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James Brown was given $10M of Great Condition PPE. The question remains by WHO? and Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

Before any more crimes are committed, I recommend the San Mateo County Supervisors contact James Brown, let him know you are sorry for the mix up, that whoever gave him the $10,000,000 of PPE did not have the authority to do so. Offer him $10,000 for his time and thank him for volunteering in the first place. San Mateo County should be distributing this PPE it’s in Geat Condition. Get it to the people in San Mateo County.

James Brown CEO West Coast Solutions Inc. San Carlos, San Mateo County 4D’s ago

“We are working hard on getting this into the hands of organizations and groups that need it. Fortunately most of it is in Great condition, vacuum sealed in plastic and only the outer card board was damaged in many cases. Also there was quite a bit stored indoors.

Why James Brown? isn’t there one employee in San Mateo County who has the capability and skill set to distribute the $9,000,000 of PPE that is in GREAT CONDITION according to him. It should be distributed to San Mateo County period.

If it’s in great condition today January 20, 2022 just think it must have been in great or perfect condition from the time SMC took possession of it, which to this still remains unknown.

When did SMC get this $10M of PPE?

Was it one shipment? what dates? Who signed for it?

Why didn’t SMC distribute it right after they got it?

Why doesn’t San Mateo County distribute it today?

It was No Mistake that this $10M PPE was left outside, It was ordered to be moved outside, part of the plan.

San Mateo Event Center Manager DANA STOEHR: “It’s, it was fully taken care of exactly the way it should have been.”

Good Luck San Mateo County

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The FBI would like you to call them if you attended the D.C. Capital Crime spree on Jan 6, 2021

By Michael G. Stogner

The FBI has announced that they have 170 criminal file cases opened so far and that is only the very tip of the Iceberg if you know what I mean.

If you attended the peaceful protest and did not enter the Capital Building or weren’t involved in criminal acts like assaulting and killing a Police Officer, or assaulting or damaging a Journalist’s equipment, or hunting down the Vice President of the United States. You might want to contact the FBI before they knock on your door, that would help you get cleared sooner than later. The last thing you want if you are innocent of any crime is to have your name placed on the No Fly List. It could take years to get off of that list.

The FBI wants to speak to this gentleman re: the murder of Officer Sicknick.

For anybody who flew from SFO or San Jose Airport to Washington D.C. while the State of California has a Stay at Home order because you were invited by the President of the United States and he promised you “It will be Wild” He also said he would be right there with you and you believed that also for some strange reason. Or you thought being a supporter of Back the Blue was enough for for a free pass it might have been before Officer Nickrick was murdered.

The FBI is offering $50,000.00 REWARD for the PIPE BOMB GUY or GAL.


Here is a perfect example todays LATIMES article

L.A. officer who was at D.C. rally told to speak to FBI
By Kevin Rector
A Los Angeles police officer has been ordered by LAPD Chief Michel Moore to tell FBI agents about his attendance at the pro-Trump rally that preceded the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
The unnamed officer told police officials that he attended the large pro-Trump rally on the National Mall on Jan. 6, where Trump spoke, but left “prior to any other activity and did not participate in anything that occurred at the Capitol,” Moore said.
The officer said that he was back at his D.C. accommodation when he saw on television that people had left the rally and stormed the Capitol, Moore said.
Moore stressed that while simply attending the rally would be a protected 1st Amendment activity, any involvement in the attack on the Capitol would not be and could expose an officer to criminal charges. A department spokesman said the LAPD would cooperate with the FBI if additional investigation into the officer is necessary.
A FBI spokeswoman said the agency “will interview anyone who comes forward with information” about the rally Trump held and the attack on the Capitol building that followed. Information participants provide will not be discussed publicly, the spokeswoman said.
After videos and photos of the assault on the Capitol showed many intruders dressed in military-style tactical gear, law enforcement and military officials have been left to question whether any of their members were involved. Some have placed members on leave while investigations are completed. One town in Virginia put two officers on leave.
The rally and attack were attended by a broad cross-section of Trump supporters, including white supremacists and other extremists. Urged on by Trump, many in the crowd had hoped to stop Congress from counting state electoral votes and confirming President-elect Joe Biden’s win over Trump in November.
The mob was fueled by baseless claims made for weeks by Trump that the election was somehow stolen from him. The claims were dismissed repeatedly in state and federal courts as having no merit.
Moore said the Capitol attack was such a glaring assault on democracy that scrutiny on those who attended was warranted. He said any LAPD officer who was there must “step forward, identify that they traveled, and say what their activities were.”
“This event, this action against our nation’s Capitol, and the sanctity of that democratic process being interrupted by riotous mobs — if anyone in this department had any role in that, first of all, they are to identify themselves,” Moore said.
Capt. Stacy Spell, a LAPD spokesman, said the agency “will cooperate with any investigation that stems from any allegations of misconduct” related to the Capitol attack and its officers.
Moore said he told commanders across the department to learn whether any subordinates were in D.C.

