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ABC News Dan Noyes, uncovers $10M PPE left outside unprotected by San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

Excellent reporting by Dan Noyes, How many San Mateo County Officials and Employees knew about this and did nothing about it. Hopefully some of it can be saved. How did Dan Noyes get access to walk around and video all of the damaged boxes. I’m glad he did, it demonstrates a lack or Security by SMC. Also a big Thank You to the person who reported this. This was not a Mistake.

SMC County Manager Mike Callagy

The County Manager’s Office is responsible for the efficient day-to-day operations of San Mateo County’s government and carries out the vision and policies set by the Board of Supervisors.

Here is Dan Noyes Report and Video.

ABC News


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The real San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

Chinedu Valentine Okobi R.I.P.

Yesterday July 20, 2020, 21 months after Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees Killed 36 year old Chinedu V. Okobi on El Camino Real in Millbrae/San Bruno The Supervisors discussed in Closed Session the progress of the two Civil Lawsuits that the relatives have brought against San Mateo County and a long list of Employees who were involved in the Misinformation aka Lying to the Residents of SMC about what actually occurred on October 3, 2018.

This happens every time Law Enforcement in San Mateo County kills a man or woman. The San Mateo County Media, San Mateo County Counsel, and San Mateo County Supervisors join in the character assassination of the DECEASED.

In Chinedu’s case everyone knows by now that the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has No Plan in place on how to make a Pedestrian Stop. Thats right Chinedu Okobi was simply walking down the sidewalk while Black when Sheriff Deputy Joshua Wang spotted him while he was traveling northbound in his patrol car. He activated his lights which activated his dashboard video camera which shows him making a U-turn.

Within 8 minutes Chinedu was Tased 7 times, struck with extended baton, Dogpiled by SIX SMC Employees and sprayed with O.C. spray in the face at close range while being handcuffed where he died. From that moment on San Mateo County started to promote the false story of “He was breathing and had a pulse when the Sheriff’s Office Employees turn him over to the AMR people.”

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

There is NO EVIDENCE that any of the Six Employees checked Chinedu Okobi’s pulse or provided ANY Life Saving measures after he was handcuffed and approximately 9:30 minutes passed before ARM people touched him.

How much Taxpayer Money has SMC Supervisors approved for this legal action? How much have they spent to date?

Today 9:00 AM U.S. Court for the 2 Civil cases

U.S. Court Calenda

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Another False News Release by SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

A reasonable person in San Mateo County would know by now not to believe anything Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos or his Public Information Officers publish or provide to the public.

The News Releases dated October 3, 2018 involving the Homicide by Deputies of Chinedu V. Okobi is just one example.

The Recent Homicide by Deputies of Sandra Lee Harmon May 5, 2020 Half Moon Bay is another.

Now we have a News release issued December 4, 2020 by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office about Barbara Bonilla being arrested on December 4, 2020. On Friday, December 4, 2020, Bonilla was booked into the San Mateo County Jail on 7 counts of Grand Theft. Bail was set at $70,000. That is a Baldface Lie. If that was a TRUE statement there would be a Booking Photo dated December 4, 2020. Its that simple.

SMC Sheriff News Release 12/4/2020

You’ll notice there is No Booking Photo provided by the Sheriff’s Office, Why? Did any of the other print media request the Booking Photo of Barbara Bonilla? I have.

From the News Release: “SAL is a non-profit organization affiliated with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.” That is an understatement, Sheriff Activities League (SAL) is a Division of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

From the News Release: “The investigation determined that approximately $25,000 was missing.

Did the State of California Department of Justice (DOJ) Investigate the Sheriff Activities League Executive Director and others for 10 months for approximately $25,000 of MISSING money. The Investigation was for Embezzlement and Laundering not Missing money. Why did the Investigation take 10 months if it was only $25,000?

I would like to see what the DOJ says the total amount is, not what Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos says.

Why was Barbara Bonilla not arrested on April 2, 2020 as the DOJ expected?

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Facebook is sued by FTC and 48 A.G.’s

By Michael G. Stogner

Mark Zuckerberg

Here is the Lawsuit.

