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Lee Greenwood “Obviously, that weapon killed kids. I just couldn’t go.”

By Michael G. Stogner

He was talking about this weekends NRA Convention in TEXAS.

Lee Greenwood “After thoughtful consideration, we have decided to cancel the appearance out of respect for those mourning the loss of those innocent children and teachers in Uvalde.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday, Greenwood added: “For me to go and play at the NRA just days after the shooting would be an endorsement, and people would then deem that as [me saying] ‘I like this weapon.’ Obviously, that weapon killed kids. I just couldn’t go.

“As a father, I join the rest of America in being absolutely heartbroken by the horrific event that transpired this week in Texas,”

“American Pie” singer Don McLean pulled his appearance saying it would be “disrespectful and hurtful for me to perform for the NRA” in light of Tuesday’s gun slaughter.

Country singers Larry Stewart and Larry Gatlin back out after the shooting

Danielle Peck took a similar line to Greenwood in her cancellation, citing a “respect for all of the families in Uvalde”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will no longer attend the event.
Texas political heavyweights Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Dan Crenshaw also said this week they’ll no longer attend.

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