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Supervisor Don Horsley wants to discuss more.WHY?

By Michael G. Stogner

Supervisor Don Horsley has already discussed and shared his thoughts, his personal opinions with Congresswoman Jackie Speiers daughter Stephanie Sierra. She is a reporter for ABC 7 KGO May 8, 2020. She somehow got interested in a meeting that took place 3 weeks earlier. Why? She also Interviewed Kevin Mullin. Why?

Don Horsley has placed this Vague subject on Tuesday’s agenda, I’ve asked him to explain what his wishes to accomplish, He has not responded.



Discuss and/or Act on concerns regarding Harbor Board of Commissioners and request for updated Municipal Service Review on San Mateo County Harbor District by San Mateo Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo).

Sponsors: Don Horsley

Don Horsley wants to Discuss his concerns regarding Harbor Board of Commissioners. Which ones?

A Republican up until Nov 15, 2019, Virginia Chang Kiraly changed her voter registration from Republican to Democrat in preparation for upcoming campaign/s. That is the exact same thing Jerry Hill did. Virginia Kiraly who recently Victim Shamed S.B. “Stop Lying Sabrina” She couldn’t possibly be talking about the Pornographic Photos sent to Sabrina.

Democrat Sabrina Brennan a victim of Sexual Harassment by another Harbor Commissioner. The Harbor District dealt with that, like San Mateo County does with all of their Pornographic Passing and Child Molesting friends. They hire an Attorney (First Red Flag) to do an Independent Investigation which translates to results favoring those who paid for it.

Supervisor Don Horsley, a former school teacher and Sheriff of SMC wants Commissioner Sabrina Brennan to stop mentioning Pornographic Photos and Sexual Harrassment at the Harbor District Meetings. WHY? 

The answer is simple Supervisor Don Horsley Supports it. He wants VICTIMS to Shut UP.

Supervisor Horsley has been interfering with the Harbor Districts business for years. May 26, 2015 Meeting is a perfect example.

Let the Commissioners solve this, Sabrina Brennan the victim has every right to mention this at every single meeting if she wants to. Perhaps at the Public Comment section just like the BOS meetings where serious subjects are made public and the Supervisors simply ignore them.

As a Private Victims Advocate for the last 22 years in San Mateo County I find the way to get a victim to stop talking about a subject is to deal with it Honestly in the first place. Victim Shaming, and telling the Victim to Shut up is a guarantee that you will hear about it at Every Single Meeting.

“I will continue bringing up my harassment at these meetings,” she said. “I won’t be silenced.” Sabrina Brennan.

If you would like to make a Public Comment to the Supervisors on this item you can send it by e-mail. It will be read into the record.


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DA Steve Wagstaffe questions product efficacy versus actions of deputies, in Millbrae Jaywalker in custody death.

Chinedu Okobi R.I.P.



Deputies photographed straddling Millbrae jaywalker Chinedu Okobi

UPDATE: Missing from the above photo is Community Service Officer Joseph Gonzales. He is also not identified by the District Attorney’s Office as a person involved in the take down of Chinedu V. Okobi you will see him at the 6:38 mark of the DA’s video product released to the public on March 1, 2019.

The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy, Thomas W. Rogers, said Okobi died of a heart attack and listed electrocution by Taser as a contributing factor. Rogers determined the death was a homicide. Wagstaffe chose not to charge the 6 San Mateo County Employees involved.

District Attorney’s Video You will also see Evidence Tampering @ 11:04 mark

With the repeated application (shocks) of two separate tasers, oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, and force delivered by five adult males, isn’t it reasonably likely serious injury or death would occur? Couldn’t such an eventuality have been foreseen? The answer to both those questions is quite obvious, of course it is! 

And District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe who has yet to conclude his investigation is now publicly questioning the “efficacy” of the taser, really Steve? With its repeated use, in the manner described, the taser is and was a deadly weapon. And for the deputies involved to have used it, in such a manner, is and was, most likely, manslaughter. Just like the misuse of a baton, flashlight, or any other instrument, such actions have consequences. Were the deputies trained to apply a taser, in such a repeated manner? Of course not. Were they trained to apply it repeatedly, in conjunction with oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray, and physical force? Again, no.

The larger issue, now, is whether or not District Attorney Wagstaffe and his office can be relied upon to be objective and render credible findings. His questioning the “efficacy” of the two tasers used, rather than the manner and circumstances under which they were deployed by deputies, should be the real issue. In other words, DA Steve Wagstaffe speaking of product liability versus the actions and respective responsibilities of the deputies involved, before the conclusion of any investigation, speaks volumes about his lack of objectivity in the matter.

