PSA for Elders at Shopping Locations, Heads Up.

By Michael G. Stogner

Seniors You are the TARGET of Distraction Thefts, and Stalking/Assaults/Thefts

San Mateo County has always been about making San Mateo County Safer.

Recently the City of Foster City and other nearby areas have had some very serious crimes against elderly residents that have worked out really well, What I mean by that is nobody ended up dead because of these crimes.

LATIMES Article today

Glendale police warn of thieves using distractions to target seniors
By Summer Lin
The Glendale Police Department is warning residents about “distraction thefts” targeting senior citizens.
The thieves typically come up with a ruse in order to approach victims, such as asking for directions or giving them costume jewelry, then remove the victim’s jewelry while giving them a hug, police said Tuesday in a social media post .
The thieves target men and women who are walking alone, then steal their jewelry while leaving them with costume jewelry or another item of little value, authorities said. This is done either by force or by sleight of hand, such as during a hug, without victims knowing they had been robbed.
The thieves often work in teams, with a male driver and a female passenger who commits the theft, police said. The vehicle may contain multiple women or children. The suspects mainly stay in the vehicle and call the victim over to them.
Common locations for such crimes include grocery store parking lots and residential streets.
The Glendale Police Department said it responded to more than 30 distraction thefts in 2021.
Police advised people to walk in groups, pay attention to their surroundings, look out for people or vehicles that may be following them or appear out of place and either avoid wearing jewelry or keep it hidden under clothing.

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