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One down One to to go.

By Michael G. Stogner

Candidate for Congress David Canepa & Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos who lost Re-election 2022.

The Edais family of Daly City has politely requested that Supervisor David Canepa RESIGN.

“You are not fit to be the voice of the people.”

The last person this family requested to Resign or be Fired was Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie who has since quietly submitted her letter of Retirement.

Both of these outstanding Human Beings have refused to sign the Edais Family’s Petition.

I personally think the Daly City Police Department missed a Plethora of Red Flags in this Very Suspicious Death of a Police Officer. For starters there was the SECOND VOICE confirmed on the 911 call at 2:00 AM. Who did that voice belong to? What date and time did the DCPD Identify and Interview this person. Next is the Nanny Camera in the Bedroom, that would have been good for the DCPD to take as Evidence IMHO. The list goes on and on.

I had never heard of the Munir Edais Suspicius Death that happened sometime between January 19-21, 2020 until the family reached out to me on May 5, 2022.

The Family’s Petition

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Is Defeated Sheriff Carlos Bolanos Contemplating Dancing the Disability Two-step?

By Michael G. Stogner

June 7th’s election signaled a sea change for San Mateo County’s Sheriff’s Office, with challenger Christina Corpus ousting Sheriff Carlos Bolanos. The wake of this defeat has undoubtedly left Carlos Bolanos and his department appointees with a number of pressing decisions, upmost of which is what do I do now?

Undoubtedly, the number one question for Bolanos is will he follow his predecessor and attempt to go out on a lifetime paid medical disability, one in which he will receive an untaxed paycheck with medical benefits for life? When Carlos said to the press, going forward, he needed to speak to his family about his future, is that what he meant?

And if Carlos puts in a workman’s compensation claim, alleging such a disability, one qualifying him for lifetime pay, will the County question it, given the fact that he hadn’t said he couldn’t perform the duties and responsibilities of Sheriff, before losing the election? The County and its governing body, the Board of Supervisors, apparently hadn’t, in the case of Carlos’ predecessor, Sheriff Greg Munks, rubber stamping his exit……. but then again Munks hadn’t lost an election?

Will the board afford Carlos the same golden parachute, realizing the irony of his losing the election, should he allege such a disability? If the Board does, what message would it send to those county employees who have had legitimate claims which the County had contested and or denied? Better yet, what message would that send to county residents, the Board’s employer?

And given Carlos is a Carpetbagger, a person who was not a homegrown County employee and had merely gone from one law enforcement agency to another, accruing & building retirement options, versus his homegrown challenger, Christina Corpus, should the County entertain such a claim and sign off on it?

If Carlos attempts such an exit, shouldn’t that necessarily disqualify him from seeking any further public office? Perhaps not, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has ardently supported Bolanos, ever since he (Bolanos) had been detained by the FBI & Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, in 2007, at a human trafficking site, one where indentured sex slaves, to include a minor and the illicit drug ecstasy were being sold. If such embracing of bad behavior by District Attorney Wagstaffe is any indication of things to come then I’d say the citizens of San Mateo county are going to be financially on the hook for Carlos’ exit.

Welcome to San Mateo County


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