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Dutch Goose, SAY SOMETHING to FOSTER CITY. Snapping NECKS of 100 GEESE, LYNCHING, Bad Idea.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: justicee4muniredais on Instagram will be LIVE Streaming the event TODAY.

Today 5 PM FOSTER CITY, LEO RYAN R.I.P. PARK, Join BRENT TURNER the Real Activist and many other Good and Decent People to express their opinions against this $90,000.00 approved expense to EXECUTE 100 Geese living in Foster City by spinal dislocation aka Neck Breaking/Snapping. This sounds like LYNCHING doesn’t it, same result this method includes pulling the neck to sever the spine. Sam Hindi thinks this is a great idea, Richa Awasthi, Sanjay Gehani,Jon Froomin voted for this. That means Politicians voted to Execute this Geese.

San Mateo County Article Neck Snapping.

Foster City’s plan to kill more than 100 geese, potentially by .. › bayarea › article › Foster…

Jul 22, 2022 — In 2021, the City Council voted to allow both nonlethal and lethal options to control the mounting geese population and began moving forward …

Foster City Moves Forward With Plan to Kill 100 Geese Over … › news › local › peninsula

Jul 19, 2022 — So on Monday, the city council voted to move forward with the plan to get permits so if they need to, they can kill up to a third of the geese …

Foster City authorizes the killing of 100 geese amid sanitation … › news › foster-city-authorizes-the-…

Jul 20, 2022 — FOSTER CITY, Calif. – Foster City is moving forward with a plan to control the city’s large Canada Goose by potentially culling the birds.

Missing: Execute ‎| Must include: Execute

Foster City faces backlash after approving a plan to kill more … › 2022/07 › foster-city-faces-back…

Jul 26, 2022 — “Foster City’s decision to break the necks of up to 100 geese is despicable, and it won’t work. New geese will be attracted to plentiful …

Missing: Voted ‎| Must include: Voted

Foster City proceeding with lethal options for geese › news › local › foster-ci…

Citing significant health and environmental concerns about its growing geese population, the Foster City Council is moving forward with its depredation plan …

California Residents: Urgent! Last Chance to Save Foster City … › save-foster-city-geese-legislators

Urge Congresswoman Jackie Speier and your legislators to influence the Council of Foster Cityand pardon 100 geese and goslings for pooping in public.

Animal rights activists cite Foster City for ‘gander slander’ › 2022/07/26 › ani…

Jul 26, 2022 — “Foster City’s decision to break the necks of up to 100 geese is despicable, and it won’t work,” Lisa Levinson, campaigns director for the group …

Petition · Stop Canada Geese Killing – › foster-city-council-stop-cana…

The Foster City Council has voted to cull geese as soon as they receive a final permit. Wherever there are Canada geese, there are droppings, …

Foster City officials approve plan to kill up to 100 Canada geese › foster-city-kill-geese-plan-spina…

Jul 21, 2022 — FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KGO) — A plan to kill up to 100 Canada Geese is moving forward in Foster City after city council members approved the …

Missing: Voted ‎Execute

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Foster City To Be Cited for Gander Slander at Goose Massacre Protest

By Michael G. Stogner

Foster City Council does it again. Wow what an exciting Plan.

TODAY: Foster City To Be Cited for Gander Slander at Goose Massacre Protest

The National Goose Protection Coalition will hand-deliver a Gander Slander citation for Foster City. Image: Sofia Lacerda

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (July 25, 2022)In Defense of Animals’ National Goose Protection Coalition has issued a Gander Slander citation to the Council of Foster City for approving plans to kill up to 100 Canada geese. Outraged Foster City residents and local goose advocates spoke up for Foster City geese during the city council meeting on July 18 to no avail, as reported by NBC. In Defense of Animals and local goose advocates will protest this controversial decision and hand-deliver a Gander Slander citation on Monday, July 25 at city hall. 

“Foster City’s decision to break the necks of up to 100 geese is despicable — and it won’t work,” said Lisa Levinson, Campaigns Director at In Defense of Animals. “New geese will be attracted to plentiful resources in the area, and the killing cycle will start all over again. Nonlethal goose stewardship practices are available now, but the Council of Foster City chose to kill innocent animals instead. That’s why our National Goose Protection Coalition charged the agency with Gander Slander. Compassion must be a guiding principle for decisions related to the wellbeing of geese, who are our wild animal neighbors.”

