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Take SMC Manager Mike Callagy’s Keys and send him home, TODAY.

By Michael G. Stogner

$23.5 Million is an update, I’ll give you that. 1:37:18 mark

Agenda Item #5 Update on Event Center Surplus Safety Equipment

This was the title for Agenda Item 5 of the March 22, 2022 Board of Supervisors Meeting. That might explain why there was only ONE public comment on this topic.

The person that put this on the Agenda was San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy, with the approval of County Counsel.

I would say this was more of a regurgitation of the same story that Mr. Callagy has been promoting since January 13, 2022, when he told ABC 7 I-Team Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes that he knew nothing about it.

San Mateo County Article March 21, 2022

In San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy’s Presentation he fails to mention these three, that I reported on the day before in the above article.

Deputy County Manager Iliana Rodriguez, San Mateo County Chief Financial Officer Roberto Manchia, Department of Emergency Management Director Daniel Belville.

County Manager to the Board of Supervisors March 22, 2022 “I think the Important thing is that we are TRANSPARENT. We own up to it, and we learn from it”

I personally think the Important thing is tell the truth from the Get Go.

Let me give a simple example, On January 13, 2022 SMC County Manager Mike Callagy never mentions James Brown or the Wine Country Marines a 501-C in Sonoma. He did say “We brought in the Marines.”

He doesn’t mention Iliana Rodriquez of his office has been vetting James Brown and WCM since December 2021.

Mike Callagy, Don Horsley, David Canepa, Carole Groom, Warren Slocom and Dave Pine. You are NOT TRANSPARENT.

Board of Supervisor Meeting March 22, 2022 Item 5 starts at 1:36:00

Red Flag 1:39:00 mark, “The other goods were eventually moved outside for temporary storage and were regrettably ah remained there during the significant storms last fall LEADING TO THE INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION.” What do you know about this Independent Investigation so far? What is the scope of this Investigation? Is the Investigation about the significant storms? Why was there an update without having this Investigator make a presentation at the BOS meeting?

Red Flag 1:39:11 mark, “We’ve been lucky enough throughout this AFTER ACTION to really partner with Wine Country Marines to continue to work on distributing these surplus equipment. Everybody knows what an AFTER ACTION is, Right?

The residents of San Mateo County remember what the Foster City Gang of 3 did to their City Manager.

Foster City Manager Peter Prinejad was FIRED for ZERO reason. The residents of Los Altos Hills are the winners in that case they now have a Great City Manager.

Still many more questions to be answered.


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San Mateo County Close the Courthouse

By Michael G. Stogner

After it became Public Information that one of San Mateo County Prosecutors had tested Positive for COVID-19 as did her husband. Defense Attorney Chuck Smith who had been in the same Courtroom with the Infected Prosecutor said he was informed FIVE days after the fact. I asked District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe if the County was taking the Temperature of everyone before being allowed to enter the 400 County Center Building in Redwood City. The answer was NO.



L.A. Before being allowed to enter a SWAP MEET.

You might ask who is in the 400 County Center Building?

Office of Emergency Services, San Mateo County Manager, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, All of the Courts, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office with over 200 employees, San Mateo County Counsel, all the Judges, but also all the essential workersCITIZENS who are there for JURY DUTY.

Lets have the safety standards at least be equal to a Swap Meet.

Close the 400 County Center Building until you can assure the Public Safety.

SMC Prosecutor COVID-19 Positive

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San Mateo County Parks Open Again, Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

Remember these Parks must be within 10 miles from your residence. Only 13,004 San Mateo County Residents have been tested for COVID-19 out of approximately 771,000. The State of California is testing 20, 000 residents per day out of 40,000,000. You do the Math.

Parks director Nicholas Calderon said the county — which closed 23 of its parks on March 27 in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19 — is “eager to welcome visitors back” so they can “experience the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors and on the trails.”

Why doesn’t San Mateo County focus on TESTING & Contact Tracing first?

Trails will reopen in 13 parks Monday, according to the San Mateo County Parks Department.

Certain restrictions, however, will still be in effect. Visitors will have to carry face coverings, maintain a buffer of six feet, avoid mingling with people they don’t live with, and hike single file on narrow paths.

“During this time, it’s critical that park users follow the new rules developed to prevent overcrowding, discourage gatherings and that support social distancing,” he said in a statement Tuesday. “Let’s work together to ensure that parks are safe environments for everyone.”

The announcement applies to the following trails and parks:

Edgewood Park, Huddart Park, Junipero Serra Park, Memorial Park, Mirada Surf West, Pescadero Creek Park, Pillar Point Bluff, Quarry Park, Ralston Bike Trail, Sam McDonald Park, San Bruno Mountain Park, San Pedro Valley Park, Wunderlich Park, The Crystal Springs Regional Trail also will reopen to foot traffic, and the Bay Trail will be accessible through the Coyote Point Recreation Area, though the surrounding park will remain off-limits.

All those areas will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Visitors, however, shouldn’t expect business as usual. Common areas such as campgrounds, playgrounds and picnic areas will remain closed — as will some parking lots and restrooms. More detailed information on what is open at each particular park is available at the Parks Department website.

Conditions are a little different in San Mateo County, where coronavirus restrictions state residents are not allowed to travel more than 10 miles from their homes for outdoor recreation.

