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Ed Barberini is San Mateo Police Chief.

By Michael G. Stogner


He starts February 3, 2020

All San Mateo County Cities and government officials claim that they have found the perfect guy or gal only after an “extensive national search,” A month long National Search etc. Mike Nevin, Jim Hartnett and now Ed Barberini come to mind.

City Manager Drew Corbett said Barberini was chosen because of his diverse law enforcement background and experience in the county.

Why did he leave the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office?

What was his position when the Sheriff and UnderSheriff were caught and detained inside a Human Trafficked Sex Slave residence which included at least one minor April 21, 2007. What was his position when Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos went to the media the day and promoted a False Story about the massage parlor mix up. Similar to the Epstein Prosecutors False Story calling the children victims Prostitutes. What was his position in 2010 when a Brave Female San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy reported 45 Sheriff Employees receiving Porn and Rape Videos on the County Server and Sheriff Computers. One San Mateo County Sheriff Employee sending it to the 45. What was his position when UnderSheriff Bolanos interfered in an Investigation involving his son 2011.  Most recently the October 3, 2018 in San Bruno Homicide of Chinedu Okobi by Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees,

Did he speak out about any of this?

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LVMPD to a Citizen Journalist “Just because you have a website doesn’t mean your part of the Press.”

The above statement made at 1:41 minute mark in video. At the 11:00 mark they arrest the citizen journalist. This was at the Metro Press Conference.

This is the same Las Vegas Metro Police that did this to Jody L. Williams door at 9:30PM October 12, 2018. Claiming they just wanted to ask her a couple of questions. It’s also the same LVMPD that told Mark DePaula that they had nothing to do with the April 21, 2007 Operation Dollhouse Sting by the FBI which Detained/Transported UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos according to Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschendorf former President of the DSA.


When you see this door, think about Who and What, Jody L. Williams knows.

Dennis Hof R.I.P. & Antonio Pastini R.I.P.

Jody Loren Williams was charged in San Mateo County August 8, 2018 18SM009489

The entire case has been sealed. Why, it’s a Misdemeanor?

Arrest Warrant issued on October 2, 2018

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Deputy Sheriff’s Association President rejects Board of Supervisors oversight; vows to defend four of five Sheriff’s Office personnel involved in use of force Millbrae Death.

In an email to his members (BELOW), Deputy Sheriff’s Association President David “DJ” Wozniak was critical of Board of Supervisor oversight, the NAACP, the Black Lives Matter movement, and citizens concerned over the 2018 Millbrae use of force death of pedestrian Chinedu Okobi, at the hands of five sheriff’s deputies. In response to Deputy Wozniak’s communication, I would ask him the following:

In your email to your organization’s body, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA), you say I had hoped they [the Board of Supervisors] would simply ignore these anti police activists, they have not. How interesting you would characterize concerned citizens as “anti police activists”.

When an unarmed pedestrian is confronted by and dies at the hands of your members, sheriff’s deputies, is it anti police activism, to question whether or not what had occurred was appropriate, not an instance of the unnecessary and excessive use of force, and ask for the release of videos depicting what actually occurred? Do you and your organization believe such a call for transparency and oversight is inappropriate? It would seem so.

BOS Meeting 12/4/2018 Public Comment at 8:50 mark

And when you incredulously single out San Mateo County Supervisors Groom and Pine as having given these “activists” an audience, are you frustrated that they would dare to exercise any sort of oversight, in an incident involving the the death of a person at your member’s hands? Again, it would appear so.

In singling out these supervisors to your body, are you trying to communicate your ire and influence their conduct? In short, are you trying to sanction them? If so, I believe you have lost sight of the relationship the sheriff’s office, your membership, and the Board of Supervisors enjoy.

The Board of Supervisors have an oversight function with all County departments, their respective efficiency, missions, conduct, behavior, etc.. Though the Sheriff is the head of your department, its funding, resources, standards of conduct, and staffing levels are all subject to the control and oversight of the board.

And when you say “the decision to deploy Tasers is not made by the Board of Supervisors, it is the decision of the Sheriff” coupled with your assertion that you have had numerous conversations with Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, on the issue, are you saying he, Bolanos, is representing anything different to you?

