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Showboater Supervisor David Canepa

By Michael G. Stogner

Recognizing a photo and public speaking opportunity is David Canepa’s speciality. Yesterday he again finds himself in another Supervisors district saying nice big words he has no influence over. Here is what he said yesterday “We will not tolerate hate in San Mateo County,” said Canepa. That should have always been true in SMC

He is in the company of Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Has Supervisor David Canepa watched the video created by Carlos Bolanos and Steve Wagstaffe and made public of Chinedu V. Okobi’s Homicide by SIX San Mateo County Sheriff Employees in Millbrae October 3, 2018. I have asked him he has not responded. Has he made sure the Sgt Zaidi was criminally charged for filing a false police report in that investigation?

Has Supervisor David Canepa made any public comment when Barbara Bonilla was first removed from her office as Executive Director of the Sheriff Activities League. Barbara Bonilla worked for Carlos G. Bolanos back at Redwood City Police Department in the early 2000’s and she was his campaign manager in 2018. She was finally criminally charged by the Attorney General’s Office after investigating her for Embezzlement and Money Laundering.

Has Supervisor David Canepa made any public comment about the Homicide of Sandra Lee Harmon by one and possibly two San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies in Half Moon Bay on May 5, 2021. The City requested the A.G. Criminally Investigate Sheriff Bolanos and District Attorney for there many false statements after the fact. No evidence of a shoot out, Tampering with Evidence the moving of 3 shell cases. The refusing to provide the Axon Log Records which would verify the statements by both that Deputy Dominguez turned off his Body Worn Camera before he shot an unarmed woman in the back while her hands were above her head. Also it looks like he fired first.

Has Supervisor David Canepa ever done anything to make sure Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe would never use their authority to cause harm to a fellow Law Enforcement Officer like x San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez. One of the many false charges that they held a Press conference for was Smuggling a cell phone and Drugs to a Hells Angel Gang member in Maguire jail. What did he say when those charges were simply dismissed 2.5 years later? Nothing

What did Supervisor David Canepa do when he learned about that, The Sheriff Office and the District Attorney’s Office used as a WEAPON to cause COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES to a Sheriff Deputy? Nothing

Has he listened in to any of the recent Juan P. Lopez Court Hearings remember 6.5 years and counting?

He can today 9:30 AM 1-206-279-9591 code 631595

Defense Attorneys Tony Serra and Maria Belyi

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I want to speak to my attorney.

By Michael G. Stogner

x Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez asked San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd to speak to his attorney two times during an interview on August 4, 2014. Jordan Boyd had other plans and continued the interview.

Does a Law Enforcement Officer have the same rights the rest of us do? DDA Kimberly Perrotti doesn’t think so, she argued to Hon. Judge Joseph Scott that Juan Lopez was an experienced Law Enforcement Officer and knew that he could just get up and walk out of the little room in the D.A.’ s office anytime he felt like it.

On August 4, 2014 Deputy Lopez was escorted from his work station on the 4th floor to Inspector Jordan Boyd’s interview room by Ed Barberini and Craig Denton of the Sheriff’s Office. There was a Plan between the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office. The reason I say this is on August 1, 2014 a Judge in San Mateo County signed 2 Search Warrants for both of Juan’s properties and Jordan Boyd claimed to have them at that moment and informed Juan that teams were at both properties as they speak.

That information by itself would be pretty disturbing to most of us.

The Search Warrants mentioned Mortgage and Insurance fraud issues. It means prior to August 1, 2014 the Sheriff and District Attorney have reason to believe a San Mateo County Sheriff Employee might have provided a lender with the box for owner occupied checked, when that might not have been accurate. Does that ever happen in the lending industry? Did the lender file a criminal complaint to bring it to the Sheriff’s attention?

Where would they have gotten that idea?

April 2014 San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez reported to the Sheriff’s Office that his car was broken into at his Redwood City Condo. Stolen from a Backpack were documents regarding mortgage and insurance.

When Juan Lopez was asked if he had any idea who broke into his car he answered San Mateo County Sheriff’s Gang Task Force.

Miranda rights, are they equal for everyone? How many times do you have to say I want to speak to my/an attorney?

I’m not an attorney but, It looks like just to be on the safe side, especially with Jordan Boyd you should say it right after he says Hello, and say it every sentence there after.

Example Hello, I’m Inspector Jordan Boyd.

You: I want to speak to my/an attorney, I want to speak to my/an attorney, I want to speak to my/an attorney, etc.

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott is expected to rule on the Miranda issue today.

Defense Attorneys for Juan P. Lopez are Tony Serra and Maria Belyi from San Francisco.

If you are interested you can listen today at 9:30 AM phone 1-206-279-9591 code 631595

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San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd is a Brady Officer.

By Michael G. Stogner

SMCDA Inspector Jordan Boyd is the lead investigator in the x Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez NF433910 case which is in court this morning after 6.5 years.

A Brady Officer is someone who is dishonest. The hope and goal is to have honest people in Law Enforcement everybody wants that.