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Flying with COVID-19 from SFO.

By Michael G. Stogner

Something to think about, is there a risk in getting on an Airplane for a 5 hour flight?

Now add with a couple who have tested Positive for COVID-19.

Now add who were ordered not to board the Airplane but they did anyway.

That is what just happened this week on a United Flight from San Francisco International located in San Mateo County to Hawaii. They were arrested upon arrival in Hawaii. You might ask How were they allowed to board? How was the plane allowed to takeoff? and many more questions.

Wesley Moribe, 41, and Courtney Paterson, 46, of Wailua, Hawaii, face charges of “reckless endangering” after they put fellow passengers “in danger of death,” according to a statement from the Kauai Police Department.

Remember this is a Pandemic, we have never experienced one before. There is nobody to enforce the rules of behavior. What makes you think others are concerned about your Health and Safety?

Best of Health, Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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Second in Custody Death in November, Sheriff Bolanos is Silent

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

The first in custody death of Julio Boch- Curup, 21 R.I.P. happened on November 11, 2020.

The second in custody death happened November 24, 2020. Name not released yet.

That’s 2 In Custody Deaths of San Mateo County Sheriff in 2 weeks.

The obvious question is why are people in San Mateo County Jail during a Pandemic. Are they there because they couldn’t afford bail? Are they the most dangerous to the public?

Is two Inmate deaths in 2 weeks normal for this time of the year?

What do the 5 Supervisors think about this?

Which Law Enforcement Agency is investigating these two In-Custody Deaths?

With what the Residents now know about Yanira Serrano Garcia R.I.P., Errol Chang R.I.P., Chinedu V. Okobi R.I.P. and Sandra L. Harmon R.I.P. all Homicides by Law Enforcement of course Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos would request the Attorney General of the State of California to investigate these two deaths. Right?

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Half Moon Bay Beaches OPEN Labor Day Weekend.

By Michael G. Stogner

Half Moon Bay City Council voted 5-0 last night to keep the Beaches in Half Moon Bay Open while Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and the City of Pacifica have decided to Close Beaches and Parking Lots.

There is a Worldwide PANDEMIC, No Cure, No Treatment, No Vaccine but that has never been a concern for San Mateo County Leadership. They have consistently been dedicated to Staying off of the States Watchlist, or Getting Off of the States Watchlist. That might be why they have made so many changes to the Data Base, None of it matches.

Back to the Beaches of Half Moon Bay you can’t blame the elected officials in this case, so many moving parts and they don’t get paid for this. The City Manager, Assistant Manager, Sheriff, Chief of Police they do, the Chief who by the way said he would make some calls to see if he could get some extra staff to enforce the closure of Beaches if they voted to close. Think about that, He didn’t say Of Course I will get the extra staff I need to enforce your decision. This is San Mateo County, now known as Silicon Valley and the Police Chief says its going to be tough to enforce it. All five council members were OK with his response.

Even from a simple Math point of view, This is a very bad idea. Half Moon Bay and the SMC Coast experience Gridlock on normal weekends, watch what happens now. This is an invitation to the world the Party is in Half Moon Bay this Labor Day Weekend.

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Half Moon Bay, Woman shot and killed by SMC Sheriff Deputies.

By Michael G. Stogner

Tonight a woman was shot and killed by the San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies who responded to a report of a woman walking on Main Street with a long gun. She was transported to Stanford Hospital were she was pronounced dead. The San Mateo County Coroner’s Office identified the woman as Sandra Lee Harmon, 56.

The first story/report made public is always in favor of Law Enforcement because it comes from them. Now within 21 hours we hear from a woman saying she is her daughter and sharing with us that her mother suffered from mental health issues. That sounds more like it.

Willow Grace Gatliff: That woman was my mother. She was unbelievably sweet just suffered from mental health issues. Never would she have intentionally hurt anyone. Please forgive her for any scare she may have caused. She was suffering and wasn’t thinking clearly at all.

What was the Sheriff’s Office plan on this call?