And while we are on the subject of, what appears to be, your unfettered access to Sheriff Bolanos and conversations with him about this incident, death of pedestrian Okobi, I have to say his public presence, on this issue, is nonexistent and he appears to be ducking public scrutiny. I can’t help but remember how he ducked questions about his 2007 detention, at a residence in a seedy part of Las Vegas, by the FBI and Police, in a human trafficking investigation -one in which he had been detained, along with other patrons, at an illegal whorehouse, featuring Asian indentured sex slaves, to include a minor and a substantial cache of ecstasy drugs & cash.

True, such a strategy, ducking questions from the public and press (public scrutiny), has served him well, in the past, but he’s Sheriff now, holds the public’s trust, and more is expected of him. Or is he using you, Deputy Wozniak, as a proxy, to communicate his position, on the matter, to both the Board of Supervisors and public? I’m just asking.

I remember how then Undersheriff Bolanos and Sheriff Greg Munks had feverishly sought the support of both the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and Organization of Sheriff’s Sergeants, to publicly provide the duo with a vote of confidence, following their Las Vegas detention by the FBI. I also remember how Sheriff Munks had, concurrently, gone on an apology tour within the sheriff’s office, a mea culpa, saying words to the affect that he was sorry for his conduct and dishonor / humiliation it had subjected the organization to. Poignantly absent, on this endeavor, was Carlos Bolanos. Was this machismo, on his part, or an aversion to accountability? Just asking. And now his silence, in the Okobi incident, is both deafening and, seemingly, true to form.

Why, Deputy Wozniak, are you fearful of citizens questioning the circumstances which led to the death of a pedestrian, at the hands of your organization’s members?

Why do you feel it necessary to demonize these persons as anti police activists, painting them as part of the NAACP & Black Lives Matter movement en masse?

Why do you further characterize these citizens as the social media army of the Black Lives Matter organization and their knowing nothing about use of force issues?

Do you not see why reasonable well intentioned persons might question why an unarmed pedestrian who, when confronted by officers, ends up dead this following officers’ use of force?

Do you believe the sheriff’s office and your organization’s members are not accountable to the community which it serves and or the County Board of Supervisors?

Since you have characterized the deputies involved, in Okobi’s death, as doing nothing wrong, have pledged to defend them, and said “the DSA stands behind our members and the actions they took that day in Millbrae”, I assume you have reviewed the results of the investigation conducted by District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s Office, in coming to this position and commitment? If this is true, could you please share with us those materials, as, thus far, Steve has told us his investigation has not yet concluded. If you are relying on other materials and or what  persons involved [deputies, Supervisors, Bolanos, Wagstaffe, etc.] have told you, please share, we would welcome such insight.

And I have to ask you, Deputy Wozniak, would you concede citizens have a right to question an investigation conducted by either the Sheriff’s or District Attorney’s Office? More importantly, given a past history of demonstrated bias, on District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s part, towards Sheriff Munks and Sheriff Bolanos, do you believe he should recuse himself and his office from conducting an investigation into Okobi’s death?

To be completely transparent, shouldn’t a grand jury be convened, witnesses called, evidence presented, and a result sought -bill or no bill of indictment? Or would that be too risky, as there is no defense information presented or cross examination conducted in such a venue, and, therefore, the results entirely predicated upon what narrative the District Attorney wants to present, guilty or not guilty?

Would you acknowledge, Deputy Wozniak, that politics influence decisions made by the both the district attorney’s office and sheriff’s office, respectively? Examples would be, say, the district attorney’s decision not to file charges against Eddie DeBartolo Jr. for a rape he had allegedly committed, in Menlo Park -the case had begun at a bar, the British Banker’s Club, in Menlo Park, and ended at DeBartolo Jr.‘s Menlo Park residence.

What about other allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct involving San Mateo County employees? Wouldn’t you concede, Deputy Wozniak, politics had been a consideration, in the outcome of some of these cases? I’m just asking.



DJ’s email and its content to the DSA membership:

As you all know, the District Attorney has not yet announced if he will or will not prosecute 4 of our members for the death in custody in Millbrae last October. While I’m disappointed his decision has taken so long, we are confident our members did nothing wrong  and are fully prepared to defend our members if any charges are filed. The DSA stands behind our members and the actions they took that day in Millbrae. I’m confident that if the DA’s office wanted to move forward with any charges, we would prevail in court.

While the DA’s office weighs its options, the NAACP and the National Black Lives Matter movement have taken a particular interest in the Sheriff’s Office. They have activated their base via social media and have inundated the Board of Supervisors with thousands of calls and emails asking them to remove Tasers from San Mateo County Law Enforcement.

