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San Mateo County Presiding Judge Leland Davis III

By Michael G. Stogner

Dear Hon. Judge Leland Davis III on November 22, 2021, You cancelled the Public Telephone Access to the San Mateo County Courts. I’m asking you to reverse that decision.

Public Access Policy Updated 11/22/21 – The listen-only public access lines are no longer in effect; proceedings are open to the public to attend in person.

As you can see by the Alert issued today, It would be safer for the Public to listen on the phone.

Covid Act Now Logo




on 12/23/2021Image depicting that San Mateo County, California went from "Medium risk" to "High risk"Note that risk is reduced for those who are vaccinated.

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CDC Mandatory Mask for Travelers effective tomorrow.

By Michael G. Stogner

If you haven’t read the Crimson Contagion Exercise of 2019, you might want to it was a 9 month exercise by the Trump administration to show the weaknesses and strengths of America in the event of a Pandemic caused by a virus that came form China. The exercise took place from January-September 2019.

Crimson Contagion Exercise of 2019


Failure to comply is a violation of Federal Law.

Spread the word to your friends and loved ones New Federal Law you don’t want to be caught saying you didn’t know it was the law.

Stay Safe, Best of Health

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Daly City Police Department, No Body Worn Cameras, Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

The David Khan Misdemeanor Case #20-NMOO6433-A is the Perfect example of why the Daly City Police Department should want to use Body-Worn Cameras. I’m listing Items 7&8 only he is demanding the return of.

 22 Ounces of gold bullion and small pieces of gold.

 Cash approximately $80,000 (Eighty Thousand) or more.

Does the Daly City Police have the above Items? if so when will they be returning them to Mr. Khan?

In 2015-16 the San Mateo County Grand Jury Investigated the Law Enforcement Agencies using Body-Worn Cameras.

2015-16 Grand Jury Report: Body Cameras the Real Truth

Based on it’s investigation, the Grand Jury concludes that the body-worn cameras would be advantageous for all San Mateo County law enforcement agencies as well as the individuals they encounter.

The behavior of both Residents and Police Officers improves when their actions are being recorded on video.

The Body-Worn Videos must be made available to the Public before they are edited/captioned like the Sandra L. Harmon Homicide in Half Moon Bay May 5. 2020. San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos refuses to make the AXON LOG RECORDS available to the Public.


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Sitrick and Company hired by Zain Jaffer. Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

How many Criminal defendants hire a P.R. Firm to promote the story they wish the world to hear.

Over the last 20 years I have attended many, many criminal cases and trials in San Mateo County, I know of only one case where the defendant hired a professional Crisis Management Public Relations Company to promote a fictional story. That case is the Zain Jaffer Criminal Case.

Some of you know I have recommended San Mateo County Residents Audit the Zainali Jaffer Case and the former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez Case. One start to finish less than 9 months and the other 6 years in the judicial system and still counting. What are the differences?

Sitrick and Company is one difference.

A Private Meeting with the District Attorney’s TEAM after a Preliminary Hearing is another difference. How many times does that happen? That meeting is where the SMC residents should focus, was it recorded? What was really communicated that afternoon, Think about that. What could possibly have been communicated during that meeting that caused many San Mateo County Employees to forget their Oath?

This is Terry Fahn & Stuart Pfeifer of Sitrick and Company’s Work July 23, 2018 which is 21 days after the Entire case was dismissed.

July 23, 2018 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Patrick Clancy, attorney for Zain Jaffer, co-founder and former CEO of video ad company Vungle, today thanked Stephen M. Wagstaffe, District Attorney for the County of San Mateo, for going out of his way to clarify that Mr. Jaffer is completely innocent of any form of sexual misconduct.

“examining the case and recognizing it was not supported by the facts.”

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Mr. Jaffer was arrested in October 2017 after an altercation with family members caused by a dangerous reaction to doctor-prescribed medication. In July, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office dismissed all charges against Mr. Jaffer, a move that could open the door to Mr. Jaffer’s return to Vungle.

In a new statement published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Mr. Wagstaffe said: “We do not believe that there was any sexual conduct by Mr. Jaffer that evening and for this reason we dismissed the sexual abuse charges. The physical injury charges were separately dismissed because we believe that the injuries were the result of Mr. Jaffer being in a state of unconsciousness caused by prescription medication.”

Mr. Clancy praised the District Attorney’s office for clarifying the facts and making it clear that Mr. Jaffer is completely innocent of any sexual assault charge.