In August 2014 Jordan Boyd asked Deputy Juan P. Lopez to provide him with his California Drivers License, as soon as Juan complied and gave Jordan the license he informed Juan that it was Suspended out of the Los Angeles area, he kept it and then he and others followed Juan to his car to make sure he did not drive home. Juan Lopez did not drive for the next 3 or 4 months. COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES

A reasonable person would ask How did Jordan Boyd know about Juan P. Lopez’s CDL without looking at a computer database? How many other CDL’s has Jordan Boyd removed from Law Enforcement Officers. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe informed me that his office does not handle any DMV issues.

SMCDA Inspector Jordan Boyd has admitted under oath that he started his own Investigation of Juan P. Lopez. Why?

A reasonable person would ask, In Jordan Boyd’s entire career how many criminal investigations has he just started on his own? He would have known that his Supervisor William Massey also a Brady Officer based simply on his own actions causing COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES when he twice tried to get Juan’s girlfriend fired. That’s really not what a high ranking Law Enforcement Officer is supposed to do. That is Dishonest.

The normal way is somebody would have filed a criminal complaint with a Law Enforcement Agency, that agency would decide if it should be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution, If the D.A.’s office thought it should be investigated they would assign it to Jordan Boyd or someone in his position.

That did not happen in the Juan P. Lopez case.


The people request exclusion of any collateral consequences defendant has experienced as a result of the investigation, excution of search warrants, arrest, and subsequent court proceedings in this case. This would include but is not limited to, any employment or employability consequences; embarrassment or shame, or any other effects resulting from members of the community learning of the investigation and prosecution. Evidence of or reference to these topics is irrelevant under Evidence code 350 and should be excluded.

When you read the word defendant replace it with Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez.

I’ve always wondered how a person who has sworn an Oath to enforce the law could do just the opposite. This is not the first DDA who has continued to produce a False case in San Mateo County. I’ve written about DDA Melissa McKowen several times in the past.

San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Kimberly Perrotti also doesn’t want the Jury to hear the words Prosecutorial Misconduct, I don’t blame her for that this case is FULL of Prosecutorial Misconduct. You wouldn’t want the Jury to be aware of it if your goal continue to cause harm.

I have had the privilege of serving on a jury in San Mateo County, I was the jury foreperson in a trial where the District Attorney charged a young Marine with a DUI case. The DDA knew she had NO EVIDENCE to prove her case but that didn’t stop her and it made No impact on her when the young Marine was found Not Guilty. I offered to meet with the DDA if she wished to find out why she lost that case. She had No interest in learning where she missed.

From that day on I always wondered how many other cases in San Mateo County are defendants Falsely Charged?

You can Listen Today at 9:00 AM Phone 1-206-279-9591 Code 631595 Article about DDA Melissa McKowen

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Another False Statement by SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

This should come as no surprise to any reasonable thinking resident of San Mateo County.

His identification was unknown until January 2021 when detectives received a break in the case from a witness who identified the suspect as 30-year-old Kaylan Freeman from the San Mateo County Coast.”

That is a False Statement, Just ask San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Gonzales, The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office knew who Kaylan Freeman was since March 2014.

Press Release

The real question is, What was the Sheriff’s Office really doing since 2012?

Sheriff’s Office eliminated SHOP and all dedicated, sexual-offense investigators with a 75% reduction in staffing in 2007 right after Operation Dollhouse the FBI Sting Operation.

What happens when San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos lies to the public? Nothing.

Update: I forgot to mention during the Campaign for Sheriff 2018 Candidate Mark Melville told every Editor who met with him that Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos was a LIAR. Not one of the Print Media Newspapers printed that.

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HMB’s Coastside Recovery Initiative Zoom Meeting 2/11/2021 6:00PM

By Michael G. Stogner

The question I ask is why would any City or County think this is the time to discuss or promote Recovery. California is in a raging Global Pandemic, It has never been worse than it is today. It will get better when 70% of Americans are vaccinated that looks like that will happen around August. In the mean time there are not enough ICU Beds and Trained Staff or Vaccine doses to even apply to the 1A group. So who thinks its a great idea to have this Recovery Zoom Meeting with Lenny Mendonca besides the County and the Chamber of Commerce?

The Time for Social and Economic Recovery will be when ALL of the public is Safe, It’s that simple and Now is not that time.

I couldn’t help but notice they fail to mention Lenny Mendonca’s 36 year relationship with McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey & Company Consulted Perdue Pharma and recently agreed to pay $573,000,000.00 in settlement agreement.

McKinsey & Company consulted ICE and Custom and Border Protection.

McKinsey & Company consulted New York City to reduce Jail violence. It increased.

From the City’s website: Join Us for the Launch of the Coastside Recovery Initiative

The City, County and the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce are hosting a virtual open house event on Thursday, February 11 at 6:00 p.m. We invite you to come and learn about the Coastside Recovery Initiative (CRI), and to contribute your ideas. You’ll hear from Lenny Mendonca, former Chief Economic and Business Advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom on why the time is now to ramp up plans for social and economic recovery.

They are asking you to register in advance of the meeting for some reason.