According to Foster City’s July 18 Canada Goose Population Management Plan Update, the city plans to spend $86,240.00 to kill up to 100 geese, which amounts to $860 per goose, an astronomical waste of taxpayer funds. 

“We urge the council to accept the generous offer from the Animal Protection League of New Jersey, an esteemed member of our coalition that specializes in nonlethal goose-human conflict resolution,” continued Levinson. On July 20, the Animal Protection League of New Jersey offered to pay for a panel of experts in landscape restoration and modern technology to develop an effective non-lethal program to allow human coexistence with wildlife.

“My family, my neighbors, and I are appalled to learn that our representatives are deciding to kill a large number of wildlife against the wishes of the citizens and against the advice of multiple wildlife experts and organizations,” said 25-year Foster City resident Chanah Angelica Kamen in her letter to the Mayor and Council of Foster City on July 20. 

“I was present for the meeting on Monday, and it is clear to me that this council is disregarding a large number of alternative non-lethal methods, as if we are in a time-sensitive crisis. There is no such crisis. My family and I have lived here for so long, and never have we found issue with these innocent animals, who deserve our care, rather than cruelty, for simply existing,” continued Kamen. “We do not want this hasty and wrongful decision bringing shame to our community.”

The Council of Foster City has received opposition emails from over 15,000 In Defense of Animals supporters, urging them to cancel the cruel and ineffective goose massacre. Geese are generally killed in summer when they molt and cannot fly away. It’s also when they have their babies, making them especially vulnerable to heartless and violent trap and kill plans. Foster City plans to kill goose families by breaking their necks. 

Goose massacres are repeated annually because they are a temporary solution. When geese are trapped and killed, new geese repopulate the same area since they are attracted to plentiful resources of food, water, and shelter. Non-lethal strategies such as landscape modifications and changes in human behavior provide a permanent, effective, long-term solution that doesn’t involve animal cruelty.

“What boggles my mind is how long I have had to fight a bunch of city officials to not kill animals for no reason,” said protest organizer Erik Allen. “Geese aren’t raising bacteria levels, look at the results. It’s stagnant Bay water. Too much poop on the ground? Ok, hire people to pick it up so residents don’t have to worry about their kids eating it. Many cities battle reports of sidewalk poop, yet no one thought to kill dogs, not even when they stepped in their poop. Experts on the issue have offered advice, resources, money, and time, but instead Foster City’s council cut corners and gave up because they are so thirsty for the blood of baby animals.” 

In Defense of Animals’ National Goose Protection Coalition issues Gander Slander citations to decision-makers who choose lethal measures when long-term, effective, nonlethal stewardship practices are readily available. The Coalition was formed in 2019 to help concerned citizens stop goose cruelty in their communities.

The National Goose Protection Coalition has issued a Gander Slander citation. Image: In Defense of Animals

In Defense of Animals and Foster City residents are protesting to stop Foster City from becoming the goose slaughtering capital of California.

What: Let the Foster City Geese Live Protest & Exhibition

Where: City Hall of Foster City, 610 Foster City Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404

When: Monday, July 25, 4:15 – 6:30 p.m. PT

Who: In Defense of Animals and Foster City residents

Facebook Event Page: 

Members of the public are encouraged to attend this peaceful demonstration against the merciless plan to kill geese and goslings because of their droppings, and to take action to stop this massacre: 

Images and video of protests to Let Geese Live in Foster City:


In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization based in Marin county, California with over 250,000 supporters and a 39-year history of fighting for animals, people, and the environment through education and campaigns, as well as hands-on rescue facilities in India, South Korea, and rural Mississippi.

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Foster City, Closed Session Meeting of Aug 31, 2021.

By Michael G. Stogner

No Reportable Action

Foster City, held its second Closed Session Meeting in less than a week. August 25, 2021 the results were that the Newly Hired City Manager who was Fully Vetted was Fired by three City Councilmembers Awasthi, Hindi, and Sullivan.

Last night August 31, 2021, another Closed Session Meeting was held, The subject matter was Public Employment (Government Code § 54957)
Title: Interim City/District Manager

I asked Jennifer Phan what was the outcome, here is her response.

