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Sandra L. Harmon, Andres Gaurdado both Shot in Back with Hands up.

By Michael G. Stogner

What did Sandra Lee Harmon R.I.P. and Andres Gaurdado R.I.P. have in common. They were both killed by Sheriff Deputies in their counties. Sandra was shot 3 times in the back and Andres was shot 5 times in the back all 8 shots were FATAL. Both Sandra and Andres had their Hands Up above their Heads when they were shot.

Who doesn’t want to get to the truth here? The list is long.

In San Mateo Mateo County the short list is Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Coroner Robert Foucrault, County Counsel John Beiers, Charles Joseph, and David Silberman who’s daughter Sara works for the Sheriff.

The issue is simple Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and others want the public to believe them when they tell lies. I want to believe the highest ranking Law Enforcement Officials in San Mateo County. We all want to believe the highest ranking Law Enforcement Officials in SMC.

They told us there was a shootout, Sandra fired first, the scared for his life deputy returned fire and she died. No mention she was unarmed, she had her hands up above her head with her back to Deputy Dominguez who all by himself fired 11 shots at her. No mention that 3 of the 14 shell casings were moved (Evidence Tampering) That’s a bad thing.

They told us it’s unfortunate but the scared for his life deputy didn’t turn his AXON BODY CAMERA on at the time of the killing.

The AXON LOG RECORDS of the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies on May 5, 2020 in Half Moon Bay belong to the Public. The Public paid for them.

Body Worn Cameras are for the Protection of both Law Enforcement Officers as well as the Public. They provide truth of what really happened that night in the parking lot behind the Pasta Moon.

San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman has a long history of representing Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos interests. Look what he did to former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez, he protected Sgt. Jason Peardon, or for former San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Mike Otte who not only lied, but committed Perjury in Hon. Judge Lisa Novak Court.

David Silberman is standing in the way of the Public verifying what they already suspect. Why?

Mark Melville Sheriff Candidate for 2022 less than 2 years from now has already said several times that he will release to the public the AXON LOG RECORDS that David Silberman is so adamant the Public will never see.

The City of Half Moon Bay should sue San Mateo County for the AXON LOG RECORDS today. They should not hesitate, what the council has done so far with asking the A.G. to Investigate the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide is Historical, and they have requested from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos the AXON LOG RECORDS, that Mark Melville has said he will gladly provide to them when he becomes Sheriff of San Mateo County.

Citizen David Eblovi has informed the City of Half Moon Bay that he will sue the County for the AXON LOG RECORDS if he has to. Don’t make a Citizen do the work the City should do.

After the Public gets the AXON LOG RECORDS, and if it turns out the story provided by the SMC Government is false, David Silberman should be fired.

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San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. “We Just Don’t Know”

By Michael G. Stogner

September 15, 2020 City of Half Moon Bay 6 PM Special Meeting by ZOOM.

District Attorney said “We Just don’t Know.”

That was his answer to Who fired first. You would expect he of all people would know EXACTLY who fired first. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and PIO Rosemerry Blankswade and many others have all said Sandra L. Harmon fired her Shotgun at Deputy Dominguez first.

Just because somebody says something is true doesn’t mean that it is.

The Same is true for CAPTIONS, below photo is a perfect example. “Harmon appeared to hold her arms up.” The fact is the photo shows she is Unarmed and her hands a clearly above her Head. It goes on {appeared to extend both middle fingers at involved Deputy Baba. There is ZERO mention of the Five Shots being fired at her at this very moment.

A good question for the City Managers and Council to ask Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, PIO Rosemerry Blankswade, and Captain Saul Lopez is What are the names of every person involved in the Wordcrafting of the Captions in this video.

The footage from deputy Dominguez’s body camera, which was turned off in what was reportedly a moment of oversight. What does that even mean?

The AXON INC. Log records will tell the Public if and when Deputy Dominguez actually turned off his Body Worn Camera. At this moment we only have Words and Captions by Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, his PIO, Steve Wagstaffe etc. No Evidence

This is from the HMBR article September 16, 2020 by Vanessa Ochavillo. “There were three volleys of shots fired, Wagstaffe explained. And while he was fairly confident about the course of events on the second and third volleys, the first remains a mystery. The footage from deputy Dominguez’s body camera, which was turned off in what was reportedly a moment of oversight, could have helped answer the question of who fired first.”

“We just don’t know,” he said.

If you don’t know who fired first, and you don’t know if Sandra L. Harmon fired any shot or shots at all, this has gone from a Shootout to possibly an Execution. Not one Shotgun Pellet recovered for the Crime Scene.The Family and Residents of San Mateo County deserve to know the truth.

That is exactly why the Attorney General of the State of California must Investigate this Homicide.

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Kevin Mullin didn’t say a word about Chinedu Okobi’s Homicide by 6 SMC Employees.

By Michael G. Stogner

Kevin Mullin did not attend or make a public comment at any of the many meetings the Board of Supervisors made available to the public to discuss, Excessive Use of Tasers, Excessive Use of Force, Failure to provide Medical Aid after killing Chinedu Okobi. He did not attend any of the many Concerned Citizens gatherings at the killing site in Millbrae/San Bruno.

