21-SF-012848-A | The People of the State of California vs. Davin Lyle Cole in Court today.

By Michael G. Stogner

This is another case to watch, Today 8:30 AM Courtroom 2A

Remember Innocent until proven guilty. He was arrested for robbing the San Mateo Rite Aid.
001PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/2021
001PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/2021
001PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
001PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
002PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/2021
002PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/2021
002PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
002PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
003PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/2021
003PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/2021
003PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
003PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
004PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/2021
004PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/2021
004PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
004PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/2021
005PC25400(c)(6)-FEL-Carry Concealed Loaded Weapon25400(c)(6)Felony11/03/2021
006PC25850(c)(6)-FEL-Carry Loaded Firearm In Public Place, Person,Vehicle25850(c)(6)Felony11/03/2021
007PC148(a)(1)-MISD-Resist, Obstruct, Delay Of Peace Officer Or EMT148(a)(1)Misdemeanor11/03/2021

Disposition Events

02/23/2022  Plea

Judicial Officer
Hill, Elizabeth M.

001PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree RobberyNot Guilty
001PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With FirearmDeny
001PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious FelonyDeny
001PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any FelonyDeny
002PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree RobberyNot Guilty
002PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With FirearmDeny
002PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious FelonyDeny
002PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any FelonyDeny
003PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree RobberyNot Guilty
003PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With FirearmDeny
003PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious FelonyDeny
003PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any FelonyDeny
004PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree RobberyNot Guilty
004PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With FirearmDeny
004PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious FelonyDeny
004PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any FelonyDeny
005PC25400(c)(6)-FEL-Carry Concealed Loaded WeaponNot Guilty
006PC25850(c)(6)-FEL-Carry Loaded Firearm In Public Place, Person,VehicleNot Guilty
007PC148(a)(1)-MISD-Resist, Obstruct, Delay Of Peace Officer Or EMTNot Guilty

On July 11, 2022 the San Mateo County District Attorneys Office made an Offer to Davin Lyle Cole.

07/11/2022 Offer recited on the record.

ABC 7 NEWS REPORT on Arrest.

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