While I had hoped they would simply ignore these anti police activists, they have not.  Unfortunately,  SupervisorPine and Groom have given these people an audienceand formed a “taser committee” where they’ll will be looking into Tasers, policies surrounding them and researching deaths related to Tasers.

This is baffling because the decision to deploy Tasers is not made by the Board of Supervisors, it is the decision of the Sheriff.

The committee plans on holding a public meeting to “discuss Tasers”. The meeting is tenatively scheduled for February 11th at 1800 hours.

Once the meeting date/ time is confirmed, I will be asking all DSA members try to attend the meeting.   I’m not asking you to speak or participate in the conversation as  I find it unlikely that any of activists attending are open to listening to anything we have to say.  We simply don’t want the entire audience to be full of anti police activists and having normal rational people in the audience will be helpful.

Here is what I have one in response to these events:

 I have had numerous conversations with Sheriff Bolanos on this issue and made it crystal clear that the DSA does not support removing Tasers from our members.   The Sheriff has has told me that he supports that decision and believes in Tasers have their place in the use of force policies of the Sheriff’s Office.

I have met with the board members individually.  I have explained how valuable Tasers are to public safety. I have explained how high in the use of force continuum Tasers are and how restrictive our policy and procedures are regarding their use.  I explained to them that the calls/emails they are receiving are not from people in San Mateo County.The people calling are part of the social media army of the Black Lives Matter organization and know nothing nothing about use of force issuesand know nothing about Tasers and their use in law enforcement and most importantly, have no idea about the events in Millbrae resulting in the death in custody.

Sheriff Bolanos has authorized me to create a “use of force” day for the County Manager, County Council and Board of Supervisors.  Working with the training unit, we will give the BOS training on Tasers and run them through various scenarios, with and without Tasers so they can see their value in public safety.

I ask that any of you who happen to have a conversation with Sheriff Bolanos, convey your appreciation for his stance on this issue and supporting the DSA.

I will obviously keep you posted on any developments with this “Taser Committee”.

My final question D.J. Wozniak, Who is conducting the Sheriff’s Office Investigation?

Here is D. J. Wozniak (Plaid shirt looking down) in the audience with a very small group of his supporters. two guys behind him staring at camera.


By Michael G. Stogner

Reuters Article on Taser Deaths


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San Mateo County Snake Oil, Cures All That Ails You. Come Get Some!


screen shot 2019-01-05 at 10.39.27 am

For over a year there was a pattern of police use of force deaths, in San Mateo County. This pattern culminated, in the October 3, 2018 Millbrae death of 36 year old pedestrian Chinedu Okobi.

Despite what would appear to any reasonably objective observer, an escalating body count, Mr Wagstaffe, as District Attorney, did nothing to address / curb the situation. And now, his administration is seemingly poised to render a decision blaming Okobi’s death, on something other than the unnecessary & excessive use of force by officers. This is a familiar pattern with DA Steve Wagstaffe, with his having blamed previous deaths on the decedents -their respective acts & medical conditions.

Most recently, he went on television saying he was not going to speculate on the Okobi case, that he had to get all the facts, before rendering a decision on the matter. Yet, instead of keeping his word, he went on camera and questioned the product liability aspect of Tasers, a device repeatedly used by officers, in their confrontation of Okobi .

Mr. Wagstaffe ignored a year long prologue of police use of force deaths, in his very jurisdiction. And then he told us he was not going to release videos, in his possession, ones which depict exactly what had happened, in the most recent death, that of Mr. Okobi.


Chinedu Valentine Okobi

Just as his office had excluded two African American’s from serving on the jury in the Tracey Biletnikoff murder case, a matter in which he had been criticized by the appellate court. This was a Murder Conviction reversed because of Wagstaffe’s behavior. “During jury selection, the prosecutor, Stephen Wagstaffe, peremptorily struck the only two African-American members of the jury pool… We hold that a comparative juror analysis, in combination with other facts in the record, demonstrates that the prosecutor’s purported race-neutral reasons for striking at least one of the jurors were pretexts for racial discrimination.”

He now says he is not going to release the videos and audio recordings of Chinedu’s murder to the public, his employers, so that they can see them.

The People do not need an interpreter, to understand what they are seeing for themselves, Mr. Wagstaffe.

