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Questions for San Mateo County Chief Communications Officer Michelle Durand about the non violent coup of July 12, 2016.

By Michael G. Stogner

July 1, 2016 Ms. Durand issues a NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.


“San Mateo County Statements on Sheriff Munks’ Retirement” was the title.

At the bottom of page Please note: “The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will discuss next steps to fill the remaining two years of Munks’ term at its regular July 12, 2016 meeting.

July 5, 2016 2:07 PM Ms. Durand emails Almanac reporter Dave Boyce and again states, “The Board of Supervisors will discuss at its July 12, 2016 how it wants to proceed”

July 5, 2016 Internal -Departmental Correspondence from County Manager’s Office and County Counsel, that’s John Maltbie and John Beiers to Honorable Board of Supervisors.

Subject : Vacancy in the Office of Sheriff

Recommendation: Make appointment or call an election. That is a Huge difference from what Michelle Durand was telling the 750,000 plus residents of San Mateo County, which was to discuss which PROCESS to choose either appointment or election process.

John Maltbie is Michelle Durand’s boss. Ms. Durand never made a correction to her July 1, 2016 Press Release but somebody deleted it from the County’s website. She also never e-mailed the reporter from the Almanac about this Huge change to mislead the public. The Sheriff is the most important Office in the County it should be voted on by the People.

Another example of filling a vacancy in SMC November 10, 2008

Inter-Departmental Correspondence from County Counsel to Hon. Board of Supervisors.

Subject : Process to Fill Vacancy On Board of Supervisors

Recommendation: Approve a process to fill the vacancy caused by Supervisor Hill’s election to the State Legislature.

Note: The 2008 Correspondence to the BOS did not include the County Manager/Clerk to the Supervisors. It clearly stated PROCESS

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Are the San Mateo County Election Systems secure ?

The question remains. Are the San Mateo County elections free from potential ” hacks ” or manipulation ?  The scientific answer is “no they are not ” and in fact they suffer from the same vulnerability issues as other less prosperous counties.

San Mateo County enjoys wealth others envy, but our election systems contain the same ” black box” proprietary software  ailments causing security nightmares nationwide. In fact, it’s not about the cost, as more secure systems actually cost less. The issue is one of ” political will ” . Silicon Valley is the cash register for politicians, and wield a heavy stick when it comes to their position of resisting  open source ” free” software
Though we are located in the smartest technology zone we have failed to lead in the area of election system security. We have continued to be cozy with vendors selling over-priced insecure voting equipment based on buggy Microsoft platforms.
Former CIA Director James Woolsey called out Microsoft “and those who bob in their wake ” as threats to the national security in a recent NY Times piece.
San Francisco is moving forward with a project toward public software voting  systems.
The hope is that San Mateo County is brave and bold enough to stand up for the national security by joining San Francisco and New Hampshire. New Hampshire has deployed public systems with great success, increasing security and saving taxpayer money
Let’s encourage our Supervisors to stand up and make sure when you vote for George Washington, it’s not counted for Benedict Arnold.
Brent Turner
Half Moon Bay

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San Mateo County Elections Office is mailing duplicate ballots for Nov. 2017 election.

By Michael Stogner and Sarah Navratil

Several people are reporting on Nextdoor that they have received duplicate ballots in the mail this week. Lets see how this shakes out.

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SMDJ Journalist Bill Silverfarb doesn’t take credit for this story, Why?

Bolanos named sheriff: Board of Supervisors appoints undersheriff to replace Munks
July 13, 2016, 05:00 AM Daily Journal Staff Report no mention of Bill Silverfarb attending that meeting.
Carlos Bolanos

On a split vote, Carlos Bolanos was appointed sheriff by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Tuesday to fill out the term of Greg Munks, who is retiring because of health reasons.

Bolanos, the current undersheriff, takes over the sheriff’s job July 17.

The board was faced with either appointing a replacement for Munks or calling an election for this November’s ballot to give the public a chance to choose the county’s next top cop.

Before the vote, however, officials with the offices of U.S. reps. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, and Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, read a letter to the board urging a more transparent process.

The letter spoke of rumors about Munks retiring early so that Bolanos could be swept into the office.

Munks announced last year that he would not seek re-election in 2018 and Bolanos announced his candidacy for the position shortly after.

A November election, according to Speier and Eshoo, would also not be fair to other potential candidates since it is only 109 days away.

They urged the board to interview many candidates for the job before naming a replacement to show an “absence of a pre-ordained outcome.”

