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It’s time for Equal Justice for everyone in San Mateo County, including “Those Who Matter.”


Juan P. Lopez

As you can see this motion has been continued 5 times since it was filed May 1, 2018. That has an estimated cost of $20,000.00 in legal fees to Juan P. Lopez.

Update: Please join us November 15, 2018 9:00 AM

Update: Please join us October 17, 2018 9:00 AM

Update: Please join us October 3, 2018 9:00 AM

Update: Please join us August 27, 2018 9:00 AM

Please join us July 26, 2018 at 9:00 AM in San Mateo County Superior Court for former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez court appearance where the Hon. Judge Forcum will rule on this filing. Think about it Corrupt from day one, almost 4 years trying to ruin a good man, his family and friends.

Why hasn’t San Mateo County Sheriff Detective Andrew Armando been investigated outside of San Mateo County yet? Why no media coverage of this Motion filed with the court on May 1, 2018 in the Former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez case stated, “Detective Armando Perjuriously alleged that Mr. Lopez placed a telephone call to the Contraband Cell Phone in Order to Obtain a Search Warrant.”

Det. Armando is the guy who made the suspicious phone call himself. He lied to  Judge George A. Miram to get the Search Warrant. That is a Felony.

How is he (Andrew Armando) still employed by San Mateo County? Why has he not been arrested and charged?

San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd testified March 26, 2018 that he opened his own investigation of Juan P. Lopez based on the cell phone data SMCSO Detective Armando presented to him. ” My investigation began as a result of receiving some cellular telephone records provided by Detective Andrew Armando of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office who requested my assistance in analyzing those records for his own investigation.”

Lopez Filing May 1, 2018

The reason we have included the article below is simple. If the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office are willing to falsify affidavits to the Judges to frame one of their own former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez, What makes you think they wouldn’t do the same for the people in the article below.

Remember 80 Search Warrants. Time for an Audit.

Four charged with perjury in ‘Operation Sunny Day’ cases

District attorney: mother, girlfriend and friends of alleged gang members lied during grand jury testimonies

San Mateo County Assistant District Attorney Karen Guidotti during the March announcement of the “Operation Sunny Day” indictments, surrounded by leaders of law-enforcement agencies who investigated 16 people with alleged gang ties to crimes ranging from murder to bribery and attempted robbery. Photo by Sue Dremann/Palo Alto Online.

Four people who testified in cases relating to the San Mateo County District Attorney Office’s “Operation Sunny Day” case, under which 16 alleged members of three East Palo Alto gangs were arrested for a string of violent crimes, were arraigned this week on perjury charges, according to the district attorney’s office.

One of the four charged is an East Palo Alto resident and mother of defendant Miguel Rivera, who has been charged with the October 2012 murder of 21-year-old Christopher Baker in East Palo Alto. According to the district attorney’s office, Betty Jo Rivera, 52, provided a false alibi for her son to the police and then lied about the false alibi and alleged cover-up efforts to the grand jury. She was arraigned on Monday, Aug. 17, and her bail has been set at $500,000.

The district attorney’s office has also charged Joel Santana, 20, of East Palo Alto for stating during the grand jury proceedings that he did not know and had no contact with defendant Tyrone Love-Lopez. Love-Lopez has been charged with the killing of 21-year-old Lamont Coleman in East Palo Alto on Jan. 26, 2013. An investigation revealed cell-phone communication between the two men before and after Coleman was murdered. Santana also had Love-Lopez’s contact information in his cell phone, the district attorney said.

Santana pleaded not guilty and has a bail of $100,000.

Thirty-nine-year-old Germina Lapria Sturns of Hayward, the girlfriend of defendant Raymond Bradford, was arraigned Monday for allegedly lying several times during her grand jury testimony about her knowledge of Bradford and guns that he owned, the district attorney said. She also allegedly violated a court order not to discuss her testimony with anyone by visiting Bradford in jail in the days following and talking to him about it.

Sturns also pleaded not guilty. His bail was set at $125,000.