Okobi’s mother and sister were shown the videos and audio recordings, and here is what his sister, Ebele, said about them:

It’s readily apparent you are struggling to shoehorn your narrative of what occurred with the facts and, in so doing, you have passed the rubicon of truthfulness, leaving honesty & integrity behind, and entering a sea of deception -familiar territory for yourself, a directed or desired outcome.

The taint and stench you and your cadre have brought to the office of district attorney is palpable and, I submit, can not be removed, without your & their removal.

Felony fraud resulting in the diversion of over 2 million dollars of public monies being characterized by your office as sloppy accounting practices, at San Mateo County Transit, is but one / just one example of DA Wagstaffe’s aversion to the truth. False debits are not errors or sloppy accounting, Steve, they are intentional criminal acts.

Here is the letter from Albert Serrato falsely declaring that no crimes were committed in the SamTrans fraud brought by 3 whistleblowers, who were accountants and risked and lost their own jobs.

The bias you have demonstrated, when it comes to Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and former Sheriff Greg Munks, excusing their abhorrent behavior & giving them a pass, when they were detained by Las Vegas metropolitan police and the FBI, in a human trafficking investigation, one in which they had gone to a home being used as a whorehouse in a rundown residential neighborhood with Asian indentured sex-slaves, at least one of whom was a minor, and a cache (3,500 tablets) of illegal ecstasy drugs, is reprehensible and not in keeping with the public’s trust, Steve.

In that unguarded moment, in what you thought would be a confidential email to the duo, you expressed your support and consoled the two that the matter would soon pass and become yesterday’s news. This provides a rare glimpse into the flawed (real) character & thinking of who is District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Here are those emails, #ThoseWhoMatter:


The fact that Okobi’s killers are back at work, armed, with unfeathered contact with the public & custodies alike, is testament to the fact DA Wagstaffe has cleared them and communicated this information to Sheriff Bolanos. Yet he is still massaging his findings to the public, delaying what he has obviously determined -that the officers’ use of force resulting in Okobi’s death was justified (reasonable) and that he and his office are going to do nothing about it, giving them a pass.

You are a snake oil salesman, Steve, selling the public adultered versions of the truth and being a shill for morally corrupt county officials. Release the videos, so we can see just how much!

If you as the reader are asking, “How on Earth is Steve Wagstaffe still the District Attorney of San Mateo County.” You are on the right track. The short answer is that you are responsible for him being there. He can only be recalled or voted out. He has full immunity for anything he does.

By Michael G. Stogner

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San Mateo County Government E-mails should be preserved not deleted.

106709_San Mateo County

Why would government want to delete, destroy e-mails? E-mails should be preserved permanently. They show the public the behind the scenes communications between elected officials who have taken an oath, and high ranking appointed officials who are supposed to represent the public’s best interest.

Below is just one example of 4 top SMC Officials communicating their support of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves being used for their personal pleasure, and their distain for the media. All 5 Supervisors shared the same idea.  These e-mails are 11 years old and still current when you add what is happening to Jody L. Williams today in SMC by Steve Wagstaffe, and John Warren.


SMC E-mail Policy November 7, 2018

J. E-mail Retention

Email messages are temporary communications and the email system (with the exception of archived email subfolders as set forth below) is not intended to be used as a means of records storage. To the extent that email messages which are generated or received through the County’ s computer systems constitute business records to be retained pursuant to the County’ s (or a department’s) records retention policy, such email messages shall be retained as set forth below. Email messages that do not otherwise serve a business purpose (including, but not limited to, draft communications, administrative communications, etc.) shall be routinely discarded. For that reason, each workforce member who uses the County email system has the same responsibility for their email messages as they do for any document they obtain in the course of their official duties and must decide which communications should be retained for business o legal reasons and which should be discarded. If a workforce member has any questions regarding if an email should be retained as a business record, he or she should seek guidance from his/her supervisor and/or department head who may consult with legal counsel as necessary.

Email messages in a// default folders of a user’s mailbox will be automatically deleted after ninety (90) days. Automatically deleted emails will be accessible in emergency situations for a period of thirty (30) days after they are deleted from the user’s mailbox.

Email messages that constitute records to be retained for business or legal reasons may be saved in excess of ninety (90) days in any of the following ways: (1) saved in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Portable Document Format (PDF) and then transferred to electronic filing systems or other media for long-term storage in accordance with the department’s regular filing and storage procedures; (2) affirmatively “dragged and dropped” or “cut and pasted” into email subfolders created by the user (the user must select the particular retention period that applies to any created subfolders (i.e. one year, two years, ten years, indefinitely, etc.)); or (3) printed in hard copy and filed or stored as appropriate. Any email subfolders created by the user within Microsoft Exchange will, along with the user’s in- box including any migrated mail, count toward the user’s 100GB mailbox space limitation as outlined in Section E of this policy.

