SMC’s “Citizens Review Panel” Batmobile Case, It’s the Affidavit, It’s always been the Affidavit.

By Michael G. Stogner

Would SMC Law Enforcement Officers LIE to get a Search Warrant? Just ask Attorney Tony Serra.

How many times has the (CRP) been activated since its creation in 2008?

Instead of Supervisor President Don Horsley and the 4 other Supervisors opening up who knows how many Looking Into/Report Back, The Attorney General Rob Bonta The Sheriff’s Office & The District Attorney’s Office sort of Investigate something request, and the hiring of a retired Judge Winifred Y. Smith at $650.00 per hour with a $75,000 contract to do Who Knows What.

San Mateo County Government, Just make the Affidavit PUBLIC.

San Mateo County 2012 Article “Citizens Review Panel”

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Filed under "Holy Corruption San Mateo County", "Holy National Attention San Mateo County", "We've had three judges look at it", 22-SF-008723-A | The People of the State of California vs. MARK RACOP, Alex Tourk Ground Floor Public Affairs, Attorney J. Tony Serra, Board of Supervisors President Don Horsley, Brian E. Kulich, Chief Deputy SMC County Counsel, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, David Canepa Candidate for Congress, Don Horsley "Non Criminal Investigation to Assure San Mateo County Residents", Don Horsley “In an era where law enforcement is under such siege, this seems like this was not very well thought out,”, Don Horsley “What we’re trying to do — what we should be trying to do — is establish credibility with people, not do things that look like we’re doing favors. And that’s kind of, unfortuna, Ebele Okobi "I am angry at myself for believing that District Attorney Wagstaffe was acting as an impartial defender of the public.", Felony misappropriation of public money., Holy abuse of public trust, Batman!, Holy Organized Crime & Public Corruption, Public Corruption, Public Trust, San Mateo County Attorney John Nibbelin, San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman, San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Michael Otte Committed Perjury., SMC Supervisor Carole Groom, SMC Supervisor Dave Pine, SMC Supervisor Warren Slocum, SMCSO Lt. Michael Leishman Investigated the SMCSO Sheriff Activities League Embezzlement and Money Laundering case., Tony Serra "SMCSO Detective Andrew Armando committed Perjury."

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