Please click here to register for the virtual open house. We look forward to seeing you.

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McKinsey Company to pay $573,000,000 settlement in America’s Opioid Nightmare.

By Michael G. Stogner

This settlement payment avoids civil trials in almost all 50 States and District of Columbia.

In December of 2020 McKinsey & Company issued an apology for it’s behind the scenes work for the Opioid Industry. More than 760,000 people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose. Two out of three drug overdose deaths in 2018 involved an opioid.

San Mateo County has it’s own McKinsey & Company connection with Lenny Mendonca a former Senior Partner.


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Barbara Bonilla Case Continued.

By Michael G. Stogner

Barbara Bonilla

Barbara Bonilla former campaign manager for Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos 2018 run, and former Executive Director of San Mateo County Sheriff Activity League, Former San Mateo County Sheriff Employee, former San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Commissioner, former State of California PAL Board, former National PAL Board, former Redwood City Rotary Board president waived time today. She appeared in Court in front of Hon. Judge Susan Greenberg today at 2:25 PM by ZOOM.

Next Court Appearance is March 10, 2021 Time: 1:30 PM Case Number 20SF01336A

I would tell you the name of the State of California’s Prosecutor if I knew it and I’m sure the person said it twice now but to be honest I could barley hear what they were saying, I had to listen by phone.

This case was investigated as an Embezzlement and Laundering case involving SAL FUNDS.

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CDC Mandatory Mask for Travelers effective tomorrow.

By Michael G. Stogner

If you haven’t read the Crimson Contagion Exercise of 2019, you might want to it was a 9 month exercise by the Trump administration to show the weaknesses and strengths of America in the event of a Pandemic caused by a virus that came form China. The exercise took place from January-September 2019.

Crimson Contagion Exercise of 2019


Failure to comply is a violation of Federal Law.

Spread the word to your friends and loved ones New Federal Law you don’t want to be caught saying you didn’t know it was the law.

Stay Safe, Best of Health

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Aaron Russell First Law Enforcement Officer Charged with Murder.

The idea that he is the first Law Enforcement Officer Charged in California since the law changed January 2020 should be shocking. San Mateo County has the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide by Deputies, Shot in back three times all fatal, shot while unarmed with hands up above her head. 3 of the 14 spent shell casings moved (Evidence Tampering) because the original location didn’t support the Sheriff’s Office Official Statement, which by the way was supported by the District Attorney’s Office. The Half Moon Bay City Council made a Historical Effort to make an official request to the Attorney Generals Office for a Independent Criminal Investigation of the Sheriff Deputy, the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office Investigation of the Homicide. The City Staff members did everything possible to water down, dilute the request to make sure the A.G.’s office would never open the Investigation of the Homicide of Sandra Lee Harmon on May 5, 2020 in Half Moon Bay.

Aaron Russell, 24 is Charged in the Death of Nicholas Bils, 36,

Former San Diego Sheriff Deputy Aaron Russell is the first law enforcement officer in California to be charged with murder since the state raised the standard January 2020 last year for when peace officers can use deadly force.

Prosecutors contend Russell committed second-degree murder.

San Diego Deputy Dist. Atty. Stephen Marquardt argued that the shooting was not legally justified and noted that no other officers at the scene pulled a weapon.

“The idea that this amount of force was necessary … it’s just not plausible,

This is a first good step in reforming Law Enforcement, Charge those who commit crimes, all of them.

Nobody is above the law, That is what we have all heard all of our lives, now prove it.

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Yanira Serrano Memorial Scholarship

By Michael G. Stogner

I can’t think of a better way to share Yanira Serrano’s story than with the youth of Half Moon Bay, California. If you can please donate and share.

Dear San Mateo County Community Members,

This past year has been a struggle for many families as they have faced financial insecurity due to job loss and increased health care expenses, in addition to grief for loved ones who have been lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all these difficulties, the hard-working families in our community have continued to support their exceptional Coast Side high school students who have encountered unprecedented challenges while studying online to pursue their dreams of going to college. Many of the students have taken on jobs to assist their families with rent and other expenses.

Many of these hard-working students also take time out of their weekend to help distribute staple food items to struggling San Mateo County families every Saturday because they understand and hope to alleviate food insecurity within the community. Given the current financial crisis, these deserving students are unsure of how they will fund their college education.

Please help us show these students that we believe in their dreams and aspirations and consider a contribution to the Yanira Serrano Scholarship Fund. We all know this has been an unprecedented and stressful year, and community contributions will allow these students who have worked so hard under great stress to start college on the right foot and with a lesser financial burden.

In partnership with the Latino Council of Half Moon Bay, the Yanira Serrano Scholarship Fund was created in memory of an HMB High School community member who was lost during a mental health crisis. The scholarship was named to honor her memory and help give life to the future of Coast Side High School students. Over four years, the scholarship fund has distributed over $7,000 to ten high school students to help alleviate college’s financial burden and jump-start their futures. The primary candidates to receive the scholarship will be selected based on need and contributions made to the community.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Latino Council of Half Moon Bay

To Donate

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