Workforce members should seek guidance from their department heads to determine the specific time requirements applicable to records and electronic correspondence generated, received and/or maintained by their department in accordance with their department’s records retention policy. Workforce members are strongly encouraged to review the email content of subfolders on a regular basis and to delete any content for which retention is not required.

Regardless of countywide or departmental records retention requirements, email and other electronic correspondence pertaining to a threatened or actual legal action must be retained until the litigation is concluded. It is the responsibility of the department involved, or County Counsel, to notify ISO in writing, of the need for the hold on electronic communications.

The use or creation of local personal archive files (such as Outlook.pst files) is strictly prohibited and may not be configured on County equipment.

From: Michael Stogner <>
To: Michael Callagy <>
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2019, 11:24:13 AM PST
Subject: Re: Status on the e-mail deletion policy
That might be just fine, but as you can see very few people even know about this and you can stop this for a 6 month review period starting today until you decide the proper time period to hold e-mails like 20 years etc.
On Saturday, January 26, 2019, 11:09:10 AM PST, Michael Callagy <> wrote:


As I understand it, the policy has been in place for years and that is the info I’m trying to obtain.  I think ISD realized we were not reaching our objective to get rid of the clutter of emails in the system, so this policy was brought back to address that.  I’m trying to find out exactly how this came back up, but it was in the works well before Nov. 2018.
Best regards,


Sent from my iPad

On Jan 26, 2019, at 10:50 AM, Michael Stogner <> wrote:

It looks like November 7, 2018 is when this 90 day old e-mails are to be deleted Policy was created by ISD, Who came up with this if Not You?



SUBJECT: E-Mail Policy

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Information Services Department (ISD)

DATE: November 7, 2018

J. E-mail Retention

Email messages in a// default folders of a user’s mailbox will be automatically deleted after ninety (90) days. Automatically deleted emails will be accessible in emergency situations for a period of thirty (30) days after they are deleted from the user’s mailbox.
As you and most County Officials and staff know I am a Private Victim’s Advocate and have worked on behalf of several San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies and employees. Just to mention a few, Female Deputy who reported Rape Video on County Computers being viewed and shared with upper management of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez being abused by San Mateo County Counsel John Beiers, David Silberman and others including Carlos G. Bolanos,Steve Wagstaffe, John Warren, Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschendorf who has not been unable to get to his emails. Jody L. Williams of Las Vegas connected to Operation Dollhouse recently criminally charge in SMC. Measure A,K,W e-mails. Zain Jaffer criminal 8 felony case dismissed for lack of evidence, (sure) I can think of 60,000,000 reasons this case was dismissed. Yanira Serrano-Garcia murdered by Sheriff Deputy, Errol Chan Murdered by Swat, Chinedu V. Okobi Murdered by 5 SMCSO Deputies. SMCSO Lt. Kristina Bell DV Call to 911, James McGee 17.5 hour standoff two Swat teams after 911 call for DV no DV charges. Ramsey Saad R.I.P.
That is a short list. Please consider this a formal request to save all emails regarding any of the people and subjects mentioned above.
This subject should be discussed with the public before ANY e-mails are deleted. What is the cost to keep them?
I hope you will stop this today.
Michael G. Stogner
On Friday, January 25, 2019, 6:12:20 PM PST, Michael Callagy <> wrote:

Michael, I’m still researching this as I want to be clear when this policy started.  The policy, as I understand it, has been around a long time. It is a matter of now enforcing it.  Im trying to determine how far back the policy goes.  We don’t have unlimited storage for emails so there has to be controls in place.  Employees are encouraged to save their emails and put them in files.  It is an easy process.  I will get you the history soon.  Have a nice weekend. Mike

Sent from my iPhone

On Jan 25, 2019, at 4:30 AM, Michael Stogner <> wrote:

Good morning Michael,
What is the status on the County wide policy to delete e-mails after they are 90 days old starting Feb 1, 2019?
By your response it looks like it was not your policy, Who’s policy is it?
Thank You
Michael G. Stogner
San Mateo County
Kristina Paszek <>
Jan 16 at 4:28 PM

Dear Mr. Stogner,

Your correspondence of January 11 to Carole Groom was forwarded to our office for response.  I also understand that you recently sent a follow-up e-mail today to Supervisor Groom.  This e-mail will respond to both of your e-mails.