On Tuesday, 19-year-old Victor Manuel Galvez of Redwood City was arraigned after testifying at the grand jury proceedings that he was not a gang member and had no friendship with or knowledge of any of those convicted as part of the county’s “Operation Sunny Day” prosecution, according to the district attorney’s office. He also denied ever being on Sacramento Street in East Palo Alto — an area associated with the “Sac Street” gang. Police wire taps recorded Galvez talking on a cell phone to several “Sunny Day” gang members, and police also found photographs of him standing on Sacramento Street, according to the district attorney.

Galvez did not enter a plea Tuesday. His bail was set at $200,000.

All four charged with perjury remain in custody and will next appear in court on Aug. 26.

The grand jury investigation that resulted in the 16 arrests began in early January and took two months. The indictments were announced in late March. The alleged gang members are being blamed for a string of violent crimes that stretched from East Palo Alto to San Francisco, starting in September 2012 and continuing through December 2013.

Dubbed “Operation Sunny Day” after the code the persons arrested allegedly used to signify when a murder was successfully carried out, the 18-month-long investigation is the most massive case prosecuted by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office in its history, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said at the time of the announcement.

Fourteen defendants appeared in court to enter their pleas in mid-June. Three of them — Roberto Gabriel Bustos-Montes, 24, of East Palo Alto; Emmanuel Imani Hyland, 25, also of East Palo Alto; and Palo Altan Nina Cragg, 24, — will not face the death penalty but could still receive life in prison without parole if convicted of the capital murder charges, Wagstaffe said in June.


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San Mateo County

Recommends Harold Harrison for Sequoia Healthcare District on November 8, 2016 election.

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The Daily Journal makes a false statement


— On Sat, 10/16/10, Michael Stogner <> wrote:

From: Michael Stogner <>

Subject: False statement op-ed

To: “Editor Sanmateodailyjournal” <>

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010, 11:08 AM


The San Mateo Daily Journal has made some false statements in their endorsement of Barbara, Faro and Shefren for Sequoia Healthcare District.

“In this difficult economic time, it is tempting to say the district should be dissolved so there is not taxpayer money going to philanthropic purposes.”

Here come the false statement.

“The money would still be collected and instead go to other governmental agencies, so the average tax bill would remain the same regardless of the district’s existence.”

The Grand Jury has received a legal opinion from the San Mateo County Counsel to the effect that the California Taxation and Revenue Code 96.8 authorizes a hospital district such as Sequoia Healthcare District to request the county auditor make a tax reduction in any amount down to zero for the district’s taxpayers on a yearly basis WITHOUT THE REALLOCATION OF THE REDUCED TAXES TO OTHER AGENCIES.

Michael G. Stogner

San Carlos, Ca

another e-mail i sent about incorrect information on the Atherton Almanac

Posted by Michael G. Stogner, a resident of another community, 1 hour ago


“editors, to absorb how the political machinery actually functions.”

I believe the editors clearly understand how the political machinery functions.

“Of the seven candidates running for the three open seats on the Sequoia Healthcare District board, four are qualified to serve.”

“Mr. Hickey’s idea to shut down the district and return money to the taxpayers is bogus ”

— by law the money will continue to be collected but distributed to the remaining special districts.”

First off, It was not Mr. Hickey’s idea to shut down and return money to the taxpayer’s,

it was the GRAND JURY.

Second: “by law the money will continue to be collected but distributed to the remaining special districts.” This is simply a deliberate false statement by the Almanac.

Recommendation 2.20

The Sequoia Healthcare District should reduce property taxes for district taxpayers unless in a future election district voters approve expenditures for purposes not approved by district voters in the 1946 measure establishing the district or in 1996 Measure H. This reduction would equal the amount expended by the district for purposes not approved by the voters in the 1946 measure or in 1996 Measure H and effectively limit district expenditures to those purposes approved by district voters. By this reduction in property tax receipts to be requested under the Revenue and Taxation Code 96.8, property taxes would be lowered for all district taxpayers.

Grand Jury Report

When you see the word Board/District think 5 People.

Here is the response to the GJ report above.

“The Board does not believe that it would be in the best interests of the District to implement the Grand Jury’s recommendations at this time and so DECLINES to do so.”

I think the Almanac owes the Taxpayers and voters of San Mateo County an explanation.

Hickey, Graham and Stogner were only going to do what 2 Grand Jury’s recommended.

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