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Foster City Police chooses not to give the Residents a Heads up. Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

Watch Dion Lim’s report tonight on KGO ABC 7 News Tonight.

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Dutch Goose, SAY SOMETHING to FOSTER CITY. Snapping NECKS of 100 GEESE, LYNCHING, Bad Idea.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: justicee4muniredais on Instagram will be LIVE Streaming the event TODAY.

Today 5 PM FOSTER CITY, LEO RYAN R.I.P. PARK, Join BRENT TURNER the Real Activist and many other Good and Decent People to express their opinions against this $90,000.00 approved expense to EXECUTE 100 Geese living in Foster City by spinal dislocation aka Neck Breaking/Snapping. This sounds like LYNCHING doesn’t it, same result this method includes pulling the neck to sever the spine. Sam Hindi thinks this is a great idea, Richa Awasthi, Sanjay Gehani,Jon Froomin voted for this. That means Politicians voted to Execute this Geese.

San Mateo County Article Neck Snapping.

Foster City’s plan to kill more than 100 geese, potentially by .. › bayarea › article › Foster…

Jul 22, 2022 — In 2021, the City Council voted to allow both nonlethal and lethal options to control the mounting geese population and began moving forward …

Foster City Moves Forward With Plan to Kill 100 Geese Over … › news › local › peninsula

Jul 19, 2022 — So on Monday, the city council voted to move forward with the plan to get permits so if they need to, they can kill up to a third of the geese …

Foster City authorizes the killing of 100 geese amid sanitation … › news › foster-city-authorizes-the-…

Jul 20, 2022 — FOSTER CITY, Calif. – Foster City is moving forward with a plan to control the city’s large Canada Goose by potentially culling the birds.

Missing: Execute ‎| Must include: Execute

Foster City faces backlash after approving a plan to kill more … › 2022/07 › foster-city-faces-back…

Jul 26, 2022 — “Foster City’s decision to break the necks of up to 100 geese is despicable, and it won’t work. New geese will be attracted to plentiful …

Missing: Voted ‎| Must include: Voted

Foster City proceeding with lethal options for geese › news › local › foster-ci…

Citing significant health and environmental concerns about its growing geese population, the Foster City Council is moving forward with its depredation plan …

California Residents: Urgent! Last Chance to Save Foster City … › save-foster-city-geese-legislators

Urge Congresswoman Jackie Speier and your legislators to influence the Council of Foster Cityand pardon 100 geese and goslings for pooping in public.

Animal rights activists cite Foster City for ‘gander slander’ › 2022/07/26 › ani…

Jul 26, 2022 — “Foster City’s decision to break the necks of up to 100 geese is despicable, and it won’t work,” Lisa Levinson, campaigns director for the group …

Petition · Stop Canada Geese Killing – › foster-city-council-stop-cana…

The Foster City Council has voted to cull geese as soon as they receive a final permit. Wherever there are Canada geese, there are droppings, …

Foster City officials approve plan to kill up to 100 Canada geese › foster-city-kill-geese-plan-spina…

Jul 21, 2022 — FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KGO) — A plan to kill up to 100 Canada Geese is moving forward in Foster City after city council members approved the …

Missing: Voted ‎Execute

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Foster City, Questions remain about the August 25, 2021, Closed Session Meeting.

By Michael G. Stogner

I have asked the City of Foster City who was responsible for placing it on the Agenda for both August 25, and August 31, 2021 Closed Session Meetings? There has been no response to those questions.

Good morning Jennifer, I do have another question or possibly two, can you tell me which City Council member requested the Closed Session Meeting on August 25, 2021 and August 31, 2021?
Thank You
Michael G. Stogner. San Mateo County

I asked San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy (a Foster City resident on the Citizen Ad Hoc Committee) if any of the councilmembers contacted him prior to them firing Dr. Peter Pirnejad?

Michael Callagy <>To:Michael StognerMon, Aug 30 at 3:47 PM

Hi Mike,I heard about his firing from another city manager a few days after he was fired. We were at lunch.  I was not aware there was a closed session on this matter.  In fact you are the first I heard that from.  Though I asked that Peter sit on a panel for a discussion on equity awhile back, I never really had an opportunity to get to know him. Best regards, 
MikeGet Outlook for iOS

From: Michael Stogner <>
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2021 7:30 AM
To: Michael Callagy
Subject: Foster City Fired City Manager. CAUTION: This email originated from outside of San Mateo County. Unless you recognize the sender’s email address and know the content is safe, do not click links, open attachments or reply.