The County’s e-mail policy is set forth in the attached Administrative Memo F-2, which was developed (and is revised from time to time) by the County’s Information Services Department, subject to approval by the County Manager.  The provisions concerning the deletion of e-mail were adopted in April 2015 around the time that the County switched from Groupwise to Outlook for its e-mail.

The County’s e-mail policy is distinct from the County and department-specific records retention policies that are approved by the Board of Supervisors.  With respect to what appear to be your concerns, although the e-mail policy reiterates that the County’s e-mail system is not intended to be a means of records storage, it recognizes that some e-mail messages that are generated or received through the County’s computer systems constitute records that must be retained pursuant to the County’s or a department’s records retention policy (or due to threatened or actual litigation), and it details how those e-mail messages are to be retained.  The e-mail policy does not impact each department’s responsibility to retain records in accordance with state law.  As explained in the policy, all e-mails that are determined to be records to be retained for business or legal reasons are to be saved.  There are a number of ways to retain such e-mails, as detailed in the policy, but we expect that in most cases, a user will simply place the e-mail in an e-mail subfolder.  A user can create e-mail subfolders and set a 1-year, 2-year, 10-year retention or mark the folder(s) to be kept permanently.  In addition, a mailbox that is being held for litigation will not be subjected to any automatic deletion until after the litigation is resolved.


Kristina Paszek

Deputy County Counsel

San Mateo County Counsel’s Office

400 County Center, 6th Floor

Redwood City, CA 94063

Tel:  650-363-4989

Fax:  650-363-4034


Michael Stogner <>
To:Kristina Paszek
Cc:Carole Groom,Don Horsley,Warren Slocum,Dave Pine,Dave Canepaand 3 more…
Jan 17 at 5:57 PM
Dear Kristina,
Thank You for your response on behalf of Board of Supervisor President Carole Groom, I’m still not sure why she couldn’t have just answered my questions directly. I now have more questions regarding the policy to delete e-mails after 90 days.  How many of San Mateo County employees have received the memo and how did they get it and when did they get it. How many managers have taken a training course on how to preserve e-mails? How many employees have taken a training course in this policy? What method was used to notify and prepare the employees for this policy?
It might be best for everyone involved to hit the stop/pause button on this policy.
Michael G. Stogner
San Mateo County
Michael Stogner <>
To:Carole Groom,Dave Canepa,Dave Pine,Don Horsley,Warren Slocumand 3 more…
Jan 16 at 10:03 AM

Dear San Mateo County Supervisors,

5 days ago I asked President of Board of Supervisors to tell me if the BOS approved this policy. To this day Carole Groom has refused to answer that simple question.

Again I’m asking who is responsible for this idea and policy? What is the status as of today. There are only 15 days left before this terrible/unlawful policy takes effect.

The Public has a right to know this information.

my previous e-mail 1/11/2019

Hello Carole,

Could you please tell me if the Board of Supervisors approved this and if so what date and agenda item was it. I’m doing a follow up story on this subject and wanted to know who is responsible for this policy.

Thank You

Michael G. Stogner

Co-owner of San Mateo County News

Looking forward to getting a response from any of you today.


Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County

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SMC and Las Vegas Metro Police “Operation Loose Ends.”

Update: Antonio Pastini R.I.P. was Dennis Hof’s R.I.P. Pilot….Jody L. Williams, Carlos G. Bolanos, Steve Wagstaffe, John Warren, LVMPD Operation Loose Ends.
This is my title, I’m not sure what San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe call it. When I think about “Operation Loose Ends” Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez & Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschendorf & Jody Williams come to mind. I can confirm the LVMPD caused that damage to that door below on November 12, 2018
Jody L. Williams

Dear Dawn:

