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Pacifica Resident Therese Dyer is the expert on Corruption in San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

I don’t remember the exact date when I first met Therese Dyer but I do remember where it was. It was in line to enter the 400 County Center Building in Redwood City, California where we both were going to speak to the Board of Supervisors of San Mateo County during the two minute Public Comment.

I remember thinking, The Five Supervisors and their Staff should meet with Therese right away and get to the bottom of this subject matter she just reported to them, Corruption in San Mateo County, specifically in the District Attorney’s Office, The Courts, The Investigators etc. Most reasonable thinking residents would want the Supervisors to look into this to find out if her statements were true and accurate, and if they were too FIX IT.

I knew Therese was a Veteran, and had served on the San Mateo County Grand Jury.

It was at that BOS Meeting that I thought a simple fix would be for the Supervisors to set up a Public Data Base where all Notifications of wrong doing by San Mateo County Employees/Elected Officials could be filed. As anyone who has ever taken the time and energy to go to a BOS Meeting on a Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM to have the opportunity to Inform the Supervisors of Criminal behavior or other serious subjects knows, 2 minutes goes by pretty fast, and you might be a little nervous. Most likely you can not come close to saying everything you want to say.

I remember being so nervous before I made Public Comment to the Supervisors of SMC, reporting Corruption of some Law Enforcement Employees, and every time I spoke the Supervisors would say “Thank You, Mr. Stogner for your comments.” I became more comfortable once I realized that they couldn’t care less about the Corruption.

A Public Data Base however would allow you to state everything, Names, dates, allegations etc. The other benefit is that information would be Public.

I can say this about Therese Dyer, for the last 20 years that I am aware of, She has been doing her very best to inform the Residents of San Mateo County of the Corruption in the Government.

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HMB Resident doing what City Manager Bob Nesbit and Matthew Chidester Refused to do. Sue the County.

By Michael G. Stogner

I recommended the Half Moon Bay City Council, City Managers and the City Attorney sue Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and his attorney San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman, for their refusal to provide the AXON LOG RECORDS to the Public. They are the only two people standing in the way of releasing the AXON LOG RECORDS which are bought and paid for by the Taxpayers of San Mateo County. They also contain the data that would confirm the Government’s Story that San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Dominguez’s Body Worn Camera was in fact turned off when he fired 11 shots at Sandra Lee Harmon on May 5, 2020 in Half Moon Bay. HMB chose not to file the lawsuit.

What do you do when the Government refuses to do their job?

The residents of San Mateo County are responsible for the behavior of their Government, Elected Officials and Appointed Staff.

San Mateo County Residents should be Thanking, David C. Eblovi of Half Moon Bay for doing what the City Government should have done.

The Lawsuit by the Resident.

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San Mateo County Government’s Big Lie.

By Michael G. Stogner

The County Government’s Big Lie started in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 21, 2007 at 9:30 PM when then Sheriff Greg Munks and Under-Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos were both Caught and Detained INSIDE a private residence with Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a Minor, $25,000 cash and 3,500 ecstasy tablets. That LIE is still going strong 14 years later, if they would lie about this what else would they lie about? Errol Chang Homicide by Law Enforcement, Yanira Serrano Garcia Homicide by Sheriff Employee, Chinedu V. Okobi Homicide by 6 Sheriff Employees, Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide by 2 Sheriff Employees, the Kaylan Charles Freeman Criminal Case, and don’t forget the Former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez Criminal case going for 7 years now. There are many more.

The real question is who were all of the Elected Officials and Appointed Department heads like County Manager, County Counsel and Staff in Government and the Media who were communicated with between April 21, 2007 9:30 PM and April 25, 2007 10:47 AM to create the False Official Story?

The Truth was out from the very beginning in this article published in the Palo Alto Online April 24, 2007 @ 2:48 PM. That’s 61 hours after Both Caught INSIDE. Isn’t that interesting an online news publication from a different county published the truth. How many of the 720,000 San Mateo County Residents read that article?

Bill Cassell said officers did come into contact with both Munks and Bolanos inside one of the residences. That is very different than what Sheriff Greg Munks told the public at his press conference.

What would have happened if Sheriff Greg Munks and Under-Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos simply told the Truth? Why the Lie?

The Palo Alto Online Article.


Sheriff detained in Las Vegas brothel raid

Uploaded: Tue, Apr 24, 2007, 2:48 pm
Time to read: about 2 minutes

San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks Tuesday afternoon apologized for his “lack of judgment” following his and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos’ brief detainment at a Las Vegas brothel Saturday night during a prostitution sting by local and federal authorities.

Munks, who was sworn in as sheriff of San Mateo County on Jan. 8, read a brief statement but declined to take questions.

“I believed I was going to a legitimate business,” Munks said. “It was not,” he said.

Munks said he and Bolanos had been in Las Vegas over the weekend to participate in a law enforcement run, the Baker to Vegas Relay.