Hello Mike,
Did anybody from Foster City contact you in advance of the August 25, 2021 Closed Session Meeting that resulted in Dr. Peter Prinejad being terminated.
Do you have any comment on this Termination especially since the Assistant City Manager just left that position a couple of weeks prior?
Thank You
Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County

I asked San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe if any of the Foster City Councilmembers contacted his office to make a criminal complaint against Dr. Peter Pirnejad the New City Manager of Foster City?

Stephen Wagstaffe <>To:Michael Stogner Sat, Sep 4 at 11:52 AM

Good morning Michael,

No.  Everything I have heard about the situation is what I have read in your reports.



From: Michael Stogner <> 
Sent: Saturday, September 4, 2021 6:56 AM
To: Stephen Wagstaffe <>
Subject: Foster City’s fired City Manager Dr. Peter Pirnejad

CAUTION: This email originated from outside of San Mateo County. Unless you recognize the sender’s email address and know the content is safe, do not click links, open attachments or reply.

Good morning Steve,

Did any of Foster City council members file a criminal complaint against Dr. Peter Pirnejad?

Did anybody for that matter?

Thank You


Just because you have the authority to do something (Fire/Terminate) doesn’t mean that you should, or that it is the right or decent action to take. Super Majority Vote should be considered by the residents. This was clearly an issue between only 3 of the 5 council members. Mayor Sanjay Gehani, F.C. Councilman Jon Froomin voted against the firing of Dr. Peter Pirnejad.

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Foster City Residents asking City Manager Moneda to be Fired.

By Michael G. Stogner

Foster City Residents who took the time and money to provide True Citizen Oversight by Recalling Councilman Herb Perez who now is permanently labeled as RECALLED. They find themselves stepping up and doing it again with calling for City Manager Moneda to be labeled as FIRED from Foster City. A City Manager is appointed and the public knows very little about what he/she does or what authority they have. This case is pretty simple Mr. Moneda is Obstructing a very simple audit that involves the man who gave him his job.

April 13, 2020 5:00 PM

Foster City Council held a Closed Door Meeting last night about City Manager Moneda employment status. You will recall he turned in his resignation right after the Herb Perez Recall Election Results were certified by Mark Church San Mateo County Elections Officer.

Public Employee Appointment (Government Code §54957)

Title: City Manager

Public Comment e-mails.

Subject: Council Meeting – 4/6

Dear Councilmembers, 

I just finished watching the recording of the last city council meeting. Here are a few comments. 

  1. There were no known issues with the city’s finances before FC-Watchdog discovered these sponsorship non-payments. We found these non-payments by accident while validating sponsorship claims by Mr. Perez. Since we stumbled upon this mistake, how are we confident that this is the only problem? Gold Medal was a sponsor for the Summer Concerts 2019, but I do not see this information mentioned anywhere. No invoice has been sent to them. What else are we missing? Why are we seeking direction from internal staff, the same people who have put us in this mess.  

2.                   Mr. Moneda’s claims that sponsorship non-payments occurred only last year is not true. It has been happening since 2014. The following are unpaid dues by year. (ref: Document 1)

  1. 2014 – $1,000
  2. 2015 – $1,000
  3. 2017 – $9,500
  4. 2018 – $5,000
  5. 2019 – $4,000

3.                   Last year Mr. Moneda wrote a letter to Mr. Perez thanking him for his donation of $74,845.36. I was surprised when Mr. Moneda said he was not aware of the non-payment until September because the letter was written in June. 

4.                   Mr. Moneda mentioned that residents conducted their own audits and came up with different figures without providing the rationale behind it. That is not true. I have sent numerous emails to the city attorney, mayor, vice mayor with details and supporting documents.  On January 10th, Stacy Jiminez and I requested a meeting with director Jennifer Liu and Mr. Moneda, seeking clarifications on sponsorship solicitation, billing/invoicing, payment collection, and cash application.  Mr. Moneda agreed, and the meeting was set up, but he canceled it the next day and never rescheduled. The email exchange is attached herewith. 

Kind Regards,

Shankar Kenkre

  • Subject: Sponsorship questions

    Dear Council,
    There is a $17,000+ debt in sponsorship that has not been cleared up to date and the City Manager is now about to quit.
    How can we be able to have a fair audit if the person who can provide answers refuse to answer emails until he is gone?  This behavior should not be allowed and the City Manager needs to be fired immediately. This needs to be on his record instead of being allowed to be dodgy on a matter that shows clear favoritism to a council member who has been recalled. His letter commending Gold Medal of their sponsorships but no email exists for other businesses alongside discrepancies in sponsorships by Gold Medal & Herb Perez all point a finger at shady practices. If it’s not shady, then an audit will show that. 
    An immediate audit is needed before Moneda leaves or ask him to step down effective immediately. 