Could it be the graphic video which has surfaced, one apparently depicting deputies tasing Chinedu, applying force, and his attempting to flee, motivated Steve to float his product liability theory? Can the public trust the results of an investigation conducted by an individual so biased? The answer is no.

History of bias  



D.A. Steve Wagstaffe

In 2007 DA Wagstaffe came to the aid of Bolanos, when he (Bolanos) and his boss, Sheriff Greg Munks, has been detained by the FBI and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, at an illegal Las Vegas brothel. The site featured Asian indentured sex slaves, at least one of whom was minor, and a cache of ecstasy drugs. In a sign of solidarity and excusing the duo’s behavior, Wagstaffe wrote them an email expressing his support and characterizing them as persons who mattered. He even renewed his excuse of the two’s behavior, reaffirming his role as both a sycophant & enabler, two years ago, in a televised interview by a local news reporter.

Wagstaffe’s bias has not been limited to shilling for Bolanos. It has extended to other county officials as well. When San Mateo County Transit executives were found to have diverted over two and a half million dollars of public monies through fraud to accounts controlled by themselves, Wagstaffe was quick to attribute the crimes to bad accounting practices. He had one of his deputies, assistant deputy district attorney Al Serrato, a former FBI agent (emphasis former), be the face of such an absurd assertion, that a Criminal conspiracy involving county executives involving multiple counts of fraud (fraudulent debits used to divert millions of dollars of public monies for unintended / unauthorized use) amounted to merely bad accounting practices. Such an absurd assertion by Wagstaffe & Serrato amounted to victimizing the public for a second time -not to mention the insult to our intelligence and violation of the public trust.

Given Wagstaffe’s demonstrated bias towards Bolanos, he should recuse himself, his agency, and refer the matter to the State Attorney General for investigation. He should also immediately release the described video depicting deputies confrontation with Chinedu to the public, in order to be completely transparent. The best thing for this sort of situation is sunlight.

History of untruthfulness


Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

There is NO Statement by Sheriff Carlos Bolanos on the Death of Chinedu Okobi. Why?

In November of 2014, Supervisor Don Horsley told KPIX 5 that Sheriff Greg Munks informed him two department machine-guns had been used for spare parts, the sheriff’s office had quietly told state officials, five months earlier, they had been stolen. I asked Don Horsley what method of communication did Sheriff Munks make that alleged statement. Supervisor Horsley refused to respond to that question.


Clearly, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and others cannot be trusted & relied upon to either tell the truth nor protect the public’s safety -two machineguns in the hands of thieves presents the very real possibility of a mass casualty event.

Possibility of positional asphyxia

In Chinedu’s death, a separate digital image (above) taken by a bystander witness raises the issue of positional asphyxia, at the hands of deputies. It depicts Chinedu face down being restrained prone, on the ground, with, what appears to be, one officer with a knee bearing down on his back while two other officers bear down on his thighs / legs. It also appears to show a collapsible baton laying on the ground just feet from Chinedu. It’s presence raises the possibility Chinedu may have been struck with a baton by deputies, during the event.

One wonders if the medical examiner performing Chinedu’s autopsy has been informed of and shown the described videos and photos, in assessing the manner & cause death? Knowing Steve and his shop, probably not -it would appear inconsistent with the narrative he is obviously trying to present.


Coroner Robert Forcrault

By Michael G. Stogner

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Vote Dan Stegink for Supervisor District 3

Here are just a few reasons why we say this.

The incumbent Supervisor Don Horsley was one of the leaders who misled the voters on Measure A 2012. He promoted the false story that the County had a deficit when he knew that the County in fact had a surplus. Not very honest

This Grand Jury report is saying Supervisors Don Horsley and Carole Groom  and others were dishonest in misleading the residents/voters of San Mateo County re: Measure A

San Mateo County Grand Jury Report

In 2012 Supervisor Don Horsley announced right after Christmas when very few people would notice. That he was going to renege on his campaign promise of No salary if you elect him.On December 28, 2012 The Daily News reported “Horsley to take Supervisor Salary.” Don Horsley had pledged to forgo the job’s salary if elected citing the County’s economic struggles which never existed. So once again misstating the truth. Horsley announced he is going back on his election vow, saying he now needs the $120,000 annual Supervisors salary more than the County. Starting this month Horsley will receive a Supervisor’s salary, remember this article was written 12/28/2012. What it didn’t say was that Don Horsley had started receiving the salary on November 10, 2012. 46 days before his announcement, So once again he is being dishonest with the residents and voters of SMC.