During a series of raids Saturday night and early Sunday dubbed “Operation Dollhouse,” Munks and Bolanos were detained but were not among the six people — five men and one woman — arrested by police at a brothel about two miles west of Las Vegas strip, Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell said this afternoon.

The arrests at the brothel where Munks and Bolanos were found took place at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Cassell said. Approximately 3,500 Ecstasy tabs and about $25,000 in cash was seized at the brothel, Cassell added.

Cassell said officers did come into contact with both Munks and Bolanos inside one of the residences at the brothel. “All of the customers were simply identified and released,” Cassell said.

“I want to apologize to my family, the sheriff’s office and its fine men and women, and to the people of San Mateo County for my lack of judgment and the undue attention and embarrassment this incident has caused,” Munks stated.

Munks said that he and Bolanos fully cooperated with the investigation, though he noted that Bolanos “was outside when the authorities arrived.”

“I would not, nor did I, break any laws,” Munks said. “Neither did the Undersheriff.”

Cassell stressed that Munks and Bolanos “received no special treatment because of their status in law enforcement.”

No charges have been filed against Munks or Bolanos.

Cassell declined to specify the exact location of the brothel where Munks and Bolanos were found, but said it is located two miles west of the strip in a mixed residential and light-industrial area in the south-central part of the city, according to Cassell.

The raid was part of a series of raids at nine Las Vegas brothels Saturday night and early Sunday morning, according to Cassell.

The operation capped a two-year investigation conducted by Las Vegas police, the FBI, the IRS criminal investigation division and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau, Cassell said.

Over the weekend, a total of seven people were arrested on prostitution and drug-related charges and 25 prostitutes were taken into custody, Cassell said. An ongoing investigation will attempt to determine whether any of those arrested were involved in illegal human trafficking, he added.

According to Cassell, additional suspects are still being sought by authorities on federal prostitution charges.

Here is the example of just 4 of San Mateo County Government Officials communicating with each other within 61 hours of The Sheriff and Under-Sheriff being Caught and Detained INSIDE.

That is San Mateo County’s TOP 4 in Law Enforcement. All four have sworn an Oath to protect the Public.

How many times since April 21, 2007 has now elected Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos lied about being outside the residence as if that mattered to the Public, How many times?

Welcome to San Mateo County

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Crimson Contagion Exercise of 2019

By Michael G. Stogner

This was a Nine Month Exercise put on by the Trump Administration from Jan to September 2019.

The Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise included robust participation from federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal communities, as well as from private sector partners including the White House National Security Council. Participation included 19 federal departments and agencies, 12 states, 15 tribal nations and pueblos, 74 local health departments and coalition regions, 87 hospitals, and over 100 healthcare and public health private sector partners.

Alex Azar was part of it and San Mateo County Health EMS Agency participated.

In this exercise The virus is in the “acceleration phase”, the phase during which the number of cases consistently increases. That sounds familiar doesn’t it also they predicted 586,000 Deaths in America alone.

Remember this report was produced in September 2019.

Crimson Contagion Exercise 2019

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Palantir, Tiberius This explains it. COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking.

Just ask Panantir why the 20,000,000 Americans will be vaccinated by December 31, 2020 missed the mark by more than 17,000,000.

On a personal note I have known about Palantir for many years, I personally resent Panantir being involved in the Vaccination Data of Americans.

You make your own choice for your personal Safety and Health.

By Michael G. Stogner

From USA Today Article


Tiberius is the eyes and ears of the entire COVID-19 vaccination tracking operation, drawing directly from the COVID-19 Data Lake and in-transit data on shipments from FedEx and others.

Software tailored for Operation Warp Speed by government data contractor Palantir, Tiberius combines logistics information with census data to coordinate distribution of the vaccine. The tool is adapted from Palantir’s Foundry platform, used to manage supply chains across industries like aviation and auto manufacturing as well as the United Nations’ World Food Program.

Palantir has taken heat for its work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where its software is being used to track undocumented immigrants. But it’s also rapidly expanded its business with other parts of the government. In addition to ICE, Palantir has worked with the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. Last week, the company was awarded a $44 million contract with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for data management and analysis.

Tiberius is what Operation Warp Speed and the CDC will use to calculate their weekly allotments to states, territories and jurisdictions, taking into account inventory, storage capacity and target populations. The idea is to keep vaccine doses from piling up or getting wasted between the manufacturer and the vaccination site.

More than 600 representatives across 64 jurisdictions — which include states, territories and federal agencies — will have login credentials to Tiberius to check on their weekly allotments of vaccine. Health officials can also check the status of their vaccine orders through Tiberius.

Some of Tiberius’s additional features include incident management, planning, tracking, data visualization and modeling, said Blumenstock. These features help with decisions such as how and when to distribute doses to counties or hospitals based on the numbers of front-line health care workers or residents of long-term care facilities. A separate Tiberius feature currently being developed is a marketplace where states and jurisdictions can exchange vaccine doses.

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