“Mr. Jaffer did not do anything whatsoever that could be considered sexual. He suffered an adverse reaction to medication and in the process injured some family members. It was accidental and could have happened to anyone,” Mr. Clancy said, “Thankfully, the District Attorney and his staff reviewed all the evidence and made the right decision.”

“The sexual assault charges were dismissed because they never happened. It was only the physical injuries to his family that were dismissed because of Mr. Jaffer being in a state of unconsciousness. Unconsciousness can range anywhere from sleep walking to an epileptic fit. The person has no control over his actions, no awareness of his actions, and no intent to do any of his actions. He is unconscious.”

The San Mateo Daily Journal said Mr. Wagstaffe praised his prosecutors for “examining the case and recognizing it was not supported by the facts.” The D.A. told the Palo Alto Daily Post that they “avoided the possibility that Mr. Jaffer would be wrongfully convicted.”

Mr. Clancy said: “This should put an end to the spread of misinformation and gossip that has prevented Mr. Jaffer from returning to his role at Vungle, the start-up he founded.”


Sitrick And Company

Stuart Pfeifer


Terry Fahn

(310) 788-2850

Lets just take this one simple sentence by Terry and Stuart “Mr. Jaffer did not do anything whatsoever that could be considered sexual.

How does that statement stack up with this from Steve Wagstaffe on October 17, 2017.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, we filed a felony complaint against defendant Zain Jaffer. We charged him with five felonies and one misdemeanor as follows: 

Count I 664-288.7(B) felony oral copulation on a minor under 10 years old Count II 288(B)(1) felony forcible lewd act on a child
Count III 245(A)(4) felony assault likely to produce great bodily injury Count IV 273(A)(A) felony child abuse 

Count V 273A(A) felony child abuse
Count VI 243(B) misdemeanor battery on a police officer 

On Tuesday afternoon, the defendant was arraigned in RWC Felony Court, Judge Cristina Mazzei. The defendant appeared with retained attorney Daniel Olmos of Palo Alto. The defense motion to continue was granted and no plea was entered. The case was continued to November 1, 2017 1:30 for entry of plea and to set a preliminary hearing date. Bail was set at $300,000. I do not know whether he is still in custody or has been released on bail (you can check with the Sheriff’s Office PIO for that detail). 

The child victim was the defendant’s three year old son. The officer who was the victim of the battery was not seriously hurt. My assistant will email to you a copy of the charging document setting for the charges. 

Thanks Steve 

Or this Statement from Steve Wagstaffe to a reporter

From: Steve Wagstaffe
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 4:01 PM To: Emily Mibach
Subject: People v. Jaffer 

Hi Emily, 

Here is the description of the testimony by the instructor: 


It’s fair to say that Sitrick and Company did not include TRASH TALK- PUSSY while naked straddling a 3 year old child at 4AM in the backyard or INSERTING FINGERS INTO ONE’S ANUS OR SELF-STIMULATING IN THAT MANNER.

Sitrick And Company does not mention the many articles I wrote about this case at San Mateo County and that is understandable they were hired to promote a different story and that they did. The Question I have for Sitrick and Company is Did you ever contact CPS? Were you EVER concerned for the Safety and well-being of a 1 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. I did and I was and still am concerned.

Back to the AUDIT. The day the Jaffer case was dismissed District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe sent this email to his favorite Media. Notice he DOES NOT MENTION HIS MOTION TO DISMISS THE CASE. WHY?