It amazes me how much work you put into campaigns that have zero impact on helping real victims of sex trafficking.  In 2006 I was approached by a group of sheriff’s who were using the sex trafficking movement to traffick women, and make sure they had no escape. Escape I had been providing since 1984. I brought all of the evidence on the operation to the proper authorities,  including Polaris,  and the end result was they cleaned up everything in my file and moved everyone. I went to the state dept., and the salvation army who agreed to fund and create a system to address this group of people that no other cop wanted to prosecute nor a judge prosecute and gave Nevada a million dollars to create atlas with me scheduled to be the director.  We staged our first raid deliberately scheduled to catch two San Mateo Sheriff’s who made a bimonthly drop in April of 2007. Validating what i had been saying, two San Mateo County sheriff’s were caught red handed along with bags of drugs, a juvenile and 24 victims. They were brought to the salvation army where I was supposed to question them during a mandatory 72 hour immigration hold. To my shock, the victims were sent right back to the houses, and the cops released. I was completely shut out of the whole system – replaced by Chris Baughman as a figurehead to fight sex trafficking. The reason this happened is because the Salvation Army sold out the 24 victims of operation dollhouse to metro for $370,000. George Knapp had seen my work and became curious. It took him a while but he uncovered some more misconduct. I knew homeland security and ice had to have been involved to release that hold so I pushed on ICE to investigate.  They uncovered Joohon David Lee and Chris butler.  Lee however was immune from all charges but bribery. I was validated yet again and even more so when Celeste Guap stepped forward in the press. She had no choice because we have no system yet that will take actions on cops unless you go to the press and convince them to write on the subject, and they won’t let you leave sex work for fear you’ll come against them. Because of Chris Baughman,  the fbi did start investigating what was going on. In fear what they would do, a judge, Terri Miller, Dennis Hof and myself were threatened. To protect my life I moved into an rv for 2 years I kept moving weekly. That was after a bomb had been found in my first rv.
Only now FBI Agent Kevin White has gone quiet and my emails were illegally seized by San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe the same man who protected those two San Mateo County Sheriffs April 21, 2007. Daniel Bogden, my only protector was fired.  With him gone, once they got my emails a sealed Search Warrant dated 7/2/2018, they figured out where I lived. The men involved in this trafficking network then bought the motel I live in brought in their own security to cover their ass and then metro came and tried to break my door down without a warrant November 12, 2018 9:20PM.



I don’t believe they (LVMPD) went to this much trouble to ask me a few questions.
I’ve appealed to Polaris on not only my behalf, but another woman who turned to the antitrafficking groups in Nevada, only to find herself being “recruited” instead of helped to exit sex work.  To date we have nothing. We haven’t even been called by Polaris – let alone protected in any way or anything being done about this. No lawyer will touch this either because they keep disbarring any attorney who steps up and arrests their paralegals.  BUT YOU GOT COSMO OFF THE WALMART AISLE! WOW!  What an achievement ! Only it does nothing to help these victims, and myself,  now in fear for our lives.


Jody L. Williams

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018, 2:05 PM Dawn Hawkins, NCOSE < wrote:


Dear Friend,
This Thanksgiving, NCOSE is thankful for all of its dedicated supporters like yourself. With your help this year,  the movement has seen many victories from landmark anti-sex trafficking legislation, FOSTA-SESTA, passing Congress, to Walmart removing Cosmo Magazine from checkout lines, to progress with Google, Comcast, and many more.
We wish you a relaxing Thanksgiving with family (and pie!)!
Thankful to serve with you in this movement,
Dawn Hawkins
Sr. Vice President & Executive Director
National Center on Sexual Exploitation
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D.A. Steve Wagstaffe never apologized to Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez. Prosecutorial Misconduct.


D.A. Stephen M. Wagstaffe

He did apologize to SFGATE editor. In a Zain Jaffer Misinformation PR piece.

pastedGraphic.pdf pastedGraphic_1.pdf 

From: Bulwa, Demian [] Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2018 2:44 PM
To: Steve Wagstaffe
CC: Koehn, Josh; Stone, Erin 

Subject: Jaffer story
Hi Steve, I hope you’re well.
We’ve added a note of clarification at the top of that story online. Thank you,

Demian Bulwa 

Office 415.777.7228 • Cell 415-298-6619 TWITTER: @demianbulwa

pastedGraphic_2.pdf pastedGraphic_3.pdf 

From: Steve Wagstaffe
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2018 3:02 PM To: Bulwa, Demian
Subject: RE: Jaffer story 

Hi Demian, 

Thank you very much. I apologize that we made the mistake we did and I appreciate your clarifying it for us. 

Life is great here in San Mateo County; I hope it is going equally for you. 

Thanks Steve 

No Reporters have asked Deputy Lopez how he felt about that.