The board voted 3-2 in support of Bolanos with supervisors Carole Groom and Dave Pine voting against his appointment.

“An election is a better choice to go. It creates a sense of legitimacy,” Groom said.

Pine leaned toward also letting other candidates apply for the job as the congresswomen suggested and said an election would be the best route to go typically.

He said the board could call a special election in March to give other candidates more time to prepare brisk campaigns. That would come at a cost of about $500,000, however.

But there are currently no other candidates seeking to run for sheriff. San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer expressed an early interest but announced recently she would not run for the job.

Supervisors Slocum, Tissier and Horsley all enthusiastically supported the appointment of Bolanos.

Horsley, former sheriff himself, said it was unnecessary to conduct a nationwide search to find a new sheriff.

“Carlos has done an outstanding job,” Horsley said.

The Sheriff’s Office has done well in recent years in recruiting more women and minorities to the force and in providing community policing in Millbrae, San Carlos and Half Moon Bay, Horsley said.

Tissier said appointing Bolanos to the position brings immediate stability to the department.

Board President Slocum said Bolanos has a proven commitment to community policing as the Sheriff’s Office also patrols North Fair Oaks and other unincorporated areas of the county.

“We know what we are getting with Bolanos,” Slocum said.

In a prepared statement, Bolanos said he was honored by the appointment and thanked the board for their trust.

“I will continue to ensure that we have a safe county for residents and visitors, and that the Sheriff’s Office not only maintains — but strives to improve — the outstanding relationships we have with the communities we serve,” Bolanos said.

Horsley also praised Munks for his work as sheriff and wished him good health. The two worked alongside each other for more than 13 years.

Munks is currently on medical leave. He had a third heart procedure Monday.

He said when he announced his retirement two weeks ago that the condition is not life-threatening but has affected his work duties.

Munks was elected sheriff in June 2006 after serving nearly 14 years as undersheriff. Voters re-elected Munks twice. Bolanos has served as undersheriff for nine years and was the chief of police in Redwood City for 12 years prior to that.

In 2007, Munks ran into some controversy after he was briefly detained at a massage parlor, with Bolanos outside, during a Las Vegas police sting labeled “Operation Dollhouse.” Neither were ever charged and Munks later admitted though he thought it was a legitimate business, it was not.

It wasn’t a massage parlor and Bolanos was NOT outside. Bill Silverfarb knows that.

Bill Silverfarb was at the July 12, 2016 Board of Supervisor Meeting. He also failed to mention that Carole Groom and Don Horsley were both asked to recuse themselves from agenda item 7.

The Supervisors were faced with DISCUSSING the appointment process vs. the election process. They were misguided by John Maltbie the Clerk of the Supervisors who did not mention the 2012 Grand Jury Report Appointment vs. Election involving the appointment of Carole Groom to fill the vacant seat caused by Jerry Hill.


SMDJ Article plus comments

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Harbor Commissioner Brennan Celebrates Endorsements and Court Victory


Media Contact James Lee Han 650.207.7251

REDWOOD CITY – San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Sabrina Brennan continues to rack up endorsements for her campaign for reelection. Along with her previous endorsements from the Sierra Club and Coastside Democrats, she is pleased to have received the endorsements of State Senator Jerry Hill, the San Mateo County Democratic Party, and the Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association.

Ms. Brennan is also pleased to have successfully represented herself in court and convinced the San Mateo County Superior Court that there were irregularities in the candidate filing process. Due to these irregularities, she won the right to amend her candidate statement not only to the satisfaction of the County but also to highlight the work of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing (CEWS).

“I’m very pleased that the Honorable Judge Miram and Glenn Levy, County Counsel and attorney for the Elections Office, both agreed that there were several irregularities in the candidate filing process. I’m very honored by this victory and now have the opportunity to include the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing in my candidate statement.”

Ms. Brennan is running for reelection to continue her work in bringing fiscal reform, transparency, and environmental responsibility to the Harbor District. She remains the first and only out lesbian elected to a countywide office in San Mateo County. 415.816.6111

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Prosecutorial Misconduct in San Mateo County.

I have requested Warren Slocum, Don Horsley, Dave Pine, Adrienne Tissier, & Carole Grom the Supervisors of San Mateo County to place this subject on the agenda of a Board of Supervisor meeting. I’m asking for a Citizens Committee to be formed to Eliminate Prosecutorial Misconduct in our County.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

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