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Ron Galatolo in Court today 9:00 AM 8C a Case to watch.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: April 27, 2022 9:15 AM Mr. Galatolo appeared in court this morning, Defense attorney Chuck Smith requested May 24, 2022 9:00 AM for PLEA. That was granted.

22-SF-004259-A | The People of the State of California vs. Ronald Dario Galatolo 

San Mateo County Community College District x Chancellor Ron Galatolo

A 2015 investigation into Chancellor Ron Galatolo why did it take so long for criminal charges?

Good News Some people do get Charged with Perjury by Declaration in San Mateo County, others like Hon. Judge Joseph Scott and his Court Clerk don’t even get Investigated. You can see one of Mr. Galatolo’s charges dates back to March 1, 2011, that’s 11 years ago, how was he not charged back then?

This is another great case to watch to see what actually happens in San Mateo County with these charges finally brought by District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Charges Galatolo, Ronald Dario
001RT19705(a)(1)-FEL-Filing False Tax Return19705(a)(1)Felony03/13/2018
002RT19706-FEL-Failure To File Income Tax Return19706Felony03/13/2018
003PC424(a)-FEL-Public Officer Crime424(a)Felony10/24/2013
004PC424(a)-FEL-Public Officer Crime424(a)Felony11/18/2016
005GC1090/1097-FEL-Conflict Of Interest1090-1097Felony01/08/2014
006GC1090/1097-FEL-Conflict Of Interest1090-1097Felony04/29/2015
007GC1090/1097-FEL-Conflict Of Interest1090-1097Felony04/26/2017
008GC1090/1097-FEL-Conflict Of Interest1090-1097Felony09/26/2018
009GC1090/1097-FEL-Conflict Of Interest1090-1097Felony03/27/2019
010GC1090/1097-FEL-Conflict Of Interest1090-1097Felony07/24/2019
010PC803(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Statute Of Limitations-Late Discovery (Zamora Allegation)803(c)Enhancement07/24/2019
011PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/01/2011
012PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/12/2012
013PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/07/2014
014PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/25/2015
015PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony04/01/2016
016PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/27/2017
017PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/08/2018
018PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/07/2019
019PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony03/26/2020
019PC803(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Statute Of Limitations-Late Discovery (Zamora Allegation)803(c)Enhancement03/26/2020
020PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony09/24/2015
020PC803(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Statute Of Limitations-Late Discovery (Zamora Allegation)803(c)Enhancement09/24/2015
021PC118(a)-FEL-Perjury By Declaration118(a)Felony05/29/2019


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