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City of Half Moon Bay Public Safety Subcommittee Meeting June 24th.

By Michael G. Stogner

This is the City response after tabling the Jimenez-Rarback Report last week. Three of the council members want more discussion from the public, more listening sessions. They don’t think 7 years since Yanira Serrano Garcia’s Homicide by a sole San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy with No Plan on how to handle the Non Emergency Medical 911 call by her brother Tony Serrano is enough to take corrective action. Of course it is.

The Jimenez-Harback Report called for the creation of a Chief of Police for Half Moon Bay. A position with authority that answers to the City council. That seems like a strange request since Half Moon Bay has Sheriff Captain Saul Lopez who has attended many recent Zoom meetings he is identified as the Chief of Police of Services.

Joaquin Jimenez and Harvey Rarback have discovered what many in San Mateo County Government have known for a long time. The city has absolutely No say in how Sherif Carlos G. Bolanos provides Law Enforcement/Public Safety Services.

The Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide May 5, 2020 is a perfect example. Sheriff Bolanos told the world there was a Shootout and Ms. Harmon fired first at Deputy Dominguez. Of course if that Official Statement were true nobody would blame Deputy Dominguez for returning fire causing the death of Ms. Harmon. He told his Sergeant he fired 5-6 rounds. He actually fired 11 rounds, He failed to mention he fired at her first, and also while she was unarmed with her hands above her head and her back towards him. Ms. Harmon was shot three times in the back all Fatal. He also failed to mention he did not turn on his Body Worn Camera.

The AXON LOG RECORDS keep a precise record of all devices involved in a Critical Incident, example when they were turned on/off.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman are the lead opposition for making the AXON LOG RECORDS Public.

Those Records would prove the Government’s Official Statement to be true, Why won’t they release them?

The City of Half Moon Bay has requested those records and have been denied.

The Public Safety Subcommittee Meeting is set for June 24, 2021 5:00 P.M. at the Library

I recommend Half Moon Bay Invite Hon. Judge Lisa Novak, Rachel A. Quintana and Retired San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Michael Otte to attend a future meeting.

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SAL “Building the bond between cops and kids.” A bad Idea.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

San Mateo County Elected Officials and Staff aka “Those Who Matter” have always shown the ability to ignore the Obvious.

Notice the date of this announcement. June 8, 2020 less than 120 days after Barbara Bonilla is REMOVED.

Bond between Sheriff Deputies and Kids

I was the first reporter to report Barbara Bonilla was gone. How is that possible look at how many Elected Officials, Staff, and Community Members knew she was gone and why? Feb. 28, 2020 Article

Does anybody really think it is a good idea to have children bonding with an Organization that is top heavy (45) men who share Porn and Violent Rape Videos on San Mateo County Computers at the Sheriff’s Office. I don’t

Porn and Violent Rape Video Shared with Top 45 Sheriff Employees

Anne Oliva

Millbrae City Councilperson Anne Oliva is Hosting a Fundraiser for the re-elect Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos 2022 at her home this Wednesday at 4:30 PM.

Barbara Bonilla the former Campaign manager for Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and Executive Director of the Sheriff’s Activity League who is being criminally charged by the Attorney Generals Office, donated to Anne’s Senate campaign.

Welcome to San Mateo County

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Rosemarie Labog Zimmerman Released DCPD Officers names

By Michael G. Stogner

City of Daly City Attorney

It was the City Attorney Rosemarie Labog Zimmerman who finally released the names of the Four Police Officers Involved In the Homicide of Roger Allen who was killed on April 7, 2021. Her Press Release dated April 29, 2021 that’s 23 days after the Homicide by the Daly City Police Department. Who authorized the City Attorney to release the names? District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said that Police Chief Patrick Hensley could release the Officers names anytime, but is that true? He is an At Will Employee he might not be authorized to release those names. Who is his boss? Is it Shawnna Maltbie the City Manager? Lets see his employment contract.

An administrative investigation by an impartial outside investigator will also be conducted. Nobody is asking for an Administrative Investigation. Everybody knows an Administrative Investigation is useless.

City Attorney Rosemarie Labog Zimmerman, City Manager Shawnna Maltbie, Mayor Juslyn Manalo, are all responsible for withholding the names of the four Police Officers for 23 days. Why? What was gained by that? Did it create more or less Public Trust with the residents?

Here are the names: Officer Rosa Brenes, Lieutenant Michael Brennan, Officer Nicholas McCarthy and Officer Cameron Newton.

The naming of Police Officers involved in a Critical Incident is the absolute Minimum Standard San Mateo County Residents should accept from all Law Enforcement. That should happen within 24 hours.

Do Police Officers and top Law Enforcement Officials in San Mateo County lie to the Public? Of course they do. Do they always trash the memory and reputation of the person they just killed? Of course they do.

Chinedu V. Okobi Killed by Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees on El Camino Real in Millbrae less than 8 miles from where Roger Allen was Killed. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos lied about Chinedu within a few hours and left the lies on SMC Website for 5 months. SMCSO Sergeant Irfan Zaidi filed a completely False Police Report lying about ordering the removal of the handcuffs before the 8 minutes of chest compressions took place on the deceased.

Sandra Lee Harmon Killed by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Dominguez, District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd received the unedited BWC Video within 24 hours of the Homicide. Boyd went along with the lies Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe promoted. What they all knew was Sandra was shot 8 times, 3 fatal shots in her back, She was shot at while she was unarmed and her hands were above her head. 3 of the 14 shell casings were moved (Evidence Tampering). Sheriff Bolanos, D.A. Wagstaffe, The Investigators, County Counsel David Silberman, were all ok with the above facts by omitted from the Government story and the unverified statement that Deputy Dominguez turned off his BWC before the homicide occurred.

All Daly City Press Releases

From the bottom Ms. Zimmerman’s Press release: As reported previously, the City requests that anyone with information relevant to this incident to please call the District Attorney’s Office, Chief Inspector William Massey at (650) 363‐4883.

I would just like to point out that William Massey is Not San Mateo County District Attorney Chief Inspector.

San Mateo County District Attorney Chief Inspector is John Warren and has been for many years.

John Warren is a 26 year Daly City Police Officer (retired)

SMCDA Chief Inspector John Warren
San Mateo County District Attorney Chief Inspector John Warren

So getting back to the Elected Officials and Staff of Daly City, What was their plan and why did they go along with Terrible Idea of not disclosing the names of the Involved officers. The public knows that Police Officers will kill people in the line of duty, that is part of the job. The public expects Elected Officials and Staff to do their job, Not help cover up anything.

What caused 4 Daly City Police Officers to be at a disabled truck (flat tire) in the first place? Who was the first Officer on the scene? Which Officer fired her/his weapon twice into an occupied vehicle? How is it possible this entire event lasted only 16 minutes before the deceased was transported from the scene. That has got to be a Worlds Record.

What we know today 27 days later.

Roger Allen R.I.P. was shot and killed in Daly City by somebody on April 7, 2021

The Attorney General of the State of California Rob Bonta should Investigate this homicide, That’s not going to happen. Daly City has lost all credibility the Staff is Responsible, Look to the City Managers.

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