Media Notes For Monday, July 2, 2018 


July 2, 2018

Peo. v. Zainali Jaffer (2-16-88), Hillsborough Police Department 664- 288.7(B)/288(B)(1)/245(A)(4)/273A(A)-Two Counts/243(B) Misdemeanor October 15, 2017; Defendant Is 29 Year Old Hillsborough Resident And Former CEO Of Mobile Advertising Company “Vungle”; At 3:56AM Sunday Morning Police Were Dispatched To Defendant’s Home In 1000 Block Of Lancaster Road In Hillsborough; They Were Met By Defendant’s Father Who Was Cut And Bleeding In Face From Being Beaten By Defendant; Father Directed Police To Backyard Where Officers Found The Naked Defendant On Top Of And Sexually Assaulting His Three Year Old Son Who Was Screaming; Officers Approached And Defendant Started Choking The Victim With His Legs; The Defendant Ignored Orders To Stop And Kept Choking The Child; Officers Had To Use Taser To Control The Defendant; The Defendant Continued To Resist The Officers And Spat At The Sergeant; The Officers Determined That Defendant Had Also Punched And Struck His One Year Old Daughter As Well As The Three Year Old Son And Beat His Father When The Father Tried To Intervene; 17-NF-012415-A (DDA Sharon K. Cho)
-The case is set at 1:30 in Dept. 9, Criminal Presiding Judge Stephanie G. Garratt, for the pretrial conference. The case is set on August 27, 2018 8:30 for jury trial. This is the third setting of the jury trial date since the superior court arraignment on February 15, 2018. The defendant is out of custody on $300,000 bail bond (posted on October 26, 2017). The defense attorney is Daniel Olmos (retained) and Patrick Clancey (retained).

That same day Zain Jaffer read a prepared Statement, Who wrote that prepared Statement? How many defendants go to a court hearing for a Pretrial Hearing with a written prepared Statement Thanking the District Attorney for Dismissing all of Your Charges. I know of NONE.

“I was incredibly fortunate that I was able to defend myself through the legal system, but I am aware that many others are not. Moving forward, I plan on examining ways that I can help others who are innocent and are seeking to obtain justice.”  

— Zain Jaffer

Message to Zain Jaffer Former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez is a perfect case for you to pay attention to. You will remember he was arrested 6 years ago. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe held a press conferences told the World Deputy Sheriff Lopez Smuggled a Cellphone and Drugs to a Gang Member Inmate. It turns out those Charges were completely Fabricated Who Cares?

Next Court Date for Lopez is November 16, 2020.

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SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Does release BWC Video and Audio under 24 Hours.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

Just Not to the Public.

I have been recommending for years that Law Enforcement provide the Unedited Body Worn Camera, and MAV Dash Camera Video and Audio within the first 24 Hours. It turns out Sheriff Bolanos does release it, the question is to whom?

Update: 8:44 AM That person has been identified as Jamie Draper of the District Attorney’s Office.

In the Sandra L. Harmon Homicide May 5, 2020 in Half Moon Bay California, San Mateo County Sheriff Sgt. Jon Sebring authorized Someone to access the a data site owned by AXON Inc. The same company that manufactures the devices Law Enforcement uses, Tasers, BWC, MAV Video and Remote Microphone etc.

How do I know this?

Involved Deputy John Baba – BWC Analysis 

On May 6, 2020 I received an Email via sent by San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Jon Sebring granting me access to the uploaded Body Worn Camera (BWC) and Mobile Audio Video (MAV) footage from the Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI) on May 5, 2020 in the City of Half Moon Bay. 

I located the file for the BWC footage for Involved Deputy John Baba, which I downloaded from From prior experience and in speaking with Sergeant Sebring, I know that the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office currently utilizes the Axon 2 Body Worn Camera (BWC) which records video at 29.98 fps. I uploaded this video file into a video processing software known as VideoMach version 5.15.1 where I was able to mark the “in” and “out” points of the portion of the video which specifically covered the entirety of the incident and was able to remove the non- pertinent portions without altering the original video. I then added overlays which included a timer in the upper left of the video frame, the title “Deputy John Baba – BWC” at the top center of the video frame and absolute frame numbers (AFNs) in the upper right corner of the video frame. Each of these overlays were placed in positions to not interfere with the activity occurring in each video frame. I then finalized the video and saved this new version under the file name “Baba BWC with AFN and timecode”. I also utilized VideoMach to decompile the finished video into 17,619 individual frames to be utilized in this report. 

So there are a couple of Questions here, Who’s is the Author of this report? I have asked San Mateo County District Attorney Senior Inspector Rick Decker that exact question yesterday, He is getting back to me.

The second Question is Why is the Sheriff’s Office providing this data in less than 24 hours to somebody who has the Authority to Edit and add CAPTIONS to promote a False Story.

The third Question, Since the District Attorney’s Office was Investigating this Homicide case, shouldn’t they have controlled the Data?

Since the City of Half Moon Bay Special Meeting September 15, 2020, after hearing the Eblovi Presentation by 3 speakers at the 27:30 mark, every person attending that meeting especially the City Managers, City Attorney, the Five Councilmembers, and SMC District Attorney all knew the evidence provided showed 3 shell casings were deliberately moved, That’s Evidence Tampering, 2 bullet strikes in a location that only the Eblovi Investigators even bothered to look.