    I request again for an independent audit on unpaid city sponsorship obligations to be conducted in a timely manner so the breakdowns in city officials’ oversight can be rooted out, fixed, and prevented in future cases. 

    Vy Vo
  • Date: April 13, 2020 at 5:59:22 PM PDT
    Subject: Jeff Moneda

    Dear City Council,
    I’d like to voice my opinion that you release city manager, Jeff Moneda from your current role immediately. He has been dishonest numerous times during the last city council meeting and the lack of transparency regarding the money owed by Gold Medal has been frustrating. We would like the people working for the city to help our city and not to abuse the power. Sincerely,

    Seibo Shen
  • Date: April 13, 2020 at 5:29:26 PM PDT

Dear City Council,

I would like to urge you all to release city manager Moneda from his responsibilities immediately. 
There has been a complete lack of transparency regarding sponsorship money owed to the city by Gold Medal,  and dishonesty surrounding the issue. He lied 3 times at the last city council meeting and refuses to meet with residents to clarify the issue as directed by council motion. This type of abuse of power should not be tolerated and a clear message should be sent. 


Nina Aggarwal 

This e-mail sets the stage for the April 13, 2020 Meeting.

Date: Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 5:42 PM
Subject: Agenda Item: 6.2 – Council Meeting 4/6/2020
To: <>

“6.2. A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Foster City Authorizing the Issuance of a Requests for Proposals for an Operational Assessment of the Parks and Recreation Department”
Dear Council:On Jan. 13, 2020,  Mayor Mahanpour wrote:  “Through that review, it has become apparent that the billing and accounting practices in Parks and Recreation are deficient … In my opinion, the council should look into bringing in an independent third-party consultant to audit the processes, procedures and practices of the Parks and Recreation Department since their records have evidently not been kept in a best practices manner.” 
Why has the independent audit been reduced to an operational assessment?  Please do not cite cost as an impediment to an independent audit.  Most residents are aware that Council is prepared to spend $35 to $40 Million on a new Rec Center.  In my opinion,  money spent on ensuring fiscal integrity is far more important.   
With tonight’s official removal of Recalled Councilmember Herbert Perez,  it is time to usher in a new phase in Foster City government – one that is characterized by Transparency. 

Thank you,

Eva Hess

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San Mateo County Elected Officials should be Decent Human Beings, Most are Not.

By Michael G. Stogner

Foster City Councilman Herb Perez is just one example. He will be removed and replaced April 1, 2020 when the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election results are Certified. San Mateo County Election Official Mark Church has stated the results will be certified by April 1, 2020 even though California Governor Gavin Newsom extended that date to April 22, 2020.

The Real Question here is what did every single elected official in San Mateo County do to remove Herb Perez from office as soon as they became aware of his behavior. Did any one of them contact Herb Perez by phone, letter or e-mail and suggest he apologize, provide the Black Belt to Julia Vo, promise to change his behavior etc or even resign to avoid a successful recall? It would be good for the public to know how many elected officials contacted Herb Perez.

What did they do to protect this child and her mother once they came forward with this video.

Video of Julia & Vy Vo

RECALL is the only Real Citizen Oversight it’s that simple.

First SMC Elected Official to respond to Article.

Martin, Deirdre <>

To: Michael Stogner Fri, Mar 27 at 8:24 AM

I contacted Herb Perez about the way he treated Catherine Mahanpour during the nomination period for mayor pro tem in 2018/19.  His response was awful and I wrote him off at that point.

He is full of spit and vinegar.

Deirdre Martin
Mayor, City of Pacifica
170 Santa Maria Ave.
Pacifica, CA  94044

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FEMA & BCDC Bullying Foster City, Why?

This is a Great Question, “Why aren’t communities throughout the entire Bay Area being mandated to do this?” 

Guest perspective: Foster City levee issue May 22, 2017, 05:00 AM By Linda Koelling 

The city of Foster City is confronted with upgrading sections of the levee to bring the current structure into Federal Emergency Management Agency compliance. The claim by FEMA is that a change in the sea wall or levee height is necessary to protect the ci­ty from flooding from future speculated storm surges. The correction is mandatory or the homeowners of Foster City will risk classification as being in a designated FEMA flood zone and required to pay flood insurance.

A recent guest perspective in the Daily Journal by T. Jack Foster questions the timing of this requirement. He states that Foster City’s lagoon system was designed to take care of excess water due to storm surges if they were ever to occur. Every winter the Public Works Department reduces the level of the lagoons to contain any excess rain or storm surge so the lagoon pumping system can move any excess water back into the Bay. The lagoon system was designed and well thought out to take care of any excess water incursion into the city both now and into the future.

