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San Mateo County’s Batmobile Case, It’s the AFFIDAVIT. It’s that simple.

By Michael G. Stogner

Release the AFFIDAVITS, Charges have been filed.

It is highly unusual for an affidavit, which lays out the probable cause that a crime was committed, to be released before charges are filed.

In San Mateo County’s Batmobile case 22-SF-008723-A the AFFIDAVIT is still SEALED after charges have been filed. Why?

I know this is going to come as a shock to some of you reading this but sometimes the Law Enforcement Official who has word-crafted and or signed the AFFIDAVIT is LYING to the Judge.

The entire Legal and Judicial system is based on trust that everyone who has the authority to arrest, shoot, charge and judge you are honest and decent human beings who have taken an oath to uphold the law. They would never Lie to a Judge or the Public, that is the Perception, right?

Just ask Ebele Okobi who said this after her brother Chinedu V. Okobi was murdered by SIX San Mateo County Sheriff Employees on October 3, 2018. “I am angry at myself for believing any of the lie put out by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.” “I am angry at myself for believing that District Attorney Wagstaffe was acting as an impartial defender of the public.”


Just ask x San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez about the AFFIDAVIT SMCSO Andrew Armando filed with San Mateo County Judge Miram in order to get a Search Warrant and seize his cellphone.

J. Tony Serra SBN 32639 NF-433910-A May 01, 2018, “Detective Armando’s Perjuriously alleged that Mr. Lopez placed a telephone call to the Contraband Cell Phone in Order to Obtain a Search Warrant.”

San Mateo County Article SMCSO Detective Andrew Armando and PERJURY in Lopez case.

San Mateo County Residents should be demanding the AFFIDAVIT in the Batmobile case be RELEASED.

The bad News is YOU are responsible for the behavior of your Government. The 5 Supervisors are the OVERSIGHT. Replace them with Good and Decent Human Beings.

Welcome to San Mateo County


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