Jennifer Phan <>To:Michael Stogner Wed, Sep 1 at 12:48 PM

Hello Michael,

Thank you for reaching out. There was no reportable action from last night’s Closed Session Meeting. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Jennifer Phan

Principal Management Analyst, City Manager Department

City of Foster City

610 Foster City Boulevard | Foster City, CA 94404

P: (650) 286-3223 | F: (650) 577-0983

I look forward to communication from the city as to when the interim city manager pick will again be considered by council, as it would be helpful to residents who are concerned about why the new city manager was fired by three councilmembers, incurring a $300K cost to taxpayers. 

If the firing was a legitimate act by the Gang of Three, how do they explain that the other two voted against it, why would they, you would expect the vote to fire would be 5-0 if there was a good cause.

Time will tell, this is just the beginning.

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Foster City Council Moving Fast, Interim City Manager.

By Michael G. Stogner

Tonight 6:00 PM Another Closed Session Meeting.

You will remember it was just a few days ago Richa Awasthi, Sam Hindi, Patrick Sullivan voted to FIRE Dr. Peter Pirnejad, the newly hired City Manager, in a Closed Session Meeting on August 25, 2021. Mayor Sanjay Gehani and councilmemberJon Froomin voted against that.

Tonight in another closed session meeting, guess what they are going to do? Fill that position with the person they planned to fill it with all along.

Why didn’t they just appoint this person at the August 25, 2021 Closed Session Meeting?

What about the wasting of Police Chief Tracy Avelar’s time and energy, as she was just appointed acting City Manager and given a 5% raise with the new title, or the Citizens Ad Hoc Committee, which vetted Dr. Peter Pirnejad which included San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy. I can confirm the that Mike Callagy had no idea that there was any problem with Dr. Peter Pirnejad with the three councilmembers, and he was completely unaware of the August 25, 2021 Closed Session Meeting which resulted in City Manager being Fired without cause.

This has been a Very Expensive adventure that the Taxpayers of Foster City get to pay, the Nine month salary and benefits to Dr. Pirnejad is about $270,000 plus the Fee to Avery & Associates $23,400 the Recruitment Hiring Firm.


Tuesday, August 31, 2021 6:00 PM 



Councilmembers/ex officio EMID Directors Richa Awasthi, Jon Froomin, Sam Hindi, Patrick Sullivan and Mayor/President Sanjay Gehani

Pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.3(a), members of the public wishing to address the Council may do so, and the comments shall be limited to the Special Meeting notice topic(s). Speakers may join the Zoom meeting via the meeting link and using the “raise hand” feature and the Zoom host will call on people.


4.1. Public Employment (Government Code § 54957) 

Title: Interim City/District Manager 

Residents might want to make a comment tonight, before the meeting takes place.

Something for the Foster City Residents to think about is this, If there was really something wrong with the hire of Dr. Peter Pirnejad the VOTE would have been 5-0 in favor of firing him. It wasn’t, it was 3-2 with 3 yes votes to terminate.

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Foster City, Who’s Flying the Plane?

By Michael G. Stogner

Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan, The Residents want Decency.

It wasn’t that long ago that a group of Foster City residents got together and said Enough is Enough. They organized, collected signatures, put a Recall measure on the ballot, and removed the Vice Mayor, from office, and they were SUCCESSFUL Why? Lack of Decency, that’s why. They wanted their Elected Officials to behave in a respectful and decent manner at all times, especially towards members of the public.

de·cen·cy/ˈdēsənsē/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.

The residents of Foster City have demonstrated before their demand for Honesty and Decency.

This story is at the very beginning it is about San Mateo County Politics and Those Who Matter vs. the Residents.

What was so important to remove the Recently Hired City Manager at this moment in time when the Assistant City Manager had just left Foster City 2 weeks ago, and has not been replaced. That equals a Leadership vacuum that was self inflicted by Hindi, Awasthi, and Sullivan. They have caused their City to be missing the two Full time employees who run the City.

Surely they must have a plan that they just haven’t shared yet, and the public looks forward to learning about it.

Imagine being on a 747 flight from SFO to Hawaii and you’ve just been informed that your Pilot and Co-Pilot are No Longer Flying the plane.

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