Our levees are accredited for the 100-year flood level requirement. According to Mr. Foster’s guest perspective, the speculated rate of increase of Bay waters is calculated to be 1 inch per decade. Therefore the need to deal with concerns of water surge or sea level rise is years away if ever. So what are the real facts behind the need to comply with the very high cost to each of the citizens of Foster City for raising the levee now? What other Bayfront communities are being faced with this mandate to spend potentially $75 million or more.

Our city has withstood earthquakes when others thought we would sink into the Bay; we withstood recent high rain conditions without flooding when other nearby cities were not so lucky. My point is that Foster City is very well designed and maintained, and the lagoon systems and pumping capacities are not being taken into account by FEMA in calculating their worst-case, 100-year scenarios.

If FEMA were not enough to deal with, the Bay Conservation Development Commission, an agency created to protect the Bay, decided to get into the act. In addition to the calculation of storm surge possibilities by FEMA, BCDC has calculated that a sea rise for 2050 and 2100 will require that the city begin building a sea wall around our city now.

Interested citizens should look at the artist renderings of the solutions pending for Foster City. I think you will be appalled at the potential for this new enclosure of our city from the Bay waters. Why aren’t communities throughout the entire Bay Area being mandated to do this? Wouldn’t it make sense that the sea rise they have calculated also involve neighboring waterfront communities?

I believe there are important questions that need to be answered before we are bullied by FEMA or BCDC to meet a requirement that has little to no basis in currently collected data to support any immediate need to spend an enormous amount of money.

In 2011, as mayor, I received a letter indicating that regional governing bodies like BCDC were considering plans for the Bay Area that would significantly curtail city and county control over land use decisions in communities like ours. I saw at that time the drawings of a projected “great wall” around the entire Bay Area to protect against the anticipated sea level rise of epic proportions in a time far into the future.

It’s time the people recognize that these regional governing bodies composed of special districts, joint powers authorities, etc., lack the checks and balances of our government system and few people know who these non-elected board members are who make these broad stroked decisions. Little by little these regional boards and agencies have continued to amass power to usurp local control.

The residents of Foster City are faced with a hefty cost if we are strong-armed into moving forward with this project demanded by FEMA and now BCDC. City officials should ask more questions and provide the citizens of Foster City more answers. In particular, who funds this unfunded mandate? Should it be entirely on the backs of the residents? Should funding come from grants from the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority whom voters gave additional property tax money to for the next 25 years to save the Bay?

The residents of Foster City need to know the answers to these questions before writing the check for something that none of us will be able to prove whether we needed to do this now or not.

Linda Koelling is the former mayor of Foster City.

More Background

Here is the Letter by T. Jack Foster.

OP-ED: Is Foster City really in danger of floods?
May 02, 2017, 05:00 AM By T. Jack Foster 


The Federal Emergency Management Agency is requiring Foster City to spend $75 million to raise their levees so that the city won’t be declared a flood zone. Such a designation would make it necessary for homes in Foster City with mortgages insured by a federal agency to acquire flood insurance. I’ve seen nothing that tells me how many such homes there are, but I would venture that there are very few. I’ve also seen nothing regarding the cost of the insurance. Since Foster City has been well-protected from floods by a system that has proved itself for over 50 years, I can’t imagine that such insurance is very expensive. So raising the levees would only save a few people from paying that insurance, at the cost of $75 million from homeowners.

Flooding has been the single biggest issue impacting the infrastructure of the city since the beginning. Not because of flooding from the Bay, since the levees have been in place since 1900. Rather, the problem was that the levees helped to trap the rainwater that fell on the land. The county’s engineer was concerned enough that he suggested the fill of the land should be raised high enough that rainwater would drain directly into the Bay. Aside from the economics of this idea, it was physically impossible. The soft underlying soil would not be able to support the weight of the fill.

The solution that was finally implemented was the lagoon system, which collects the rainwater, which then pumps out to the Bay when needed during rainy seasons. The holding basin of the system can hold over an inch of rain, though the pumps work as the rain falls.

This is the system which exists in FEMA’s so-called “flood zone.” FEMA’s fear comes from a potential rise in water levels of the Bay. At its current rate of increase, about 1 inch per decade, the need to deal with this matter is years away. When we do need to deal with it, it will be at high tide only, and only in small quantities of water. This water will run into the storm drain system and into the lagoon, where the pumping system will take care of excess water. Certainly, it is possible that this system can be overwhelmed by too much water. Good notice of this will be provided as the issue evolves, and we can raise the levees at that time, with a better view of the extent of the work needed.

T. Jack Foster Jr., along with his father and brothers, developed Foster City

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