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Is SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Honest?

by Michael G. Stogner

This should be the only subject that is Important for the City of Half Moon Bay Public Safety Subcommittee. The Sheriff is the Vendor of Law Enforcement.

Bob Nesbit

Half Moon Bay City Manager Bob Nesbit and Deputy City Manager Matthew Chidester have shown consistently that they have no interest in the truth about Sandra Lee Harmon’s Homicide by San Mateo County Deputies on May 5, 2020 at 845 Main St. Half Moon Bay, California.

Matthew Chidester

They both have been provided a tremendous amount of data by Citizens to know beyond a shadow of doubt that Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos is dishonest and they both continue to mislead the subcommittee and the public.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos told the public Sandra Lee Harmon was killed in a Shootout with two of his deputies. He said She fired first. His deputies have Body Worn Cameras and that shootout should be simple to verify right? Wrong the Sheriff casually says the one and only BWC that could verify the shootout was turned off at the time of the killing. Sheriff Bolanos knows Ms. Harmon was shot 3 times in the back all 3 shots were fatal, he omits that fact. He knows 3 of the 14 spent shell casings were moved and replaced in a location more consistent with the official narrative. He knows his deputy fire at Ms. Harmon while she was unarmed and her hands were above her head he fails to inform the public of that fact.

David Silberman

The Axon Log Records are the answer. San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman who’s daughter Sara is employed by Sheriff Bolanos has obstructed the release of the Axon Log Records multiple times. Why?

Retired Deputy Mark Melville is running for Sheriff of San Mateo County in 2022.

Candidate for San Mateo County Sheriff 2022 Mark Melville has stated “Absolutely he will release the Axon records as soon as he is Sheriff. He said the same thing about all Booking photos.

Bob Nesbit and Matthew Chidester have known this information for a long time and produced this meeting December 10, 2020. There is No Mention of Chinedu V. Okobi Homicide by San Mateo County Sheriff Employees on October 3, 2018 in Millbrae. Why? Chinedu was San Mateo County’s George Floyd, No 911 call, No crime being committed, Sheriff Bolanos Issued 2 False News Releases that remained on the County’s website for 5 months. That is almost identical to the Sandra L. Harmon Homicide.

NO Mention of the Axon Log Records. Why?

Half Moon Bay Public Safety Subcommittee Meeting

The City of Half Moon Bay should have Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos attend a Zoom meeting and explain his position in Not releasing the Axon Log Records.

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San Mateo Daily Journal Endorses Adam Eisen for HMB City Council.

By Michael G. Stogner

That is another reason to VOTE for Joaquin Jimenez.

You will recall the San Mateo Daily Journal Endorsed Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos for Sheriff in the 2018. They stated “We believe Sheriff Bolanos.” They went even further to promote a completely fabricated and unsubstantiated claim, “about Carlos G. Bolanos was outside the residence the entire time.”

Approximately 11 years ago, then undersheriff Carlos Bolanos was detained as part of an FBI investigation into a prostitution ring in Clark County, Nevada. Also detained was then sheriff Greg Munks. Although an initial news report located Bolanos in the brothel with Munks, later reports indicated he was outside the entire time.

I have asked Editor Jon Mays to provide me with the later reports he referenced above, he refused to do so. That is because there are no recent reports.

Here is what I know about Joaquin Jimenez, if he was a council member attending the September 15, 2020 HMB Special Meeting re: the Homicide of Sandra Harmon by San Mateo County Sherif Deputies. He would not have thought about having SMC District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe come to another ZOOM meeting after hearing the Eblovi Investigation Presentation at the 27:30 mark about 8 minutes. It clearly demonstrated “TAMPERING of EVIDENCE, Three Shell Casings moved, Two Bullets holes never mentioned. FALSIFYING POLICE RECORDS, 3 FATAL SHOTS TO BACK. Sandra Harmon being shot at while unarmed etc.

The simple fact that Steve Wagstaffe stated at 50:48 mark.

“We did find 11 casings they mention 3 others. We took their guns right from the beginning.” “In there 11 rounds had been fired and we found 11 casings.”

“I think that confirms where we were.”

“That is the answer to that.”

The reality is 14 Spent Shell Casings NOT 11 were recovered from the Crime Scene, May 5, 2020 in Half Moon Bay that night. HMB Mayor Adam Eisen knew that. Why would he allow the District Attorney to make such a patently FALSE statement to the Council and public?

HMBCC Special Meeting 9/15/2020

This is just One Reason San Mateo County is Endorsing Joaquin Jimenez for Half Moon Bay City Council 2020.

A Vote for Joaquin Jimenez is not just good for the City of Half Moon Bay its good for the Residents of San Mateo County.

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Vote Joaquin Jiménez for Half Moon Bay City Council.

By Michael G. Stogner

The residents of Half Moon Bay are very lucky that Joaquin Jimenez has offered his services to them by placing his name on the ballot. Joauqin Jimenez is Half Moon Bay and is San Mateo County.

One reason is 3 out of 5 HMB Councilmembers endorse him.

  • ​Robert Brownstone, current Vice-Mayor, HMB City Council
  • Deborah Penrose, current HMB City Councilmember
  • Harvey Rarback, current HMB City Councilmember

Joaquin Jimenez Website

The other reason why you should vote for Joaquin Jimenez, these four don’t want him to win.

  • Jackie Speier, Congresswoman representing California’s 14th District
  • Jerry Hill, California State Senator, 13th District
  • Kevin Mullin, Speaker Pro Tempore, California Assembly District 22
  • Don Horsley, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors representing HMB

I think it is fair to say that everyone who lives in Half Moon Bay knows of the Yanira Serrano Garcia Homicide and the Sandra L. Harmon Homicide both by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies. Your City Council Voted unanimously 5-0 to ask the State of California Attorney General for an Independent Criminal Investigation of the Shooting death of Sandra L. Harmon, The Sheriff’s Office, and the District Attorney’s Office Investigation. That is Historical for San Mateo County, normally the elected officials support what ever the Sheriff or District Attorney say to the public.

Google: Jackie Speier, Jery Hill, Kevin Mullin, Don Horsley, See what their public comments have been on the Request for Independent Criminal Investigation by the City of Half Moon Bay.

The City of Half Moon Bay had a Special Meeting on September 23, 2020 to finalized the letter to the Attorney General’s Office, The meeting was 1 hour 5 minutes long.

HMB Special Meeting September 23, 2020

To this day October 1, 2020 the Letter has not been finalized, sent or made Public.

I can assure you if Joaquin Jimenez was on the Half Moon Bay City Council that Letter would have been completed, sent, and made public on September 24, 2020.

Half Moon Bay Residents have a chance to have a Great Voice for All Residents. VOTE Joaquin Jimenez for HMB City Council 2020

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