By Michael G. Stogner

While Boston Mass has had the “Winter Hill Gang” and New York “the Five Families”, what should we call the boutique public corruption family of San Mateo County? Or does it deserve such a largesse label? Should members refer to one another, to distinguish themselves from the general public, as “friends of ours”? I know, in at least one instance, members had been referred to as “Those Who Matter”. But are there any others distinguishing terms members should use, to identify one another, such as “made man/woman”?

I submit, these things are important, in order for both residents & outsiders alike to fully appreciate both the scale and depth of what has taken root in San Mateo County. It is also necessary to recognize boundaries and expectations (expected conduct), when interacting with members & associates of the described group. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently run afoul of it and individual members, lest you suffer consequences.

How does one ask for a favor from this group? What is expected, in return?

Can one obtain insurance from it, in order to avoid problems? At what cost?

And, when so insured, can one expect favorable outcomes? How far do such outcomes extend-law enforcement, litigation/prosecutions, judicial decisions, etc.?

In order to be a successful enterprise, the group needs to clearly, either explicitly or implicitly, communicate these things. Or has it already done so, either by act or omission? Is the Batmobile Raid & Prosecution not just such an example?

ABC7 Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes did an excellent job, in bringing to light the Batmobile Raid and corruption involved, but he did not drill down into the obvious, that Sheriff Bolanos’ favor for Atherton Resident/Relator Sam Anagnostou was not possible, without District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe and his staff.

DA Wagstaffe was not only a witting participant, in the matter, he was an essential enabler! None of the search warrant affidavits and the arrest warrant request involved could have been presented to a judge, without first being reviewed and approved by DA Wagstaffe’s office. Furthermore, it was DA Wagstaffe’s Office which collaborated in the investigation and actually crafted & filed the criminal complaint, in the case!

The questions reporter Dan Noyes did not ask Wagstaffe, ones essential to obtain the truth of the matter, are what did he (Wagstaffe) know of the Batmobile investigation, when did he know it, what communications/discussions had he had with Sheriff Bolanos about the matter, when had such discussions occurred, and what communications had his office had with prosecutors, in Cass County, Indiana, and when?

DA Wagstaffe is known to be a hands-on manager, a person deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of his office, meaning for him to say he was unaware of the Batmobile Raid & Case is just not credible. One only has to look at who, at his office, is involved (executive staff members MarieMcLaughlin and Sean Gallagher, an Assistant and Chief District Attorney, respectively, versus line workers) to see DA Wagstaffe’s DNA & fingerprints, are all over the body of evidence.

DA Wagstaffe also knows of Sheriff Bolanos’ past reckless behavior.

Such as his having previously been detained by the FBI and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, at a seedy human trafficking site, one with indentured sex slaves to include a minor & drugs, in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada April 21, 2007 Operation Dollhouse.

In fact, Wagstaffe had actually consoled Bolanos, following his having been caught there. So, again, for DA Wagstaffe to portray himself as having been anything other than a willing participant (principal) in the Batmobile Investigation & Raid is just not believable.

This is the way things are done, in San Mateo County, and if you’re not a person that matters, forget about it

Steve Wagstaffe’s “Those Who Matter” e-mail

Welcome to San Mateo County

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  1. rotundist

    Is there organized crime in San Mateo County? Ask the FBI.

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