Of Course the Attorney General declined to Investigate, That was the Goal of SMC Government.

By Michael G. Stogner

For anybody that read the August 16, 2022 letter sent by San Mateo County Government to Rob Bonta the Attorney General of California you could see in the first sentence the cause of the letter “RECENT PUBLIC ATTENTION.”

Mark Racop has concerns about getting a Fair Trial in San Mateo County, He should be Very Concerned, Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? I’ve said for about 22 years San Mateo County Courts should be CLOSED until the Supervisors can assure the residents of Fair and Level Playing field in our Courts. They have NEVER been interested in that subject matter.

Dan Noyes ABC 7 I-TEAM Investigative Reporter September 16, 2022 report.

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One response to “Of Course the Attorney General declined to Investigate, That was the Goal of SMC Government.

  1. Mark J DePaula

    Sadly, if a trial does happen against Mark Racop in SMC it is a losing issue for him. Mr. Racop would be found not guilty by a jury in my opinion, but the cost for an attorney and the issue of leaving Indiana and staying in California would be disastrous to his business and health.

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