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Lenny Mendonca quietly resigned on Good Friday.

By Michael G. Stogner

Lenny Mendonca abruptly resigned April 10, 2020. He’s no longer the CA Chief Economic & Business Advisor to Gov Newsom and he’s no longer serving as the Chair for the CA High Speed Rail Authority. 

The California High Speed Rail Authority just had a meeting April 21, 2020. They were forced to disclose an Investigation, They disclosed a watered down version of what is really happening. They reported that the consultant WSP hired their own Attorney to Investigate the Whistleblowers Allegations.

Everybody knows that is not a real Investigation.

The investigation disclosure was made at Tuesday’s board meeting in response to a question raised by board member Martha Escutia, a former state senator and now USC vice president for government relations. Escutia said she raised the matter because it was important to protect the integrity of the project.

Thanks to the LATIMES By RALPH VARTABEDIAN we now know there are two Criminal Investigations. This was not disclosed at the meeting.

The project is being investigated by the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Inspector General, and the F.B.I.

As most San Mateo County Residents know Lenny Mendonca is the owner of the Half Moon Bay Review and his Newspaper didn’t see this as a Newsworthy Story.

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Redwood City Police Officer Shawn Nimau Arrested for Child Porn.

By Michael G, Stogner

Redwood City Police Officer Shawn Nimau was arrested at his home in San Carlos on Tuesday March 10, 2020, He was indicted by Federal Authorities for possession of child pornography including minors under the age of 12. Officer Nimua pleaded not guilty to charges of child pornography and criminal forfeiture, which were filed by The United States Attorney’s Office.

He is a former Lake County, California, Sheriff Deputy. His years of police service at Redwood City (5) and previous service (2013 to 2015) at Belmont Police Department.

San Mateo County Residents will recall back in 2013 it was the Federal Authorities that arrested and prosecuted San Mateo County Probation Chief.

Statement from Redwood City Police Chief Dan Mulholland as of March 10, 2020:

“The City is aware of the federal criminal investigation and is fully cooperating with federal authorities. The allegations in the federal investigation, if proven to be true, are intolerable and in no way reflect the moral principles and professional standards of the City of Redwood City and its Police Department. Since this is an ongoing investigation, no further comment will be offered.  Questions regarding the federal criminal investigation should be directed to Mr. Abraham Simmons, Public Affairs Officer, United States Attorney’s Office at (415) 436-7264.”

Next Court Date is March 31, 2020

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San Mateo County Sheriff Activities League Executive Director Barbara Bonilla on Administrative Leave.

By Michael G. Stogner


Update: May 29 2020 Half Moon Bay Review writes article on it.


Update May 28, 2020 Barbara Bonilla was escorted out of her office on February 10, 2020 and she has resigned as Executive Director. She as also resigned as a San Mateo County Sheriff Employee. The Website today still shows her as the Executive Director. The criminal Investigation is for Embezzlement & Laundering.

San Mateo County Sheriff Activities League (SAL) Executive Director has been on Administrative Leave for the last 3 weeks.


Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

Barbara E. Bonilla was also  Campaign Manager for Carlos G. Bolanos’s for Sheriff 2018

Message about the program from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

“The Sheriff’s Activities League is an extraordinary program! I have seen the impact and difference that SAL has made for the youth of San Mateo County. The effective approach that SAL provides our youth has been instrumental in keeping the kids in our community safe while building positive relationships between law enforcement and our youth.

