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One San Mateo County Elected Official asking the obvious question. Was Chinedu Oboki Murdered by Sheriff Deputies?

This question should have been asked by every elected official that has Police Services provided by Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos. They should all have to listen and watch the videos of the murder like Chinedu’s family members just did. What is wrong with the rest of you elected officials in San Mateo County. Thank You Sabrina Brennan


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Ca. Governor Debate Newsom & Cox


gavin newsom john cox_1535589141878.jpg_96034593_ver1.0_900_675This was the only debate I found, seems strange for such an important position that no televised debates took place.

I have learned from San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Heinz Puschendorf who ran as a write in candidate for Sheriff in the June 2018 election, to not vote until the last day.

Do your own homework, think for yourself, vote.


KQED DebateĀ 

By Michael G. Stogner

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