Sheriff Deputy Dominguez fired First was the conclusion of the Eblovi Investigation. Everyone in that meeting knew it at that moment. I was shocked I had been working on the Sandra L. Harmon case since May 5, 2020 I never saw those 3 shell casings before even though they were right there. I have gone back and reviewed several videos and photos provided by the Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office, and I can confirm the 3 shells can be seen behind Sandra L. Harmon as she is being fired at while she was Unarmed which means they were Fired First just like the Eblovi Investion reported.

That means the entire story provided to the public is False.

The Eblovi Presentation at 27:30 Mark

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The Eblovi Investigation Sheriff Deputy Fired First not Sandra Harmon.

This is an Op-Ed by David Eblovi.

Here is what I would tell you if you were of a mind to listen.

I would show you a photograph, one of several, showing a 56-year-old woman being shot fatally in the back with her hands raised above her head. If you were interested we could go through the images, taken at 30 frames per second and unintentionally released in full resolution by the district attorney’s office. If we did, you would see that after she has already been fatally wounded and her gun is on the ground, as her arms are still in the air and her back is still toward the deputy doing the shooting, he takes one last shot at her.

We can see these things in such detail only because, in the process of releasing the case material to the public, an individual working for the DA’s office released a full-resolution video copy of the incident instead of the much less clear version released previously on June 19 in an attempt to conceal the truth from the public.

Yet those aren’t the only things I can show you. There is an image of three 9mm shell casings taken from the body-cam videos. Casings that disappeared (and then reappeared elsewhere) in the crime-scene photographs taken roughly an hour or two later. And, no, let me stop you there. They were not “inadvertently moved” by first responders as one of them is under a two-by-four board and next to a parking bollard.

Then we can go look at a 9mm bullet hole in the building directly adjacent to the crime scene that is still there for anyone to go look at if they are so disposed. That hole, and the 9mm casings, speak to an entirely different story than that put forward by the Sheriff’s Office and the DA. That probably explains why none of them appear in the official report on the shooting.

The casings and bullet hole were there because the deputy in question fired at Sandra Harmon first, from just behind the RV where all this happened. They were moved to hide the truth of what happened from public view.

I can also show you a detailed timeline, both the version that they propose (which does not work) and the actual one, where Harmon does not fire until she has already had three rounds fired at her.

What no one can show you is the body camera footage or even the log files for the deputy’s two camera systems because the DA and Sheriff say they A.) don’t exist and B.) they don’t have to release them anyway.

Last week the Half Moon Bay City Council did a noble thing, voting unanimously to forward the matter to the California attorney general for review. Many probably thought the fight for the truth was over at that point.

But the AG rejects the vast majority of referrals for being beneath their attention. Yet if the manslaughter of a private person with mental health issues isn’t enough to get that attention then what is, you ask.

Here’s the problem: The city is moving quickly to put a draft of the letter in front of the Public Safety Subcommittee tonight — the day you are probably reading this — so members can approve it and send it on its way to the AG. The letter will go without any of the evidence I have detailed above.

Call me silly, but I’d like to think of Half Moon Bay as a place where you cannot kill someone illegally without being held to account. No matter who you are. So far, the Sheriff’s Office and the DA’s office have worked effectively and with great intent to keep the facts of what happened here on May 5 from the public. Were it not for a few slip-ups, they probably would have succeeded.

It’s up to the people who live here in Half Moon Bay to decide whether we are going to sit idly by and let this travesty pass like so many others, or stand and say, “No more, not in my city. This must stop.”

I will be forwarding the information I described above, and much more, to the AG, hopefully as an appendix or attachment to the letter that is sent to the AG, but, if not, as a stand-alone packet from me personally as a citizen. Hats off to the council and specifically to Mayor Adam Eisen for getting the DA to come visit us, setting up this unprecedented (for us) chain of events in an attempt to hold our law enforcement agencies accountable for their actions.

David Eblovi is a resident of Half Moon Bay.

All San Mateo County Residents should be thanking the Ebloivi family for this work they have done.

HMB Special Meeting September 15, 2020 Ebloivi Investigation Presentation at 27:30 mark

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The Horse Park at Woodside, August 7-9

By Michael G. Stogner


The Horse Park at Woodside

I have asked San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos his Public Information Officer Rosemary Blankswade and San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy to comment on this subject. So far none of them have made a comment to me yet. If they do I will publish it.