The relationship and interaction that a law enforcement agency has with the community is vital to maintaining public safety in building a strong community. SAL is a key program that provides our youth with the necessary skills for success. I am passionate about investing in our youth because they are the future of our community.”

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has not made one public comment about this NEWS.

Board of Supervisors President Warren Slocum told me today “As this is a personnel matter, it would be inappropriate to comment.”

Barbara Bonilla is a current Director for Redwood City Rotary Club. A Commissioner for San Mateo County Parks & Rec. California PAL, National PAL.

Sheriff’s SAL Website

California PAL Vice President Barbara Bonilla

National PAL Chairman Barbara Bonilla

This is a developing story I’ll post as I get it. When you see how many people are on the Board of Directors you can imagine how many have known this information for at least 3 weeks. No other News Media has provided the residents with this story.

Update March 12, 2020 LATIMES, Barbara Bonilla is Vice President of California PAL. The similarities with San Mateo County The failure to take action. This goes back to when Supervisor Don Horsley was Sheriff of San Mateo County and San Mateo County Sheriff Sgt. Mary Koziol R.I.P. was a Resource Officer at Garfield School in Redwood City.

Santa Monica to settle child sex abuse cases

City Council approves $42.6-million payout in suits alleging lewd acts with teenage boys by a police volunteer.

ERIC ULLER killed himself after molestation charges were filed. (L.A. County Sheriff’s Department) 

By Richard Winton

For decades, Eric Uller served as the Santa Monica Police Department’s technology wizard, overseeing street cameras, creating crime maps and advancing its computers. But many knew him better as an ever-present volunteer in the Police Activities League beginning in the 1980s, helping young boys in the predominantly Latino Pico area. He would give kids rides in his unmarked police car.

But two years ago, Los Angeles County Special Victims Unit detectives arrested Uller on suspicion of lewd acts with teenage boys. Uller died by suicide in November 2018 after being charged with molesting four boys. More victims came forward and the number rose to 23, with cases dating from 1989.

On Tuesday, the Santa Monica City Council agreed to pay those victims $42.6 million to resolve the ensuing sexual abuse lawsuits that were filed against the city. The settlement also resolves a claim by a woman that she was abused by another PAL volunteer.

A judge will decide how much each of Uller’s alleged victims will receive.

“These are lifelong neighbors and dear friends. To these men, thank you for being brave and coming forward, not only for yourself but for standing up for others,” Councilwoman Ana Maria Jara said after the vote. “Our community and this council walks with you on this journey toward healing and justice. Please know that your community will continue to grow stronger and bind us together with the purpose of ensuring this never happens again.”

Uller’s position with the city and his role as a volunteer with the PAL — a nonprofit operated by the city — gave him access to teenage boys. Authorities allege he molested them in his car, and sometimes under the guise of taking them for medical exams at his father’s medical office. He sexually assaulted one boy for years in the 1980s and 1990s, authorities alleged.

“The Police Department and city had repeated warnings and reports of his horrendous behavior,” said David Ring, one of several attorneys representing the victims. “Uller as authority figure preyed on the most vulnerable young Latino boys.”

Several former city employees told Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives investigating the allegations that they reported Uller’s misconduct to their bosses, and one even described him as being able to use a police car with the knowledge of top officials.

Uller’s former boss, retired Lt. Greg Slaughter, told detectives he witnessed Uller driving young boys “all over town” and reported it to his bosses. Slaughter also told detectives that an investigation launched after child pornography was found on a Police Department communications center screen “led to Eric Uller,” the report said.

The failure to take action against Uller earlier has spurred outrage in the community.

The investigation has also renewed an enduring question over how Santa Monica, a liberal bastion of wealth, treats its less-privileged residents.

School board member Oscar de la Torre, in an opinion piece in the Santa Monica Daily Press, accused the city of ignoring reports and rumors about Uller for years.

That is exactly what Don Horsley did. Don Horsley was Sheriff of San Mateo County and San Mateo County Sheriff Sgt. Mary Koziol R.I.P. was a Resource Officer at Garfield School in Redwood City.


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