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San Mateo County Close all Parks. Get on the same page.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: March 27, 2020 1:30 PM Good News SMC Parks are Closed

This should be a no brainer, COVID-19 is a Virus with no cure, no vaccine, we don’t know how it spreads, we have first responders who wear PPE getting infected and San Mateo County Leaders think its ok to encourage people to leave their homes after Governor Newson issued a Stay in Home order, on top of San Mateo County Health Shelter in Place order. This is like the President saying go to Church on Easter Sunday.

From: Sabrina BRENNAN <>
Date: March 27, 2020 at 11:37:01 AM PDT
To: Nicholas Calderon <>
Cc: Don Horsley <>, Deborah Hirst <>, Chris Hunter <>

Hello Nicholas, 
Please apply common sense and meet the moment!  
San Mateo County Parks message to “Keep Parks Open” is inconsistent with Scott Morrow’s message to the public and is giving the public the idea that it is just fine to go to your favorite park or beach. Your decision to keep County Parks open is straining local resources, especially the grocery markets, and absolutely increasing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yesterday, the public got into a yelling and screaming fight at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve after hours and sticks and logs were being thrown by visitors who appeared inebriated. I’m concerned that another bloody fist fight might breakout on the Pillar Point Bluff Trail as was the case not that long ago when an off leash dog walker got into a physical altercation with visitors and the Sheriff had to intervene.
Governor Newsom’s decision to close State Parks was wise; please follow his lead. I urge you to close all County Parks including the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Please take action and close County Parks TODAY before the weekend! 

Thank you,

Sabrina Brennan & Aimee Luthringer Moss Beach, CA

Send Nicholas Calderon an e-mail

Dave Pine <>

To:Michael Stogner,,Adam Rak,,Herb Perez and 57 more…Fri, Mar 27 at 1:21 PM

We initially held off on closing the parks given the importance of getting outside and exercising and doing things for the good of one’s mental health.  But because of the overwhelming crowds at the parks, people not practicing social distancing, and the shortage of park personnel, we made the call today to close all the County Parks.  A public announcement will be going out soon.

Dave Pine

Dave Pine

Supervisor, District 1

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

400 County Center, 1st Floor

Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 363-4571 (w)

(650) 814-3103 (m)

Beckmeyer, Sue <>

To:Michael Stogner Fri, Mar 27 at 2:16 PM

Hi Michael,
The County Manager has closed all county parks as of today.
Regards,- Sue Beckmeyer   Pacifica Mayor pro Tem

San Mateo County Parks Announcement

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It’s Illegal to file a false Police Report in San Mateo County. Why would Sheriff’s Office recommend prosecution?


San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan

Thursday November 17, 2016 The Palo Alto Daily Post did a front page story titled “Official Investigated for assault.” by Emily Mibach. It’s not illegal to lie to a reporter.

Newly re-elected San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Sabrina Brennan with 145,710 votes is being accused by Brian Overfelt a board member of The Titans of Mavericks, and owner of The Old Princeton Landing Restaurant of assault.

If that were true Sabrina would have been arrested that night. The reason I say this is She was inside the restaurant with her wife and friends when two Sheriff Deputies walked up to her and informed her that “Brian wanted her to leave.” If I had been assaulted I would want her arrested, and I would have called the Sheriff’s Office to have her arrested not escorted out of my place of business. As it turns out when the 2 Sheriff Deputies realized that several people had the phones aimed at them they ceased with their mission of ‘Brian wants you to leave” and that was it for awhile.

I look forward to see the statement Mr. Overfelt has made to a Law Enforcement Officer. He told the Post she “threatened him, pushed him, and said she wanted to take me and my family down.” Again a reporter would ask Brian Overfelt, If that really did happen why did you ask the Sheriff Office just to ask her to leave, very strange.

It is no secret that a small group of political people would love to cause harm to Sabrina Brennan. She is at risk for living in an area that is patrolled by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff might consider referring this investigation to another agency, Carlos Bolanos is close to Supervisor Don Horsley aka, Leader of the Coup on July 12, 2016 which appointed him to Sheriff when it wasn’t on the agenda.

There was also the May 26, 2015 Harbor District Meeting where SSFPD Deputy Chief Mike Brosnan refused to enforce the law. Supervisor Don Horsley requested a body guard from the Sheriff’s Office for his safety. Supervisor Horsley and his 2 staff members Chris Hunter and Nicholas Calderon attended that dangerous meeting and didn’t say a word, after Citizen Access TV owner John Ullom informed the public he was ordered not to turn on his broadcasting device, which was removed from the window, until the meeting was over.

Who gave that order? Mike Brosnan.

December 17 2015-2

San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks hires Mike Brosnan to be the County’s first Human Trafficking Coordinator $140,000 first yr. Carlos Bolanos raised it to $280,000 the next year.

May 26, 2015 Harbor District Meeting

Michael Stogner warning December 15, 2015 the BOS of a Brady Officer Sgt. Jason Peardon in the SMCSO. 5:18 mark


Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

Carlos Bolanos Integrity/Morales, vicious conduct Political Persecution. His Office submitted a recommendation to the District Attorneys Office to prosecute when they knew there was no evidence against Sabrina Brennan. WHY?

This should be reviewed by a Citizens Oversight Committee.

DA won’t press charges against harbor commissioner

Wagstaffe: video shows no evidence of crime

Half Moon Bay Article

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