As most of San Mateo County is starting to realize the County has remained off of the State Watchlist for several weeks when there was no benefit in doing so even if the Data on the County Website were true. SMC has always had SFO in County and San Jose International just to the south in Santa Clara County, Both had several non-stop flights to and from Wuhan per day. To this day we do not know how COVID-19 is transmitted, There is NO CURE, NO TREATMENT, NO VACCINE. San Mateo County Website claims it has a Testing goal of 1,800 per day, in the entire month of July they reached that goal only 2 days for the entire month.

They are expecting between 300-350 people to attend this three day event.

Now is not the time to hold this event. There is a Pandemic.



Upcoming August Events at The Horse Park

     and COVID-19 Preventative Measures

The Horse Park will be hosting two major horse shows in August, which are put on by two of the West Coast’s top show producers, The Summer Event at Woodside Horse Trials (August 7-9) and Silicon Valley Equestrian Hunter/Jumper Festival (August 19-23 & 26-30). These shows are authorized under the State guidance.  Every aspect of the shows will meet the strict requirements for competition outlined in the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s “Equestrian Event Resources.” These outdoor, controlled-access shows will adhere to the robust Covid-19 biosecurity protocols and compliance measures established by the national federations for the sport, specifically the United States Equestrian Federation.

The Horse Park prioritizes the safety of our members, exhibitors and surrounding community. The following are some of the things that will be strictly enforced in regard to Covid-19 preventative measures:


  • Every person entering the property will be screened and have their temperature taken every day. No one with Covid-19 symptoms or who has known direct exposure to Covid-19 will be allowed on property.
  • Following successful daily screening, participants will receive a daily wrist band.
  • Social distancing will be required and strictly enforced.
  • Masks are mandatory at all times except when riding a horse or consuming food or beverage.
  • No spectators are allowed.
  • No social events or gatherings are allowed.
  • Additional handwashing stations and sanitizer dispensers will be widely spread around the facility for everyone’s use.
  • Signage is posted throughout the Horse Park regarding basic rules and Covid-19 safety measures. Additional signs will be installed for even greater visibility.
  • All show attendees will sign a statement in advance agreeing to Covid-19 rules for competition and acknowledging that they will be asked to leave if they do not comply. The signed statement will also include contact information and consent for future contact tracing should that be required.
  • There will be biosecurity compliance officers walking around the property for the duration of the competition to ensure strict adherence to the rules.
  • The Horse Park will ensure ongoing cleaning of all common surfaces and areas.


We are pleased to support our valued equestrian constituents and host these exciting events. We will insist on participants’ compliance with the rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable competition for everyone. We continue to be impressed by the wonderful Horse Park community, and we thank you in advance for your support.

Steve Roon

Executive Director



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Supervisor David Canepa is the problem.

By Michael G. Stogner


SMC Supervisor David Canepa

We have plenty of hospital beds and are ready for a surge. I don’t want to take a step back, but we must all be prepared. This will require an extraordinary effort at every level of government to ensure these businesses do not fail,” said Supervisor David Canepa. You can see he has shifted to protect businesses instead of Residents.

Supervisor Canepa knows his statement is Misleading and False ICU Beds are the issue not Surge Beds.

San Mateo County has 67 ICU Beds & Staff and was supposed to have 13 ICU Beds and Staff available to meet the 20% Availability Rate 67 ICU Beds & Staff x 20% = 13.4. You will see on the chart below July 23-24 the gray bar is blank the available beds & staff were 5 and 3. Does that sound like “We have plenty of hospital beds.”

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 4.04.32 PM


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SMC has 3 ICU Beds and Staff Available

By Michael G. Stogner

That number is supposed to be 13 not 3.

San Mateo County has consitantly had 67 ICU Beds and Staff until July 21, 2020. On that day the County’s Data Base showed 82 ICU Beds and Staff. I asked County Manager Mike Callagy which Hospital/s had the Beds and Staff. His response is below. Today the County says they have 64 Total ICU Beds and Staff. Why?

20% Availability of 67 ICU Beds and Staff equals 13, with the exception being 7/21/2020 16

According to the data published by San Mateo County for the last 10 days the County has not maintained the 20% availability of ICU Beds and Staff.

Below you will see ICU Beds Available 3. Remember they are supposed to have 13.

