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San Mateo County’s Gang Problem.

By Michael G. Stogner

A gang is a group or society of associates. It’s not Illegal to be a member of a gang.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, Coroner Robert Foucrault, San Mateo County Executive Officer Mike Callagy, San Mateo County Logistics Section Chief Risk Manager Scott Johnson, San Mateo County Counsel John Nibblin, & David Silberman, SMCSO Ed Wood, Jason Peardon, Andrew Armando are all associates.

Don’t forget all five Supervisors of San Mateo County.

Everybody and their mother has known or should have known about this GANG since April 21, 2007. This is Nothing New here, Former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez criminal case for the last 7.5 years is another perfect example.

ABC 7 I-Team Reporter Dan Noyes Report

E-mail sent today to the Supervisors of San Mateo County from David a Good and Decent Human Being who has been speaking out about the SMCSO for YEARS.

Dear San Mateo County Supervisors;

Here is another example of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s abuse of power and public funds:

“NorCal sheriff orders raid on Indiana Batmobile garage, allegedly as favor for friend”

1. Article:

2. Video:

Please read the article or watch the video in full.

Your ‘chickens have come home to roost’. This department’s behavior is not only a reflection of Bolanos, who residents have overwhelmingly voted out, but it is also a reflection on each and every one of you. This is the same department that you have empowered and enabled for years. 

I have warned you for years about this department’s corrupt and undisciplined behavior. And you stood by and did nothing.

My as to you: Launch an independent and unbiased investigation (made up of people that have no relationship to this department) to identify other corrupt deputies in this department. Initiate an independent investigation into this department’s bias when working with Caucasian and POC residents.Provide a fact-based answer on why minorities (as a percentage of their respective populations) are more likely to get ticketed with the San Mateo Sheriff’s department than their Caucasian counterparts?

The data is there. It needs to be analyzed and reported. Thank you.


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