Chinedu V. Okobi and George Floyd were both killed by Law Enforcement. Both of the Deaths were ruled a Homicide by the local Coroner. The Four Officers responsible for George Floyd’s Homicide were fired and Criminally Charged. The Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees who are responsible for Chinedu Okobi’s Homicide are all working and None of them have been criminally charged with anything.

Here is Kevin’s PR piece on voting. You will notice he can’t even mention George Floyd’s Name. “most recently the murder of an unarmed black man by law enforcement.” That could be Hundreds of young Black/Brown Men around America.

I can say this as a Private Victim’s Advocate in San Mateo County for the last 22 years Kevin Mullin is the norm for Elected Officials in SMC.

I know of only one San Mateo County Elected Official that Publicly Questioned, was Chinedu V. Okobi Murdered. That should have been the Obvious question every single elected official should want the answer to.

Sabrina Brennan was that Elected Official. She attended meetings and gatherings.


America is confronting an unprecedented “trifecta” that is dominating our daily headlines: A COVID-19 pandemic, a deep recession and most recently the murder of an unarmed black man by law enforcement, illustrative of systemic racism and injustice that has spawned a season of multiracial protests and calls for needed social change. Yet, while the nation is reeling from these crises, duplicitous messaging is being deployed by the occupant of the Oval Office to actively undermine the results of this November’s election: that voting by mail can’t be trusted, that widespread voter fraud exists, and that mail balloting is designed specifically to elect his opponent: FALSE.

Since 2000, more than 250 million votes have been cast via mailed ballots, in all 50 states, according to the Vote at Home Institute with only a handful of fraudulent votes cast. Election law expert and U.C. Irvine professor Richard L. Hasen notes, it is still more likely for an American to be struck by lightning than to commit mail-voting fraud. In addition, there is no evidence to suggest that voting by mail benefits any particular political party.

San Mateo County has shown that voting-by-mail works. My legislation to make San Mateo County an all-mail ballot pilot county demonstrated that the participating electorate more closely resembles the public at large in terms of its diversity and representation, with young people, and voters of color in particular more likely to cast ballots. Thanks to my colleague, Assemblyman Marc Berman’s legislation recently signed into law, this November’s election in California will be an all-mailed-ballot election. Every voter automatically will receive a ballot, postage paid, with community-level “vote centers” as back-up. Voting by mail is the most efficient and effective way to conduct an inclusive and participatory election.

So-called “red and blue” states alike have employed voting-by-mail, but the way states have approached elections administration varies greatly. Elections are fundamentally state and locally administered, and recent examples of mismanagement during primary elections in Wisconsin and Georgia remind us of the challenges facing election administrators across the country. This is a highly charged political atmosphere with huge stakes on the line.

There is a growing recognition that the pandemic must force changes in how elections work, and better ensure more participation moving forward. Attempts to help fund elections with federal dollars have fallen woefully short of what is needed to ensure free and fair elections across America. Since the Bush-Gore contested election in 2000, the efficacy of voting mechanisms and machinery have taken center stage. More recently, we are seeing a coordinated misinformation campaign to attack the integrity of, and undermine the public’s faith in, our elections. False narratives abound, and voter suppression, which disproportionally disenfranchises communities of color, is real and we all suffer the consequences as a result.

While voting-by-mail works, it is not perfect. Signature-matching issues have led to ballots not being counted, a concern that is actively being addressed in California. One other legitimate drawback to voting at home is the time it takes local elections’ officials to count waves of mail ballots and certify the election. The current administration is preemptively trying to undermine faith in the eventual vote count and may try to exploit delays in vote tabulation to question the legitimacy of results, triggering a constitutional crisis. While the long wait for vote-by-mail results is not ideal, it’s in the interest of every vote being counted, which is fundamental to our democracy.

During this tense time when we need leaders who can calm, heal, and build faith, the president has used this period to further divide people and incite violence, all while callously attacking the basic underpinnings of our democracy, like faith in and respect for the work of journalists — essentially a broadside on the First Amendment. The work of journalists and the social media platforms themselves have never been more important in fact checking false claims and advertisements with false information.

Vote as if democracy itself, and its pillars like a free press, the rule of law, and free and fair elections, including the right of every citizen to vote, is on the ballot. Because it is.


Kevin Mullin, D-South San Francisco, is speaker pro tempore of the California Assembly and represents San Mateo County’s 22nd Assembly District.

I asked San Mateo County Citizen Advocate Brent Turner for comment on Kevin Mullin Opinion Piece.

Brent Turner

The VOTE BY MAIL  act  is  innocuous to the degree that it reiterates voting by mail procedures. We have used absentee ballots for many years. What is NOT innocuous is the removal of polling places from communities of color. Though Mindy Romero and other experts have declined to state it clearly,  the added travel distance to some of these community residents results in a veritable “poll tax ” and leads to further disenfranchisement, . Subjective signature disqualification also creates opportunity for disenfranchisement and was predicted by election experts

The bill originally emanated from the ” Colorado Model ”  of elections and was  promulgated by Colorado based vendor DOMINION  The act is notorious not for what it mandates but what it ignores. The fact there is ZERO mention of the software used to tabulate the votes creates a severe point of misdirection to the layperson voter.  This is unfortunate as the authors of the bill positioned it as a security measure when this  is not the case. The authors were briefed extensively but chose to omit the work of the open source software security experts.

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