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 8.29.49 AM

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 8.29.28 AM

The above chart leaves blank (Gray) July 23-24 Staffed & Available Beds. Why?

Michael Callagy <>
To:Michael Stogner
Wed, Jul 22 at 4:48 PM
I don’t know specifically, but I do know many hospitals now are able to easily convert rooms to ICU… it is not like the ICU wards they use to have.  Most rooms now are set up to convert to ICU.

From: Michael Stogner <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 3:30:40 PM
To: Michael Callagy <>
Cc: Jeff Regan <>; Ian MacDougall <>
Subject: Increased 15 ICU Beds and Staff

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Hello Mike,
Can you tell me which hospital/s added 15 more ICU beds and Staff today?
The County has had 67 ICU Beds and Staff from the beginning to yesterday, today you have 82.
Thank You
Michael G. Stogner
San Mateo County

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SMC Dr. Scott Morrow July 20, 2020

Health Officer Issues New Statement; Addresses Why COVID-19 is Spreading at Current Higher Level.

Why is the virus spreading here at its current higher level now? I don’t know exactly, but it appears to me that there are 3 major factors. In order to understand what’s going on completely with transmission risks, we don’t have the resources to do case-control studies. We don’t have the wherewithal to do case-control studies given the enormous burden on all the staff at the health department at this time, but we can take some educated guesses based on patterns that we are seeing here. 1. The virus appears remarkably, even surprisingly, transmissible. At pretty much every point over the last 6+ months, I’ve been surprised, and impressed, at how capable this virus is at moving itself between people. It spreads in households like wildfire and it spreads in other indoor environments too. It seems to be everywhere we look. I know this is hard, we’re all exhausted and frustrated by having to take precautions, but the implication of this fact is that you can’t let your guard down, or be careless, even once, especially if you are at high risk. 2. Fundamental structural failures of the US economy are being laid bare by the pandemic. These structural issues seem to be a major cause of the transmission we’re now seeing, at least in San Mateo County. Many elements of the US economy can be viewed as illogical, even immoral in my opinion, in that so many people are forced to live lives of economic desperation, live pay check to pay check, are not paid a living wage, live with no workplace safety nets, like healthcare, like paid sick leave, or other wage protection programs. While these structural issues are illogical in good times, they are downright inexplicable in times of a pandemic. These structural problems are at such a massive scale, they can not be ignored. A majority of people we are seeing infected now are front line workers (people who allow the rest of us to eat, and have electricity, and have our garbage picked up, etc), live in crowded multigenerational conditions, live with lack of trust in, and in fact have downright fear of, government. Remember to stem the spread of this very transmissible virus, people who are infected need to be separated from others (isolation and quarantine), not go out in public, and not go to work while they are infectious. Try getting compliance with isolation and quarantine when the infected person is the breadwinner for the family and the family will be out on the street if they don’t go to work. And when they go to work they will, perhaps, interact at that job with you. There is not enough enforcement capacity in the world to stop this from happening. The implication of this is that the current business focused restrictions will do little to stem the spread of the virus when the spread is exacerbated by these conditions. This requires rapid policy and systems changes at every level of both public and private sectors, from the feds on down, and from the largest corporations to the smallest business. We need to see much more work in this area, and we need to have less reliance on business sector closures and restrictions, beyond getting businesses to do the basic transmission control measures. Failure to fix some of these issues will prolong our collective pain. 3. Complacency is the other majority factor enabling spread. This is either born of belief systems (this is all a hoax, this isn’t that bad for me, let’s go to a party and get infected), or born of just not paying attention. Many, many of our infections are related to fairly small gatherings of family and friends. Birthday parties, picnics, eating at restaurants with mixed households, etc, without the basic precautions being taken. Most of these gatherings are innocent, no doubt, not intending to spread the virus, but they do spread it, and with far reaching implications. Please note, your seemingly innocuous get togethers are driving the spread and are a major reason why you can’t go to a restaurant, why you can’t go to the gym, why you can’t go get your hair cut, why kids can’t go to school. Until, or unless more people get this fact, we will continue to be stuck in the situation we are in. To get out of this situation depends on all of us. Our collective best course of action: No gatherings outside of immediate households, use facial coverings extensively, and social distancing. — Scott Morrow, MD, MPH, MBA San Mateo County Health Officer Please read or reread previous statements to get a better understanding of where we find ourselves today and actions you can take to protect yourselves and your family:

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