Case dismissed against former deputy


Juan P. Lopez

Juan Lopez

The case against a former San Mateo County sheriff’s deputy being charged for allegedly helping to smuggle cellphones and prescription drugs into county jail was dismissed Friday after a judge ruled evidence that could have showed he did not commit the crime should have been presented to a criminal grand jury.

But District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said Judge Donald Ayoob is imposing a burden on the prosecution that the law does not require. He said prosecutors informed grand jury members of letters an inmate wrote recanting his testimony connecting Juan Pablo Lopez, 54, with a cellphone involved in the case, and were not required to present them unless the jury asked to see them. He disagreed with Judge Donald Ayoob’s ruling that prosecutors had a duty to present the letters, and said prosecutors may consider refiling the case or appealing the decision.

“We feel the judge made a very serious error in his ruling,” he said. “We will assess it the coming days.”


On Dec. 16, 2015, Lopez and two county jail correctional officers, George Ismael and Michael Del Carlo, were accused of providing cellphones and drugs to inmate Dionicio Rafael Lopez Jr., who was also indicted along with Leticia Lopez, Amanda Lopez and Roxanne Ingebretsen, according to prosecutors.

On Nov. 17, the case against Del Carlo was dismissed after Ayoob granted his motion to dismiss over strenuous prosecution objection, according to prosecutors.

Once a write-in candidate for county sheriff, Lopez is also being accused of embezzlement, perjury and election fraud based on allegations he used donations from his campaign for his own personal use and lied about his city of residence, according to prosecutors.

Lopez listed his residence as being in Redwood City but allegedly was living in Newark when he filed to run for sheriff in 2014. He is also being accused of misrepresenting his address on a real estate loan, according to prosecutors.

Lopez will next appear in court Jan. 25 to set a new jury trial date for the embezzlement, perjury and election fraud charges and is out of custody on a $170,000 bail bond, according to prosecutors.

(650) 344-5200 ext. 102

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Anna Schuessler Daily Journal staff has this statement wrong–Lopez will next appear in court Jan. 25 to set a new jury trial date for the embezzlement, perjury and election fraud charges and is out of custody on a $170,000 bail bond, according to prosecutors.
Jan. 25, 2018 is to hear the motion for 2nd case remaining charges.
SM Daily Journal , please contact his attorney for clarification.


To correct the San Mateo Daily Journal, former Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez next court hearing is January 25, 2018. I am requesting the newspaper to contact his attorney about this date.


Let’s see if the local media covers Mr. Juan Pablo Lopez ( Former SMC Deputy ) on his next hearings.


I hope the local and national media will follow the rest of this case, I am sure the rest of the phony charges will be dropped.


When will the San Mateo County public/voters going to wake up?
San Mateo County District Attorney’s office is trying to destroy former Deputy Sheriff Juan Lopez.
I hope someone will get this to the national media.
I can only imagine how much money this is causing former Deputy Juan Lopez.


Let me get this straight. Wagstaffe’s little pal Sheriff Munks and Under-sheriff Carlos Bolanos are caught going into a house of underaged trafficked prostitution in Las Vegas in 2007, for their own recreation. Wagstaffe defends them to the hilt and says they did nothing wrong. He sweeps it under the rug.

But when a clean deputy decides to run against the corruption of the San Mateo Sheriff, Wagstaffe and Munks punish him by cooking up suspect charges that don’t hold up light when examined AND hold a big press conference to announce it? Lopez wasn’t the one caught going into a place with underaged trafficked girls. The fact that someone dared to challenge the corrupt sheriff angered Wagstaffe and Munks. Something is rotten in San Mateo County


Great statements!!!!


research about Mr. Lopez and San Mateo the last 3 years is quite a story.


if the con wrote a letter exonerating Lopez,why was it a case for 3 years?

Michael Stogner
Michael Stogner

The District Attorney’s Office withheld the letters from the Grand Jury, and offered a not so truthful representation of what the Jailhouse snitch actually said. To this day there has been ZERO evidence that Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez was connected to the cellphone/s and drugs, and the DA’s Office has always known that fact. Disgusting behavior.

Michael Stogner
Michael Stogner

It’s about time, After over 3 years of the District Attorney’s lies and false charges against Former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez and others a Judge finally got to see what the DA’s office has done. It shouldn’t take over 3 years to present your side of a case. This dismissal makes 4 for 4 defendants charges dismissed.


San Mateo County D.A.’s office has a long list of cases of injustice, for the people who know, lies are not too uncommon.

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