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San Mateo County Sheriff Election June 2022 is going to be exciting.

Michael G. Stogner

Mark Melville has folded, he recently contacted San Mateo County, to inform me that he will not be a candidate in the 2022 election. I wish him all the best, I remember when I first met him in Foster City, and I said the same thing I said to Sheriff Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez, when I first met him and he first announced he was going to run against Sheriff Greg Munks in 2014. I said “You are either very Brave or Very Naive.”

Now that that has been settled it makes room for another candidate and possibly more for the Election 2022. Candidates filing window is February 14, 2022-March 7, 2022.

At this moment there are 2 Candidates for Sheriff, both of them thought it would be great idea to Investigate the Sheriff Activities League (SAL) Embezzlement and Money Laundering Criminal Investigation. For a reasonable thinking person that would be a RED FLAG, non-starter, It would be known as a Conflict of Interest in most circles.

I look forward to see how things shake out. That leaves 7 months for the Residents to ask the questions they have for the Candidates, That is plenty of time.

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SSF/Daly City Voters, What is San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos’ Vaccination Policy for his Employees?

By Michael G. Stogner

SSF/Daly City Voters, You elected David Canepa to the Board of Supervisors, now he is the President of the BOS. Perhaps you could contact him and see if he could get that information for the 760,000 San Mateo County Residents. You could also ask him what is San Mateo County’s Vaccination Policy for all Employees including Supervisors and Staff.

As Co-owner of San Mateo County, I have personally asked Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos for that information and he has refused to answer that simple question. I also cc’d President of the Board of Supervisors David Canepa, so he is fully aware of that request for information. You can see from his FB page “I’m at your Service” He is very busy as you can see from the photos.

David Canepa’s Facebook page

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is a Candidate for Re-Election in the June 7, 2022, which is just over 7 months away.

Mark Melville and Christina Corpus are also Candidates for Sheriff of San Mateo County in the June 7, 2022 Primary Election.

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