The Body camera videos and patrol car videos should be made public ASAP. So far no report of Deputies injured.

San Mateo County District Attorney Chief Inspector John Warren is in charge of the Investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office has refused to respond/answer questions in e-mail.

From: Michael Stogner <>

To: Public Information Officer <>

Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 6:13:57 AM PDT

Subject: Names of Deputies on leave.

Good Morning,
Could you please tell me the names of the Deputies involved in the call that resulted in the death of a women behind the Pasta Moon Restaurant in Half Moon Bay last night May 5, 2020
What is the name of the law firm representing them?
Did they (Deputies) refuse to provide blood last night?
Was there any malfunction in the downloading of the Videos, Audios or any other device manufactured by AXON?

Thank You 
Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County

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San Mateo County District Attorney is Prosecuting Shelter in Place Violations.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has confirmed that his office has filed 3 cases of Shelter in Place Violations a Health and Safety Code section 120175 and that is a misdemeanor.

“We have had three cases submitted to our office by law enforcement in this county so far and we filed all three misdemeanor cases.  There may be additional misdemeanor citations issued by law enforcement but the citations and police reports have not been submitted to my office yet.  The reason is that the persons cited are not arrested and taken into custody; they are issued the misdemeanor citation with a court appearance date usually about 8 weeks off. The police agency may not send the police report over to us for several weeks.” 

San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow’s Order has a 5 Mile Restriction from your residence, and Face covering requirement. Fine can be $1,000 plus jail. Law Enforcement have License Plate readers so not very hard to determine if your car is more than 5 miles from your residence. Some people have informed the Sheriff’s Office that they are ok with the fine. They are missing the point, their behavior could cause others to get sick.

Remember there is no cure, no vaccine, Stay Home, Save Lives.

Every Law Enforcement Agency in San Mateo County should be enforcing this Public Health Order. This is not the same as a parking ticket. Ask yourself is it worth $1,000 per adult to go to the beach?


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Foster City Audit Yes or No?

By Michael G. Stogner

City Manager Jeff Moneda could have solved this a long time ago, He choose instead to obstruct this simple process. He also chose to resign and remain in that position for two months. Several residents asked by e-mail the City Council to fire him last week before a Closed Door Session about his employment. The meeting took place and there has been no public announcement of the results from that meeting yet. Why?

This issue is a debt for Non Payment of Sponsorship Fees to Foster City by now Recalled Elected Official Herb Perez in the amount of $17,090. That should be pretty simple did Mr. Perez pay this amount Yes or No ? Who should answer that question City Manager Jeff Moneda. It turns out he and others have known this information since mid January 2020.

Mayors Letter to Public

Agenda Item 6-2 A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Foster City Authorizing the Issuance of a Requests for Proposals for an Operational Assessment of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Public would have no idea that the above Agenda Item was supposed to be about the Non-Payment of Sponsorship Fees by Recalled Councilmember Herb Perez because it wasn’t. That woodcrafting came from City Manager Jeff Moneda and City Attorney Jean Savaree.

The Taxpayers pay all the costs of the City Attorney and for that reason many members of the public believe the City Attorney looks out for their interest, not the case.

Under the Public Records Act, all documents created, owned, or maintained by a public agency are presumptively available for public inspection unless one of the PRA’s exemptions applies. This is no big deal and no reason for a City Attorney to be involved except in a very limited basis, guide the staff in how to prepare. Same is true in accounting matters no reason in the world for City Attorney or their Staff to be conducting accounting when that is what the Financial Depart is paid for already.

Foster City April 6, 2020 Meeting 49:25 Mark Item 6-2

All Five Council Members were asking the simple question How much does he owe the City of Foster City, that would imply none of them knew that amount. The City Manager and the City Attorney both knew that amount since January and both chose not to inform the council or the public. Why?

January 22, 2020 the City of Foster City sent a Final Bill by mail for $17,090.00

The readers of this should know this subject of Non-Payment of Sponsorship by an Elected Official would never have come to the publics attention had it not been for a Few Concerned Citizens who sent CPRA.


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