 15, 2021, because I kept commenting #justiceformunir under their posts and I kept tagging our instagram page. Also, this happened when our instagram blew up and got a lot of attention, so many other people were spamming their comments as well. I have a photo of when I posted about it.  I don’t know who blocked me, and they didn’t tell me why.”

The Daly City Police Department could have AVOIDED any unpleasant comments on their Instagram page by simply conducting a HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION of the Very Suspicious Death of Munir Edais a 32 year old Police Officer. Instead they chose CENSORSHIP/BLOCKING a Teenager.

The Petition

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