July 12, 2016 Supervisor Don Horsley led the illegal coup which appointed Carlos Bolanos to Sheriff without the public knowing that was even remotely a possibility. Here is what Supervisor Dave Pine said about it.

Supervisor Dave Pine

The public was completely removed from this process,” referring to the rushed and unexpected appointment of Carlos Bolanos to the office of San Mateo County Sheriff.The 3-2 decision to appoint Mr. Bolanos was a surprise, They dispensed with involving the public in any way in the process. He is talking about Don Horsley here.

2017 Supervisor Don Horsley makes a false statement to CBS5 re: Stolen M-16’s from the Sheriff Office. We have asked him to verify the method of communication the previous Sheriff allegedly informed him they were used for spare parts. Don Horsley has refused to answer.

San Mateo County News Story 

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Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Kevin Mullin teaming up with Carlos Bolanos. Why? If they are serious about Human Trafficked Sex Slaves/Children as they claim, they would stay clear of him.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

Just two days before the mail in ballots were sent out these two elected officials find themselves at the podium making speeches with Illegally Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos.

The Gun buy back program is a feel good program financed by the taxpayers. I would rather have that money spent on finding the thief at the Sheriff’s Office.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office still has 2 Stolen M-16’s missing no matter what Supervisor Don Horsley told KPIX 5 reporter Len Ramirez 9/12/2014  “they were used for spare parts.” That was simply a dishonest statement by Don Horsely, not the first.

Supervisor Don Horsley “Spare Parts Story”


RE: Stolen M-16’s
    To:Michael Stogner
    Mar 26, 2018 at 6:31 AM

    Hello Michael,

    It is still under investigation.

    Thank you.

    Detective Rosemerry Blankswade

    Public Information Officer

    San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

    400 County Center Redwood City, Ca.

    Office: 650-363-4800

    Cell: 650-421-1243

This event so close to the first election of the Sheriff for San Mateo County in 25 years could confuse the residents into thinking Jackie Speier endorses Carlos Bolanos, that would be a bad thing, this event is just 2 days before ballots are mailed out.

It’s time for Honesty in San Mateo County

Here is who was really behind this buy back.

Countywide gun buyback gathers support

San Carlos residents organizing buyback for first time since 2013

  • By Zachary Clark Daily Journal staff

As calls for gun control gather momentum in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, three San Carlos residents are attempting to make the Peninsula safer by reducing the number of guns in the community.

Danielle Lacampagne, Nilu Jenks and Becky Dodson formed the Citizens for a San Mateo County Gun Buyback organization to lobby cities across the county to contribute $5,000 to a gun buyback program, which was last held in San Mateo County in 2013.

“After Parkland, we felt we should do this,” Jenks said. “People are looking for something, and even one suicide or domestic homicide we can prevent is worth the effort or time.”

The group is calling for a similar program to the 2013 one, when the county paid $100 for pistols and rifles and $200 for assault-style weapons with no questions asked, bringing in more than 600 guns, according to a press release. A private donor contributed $63,000 to the 2013 buyback, but Jenks said funds ran out during the event, so this year the group is trying to raise at least $75,000.

So far, Redwood City and San Mateo have pledged $5,000 to the buyback, Jenks said, while Belmont’s City Council voted to contribute $5,000 and Woodside’s council voted to contribute $10,000. Woodside also voted to match another $5,000 donation if local students can raise the funds.

The most generous donor so far, the San Carlos City Council voted to match donations up to $50,000.

As of Wednesday, the buyback effort had raised $50,000. Daly City will fund its own buyback in May, Jenks said, and Portola Valley, Menlo Park and Foster City are set to vote on a donation within the next week.

Jenks also said private donors are starting to express interest as word gets out.

“We could not have forecasted this kind of support and we really appreciate it,” she said.

During Belmont’s Tuesday City Council meeting, Mayor Doug Kim said that city is also organizing a study session on school safety and mental health programs, and the council is drafting a resolution on public safety and gun violence in addition to contributing to the buyback effort.

“I think everyone in this room has felt a sense of frustration and helplessness over the past weeks, months and years,” Kim said. “I felt that this issue could not be ignored in a city like ours, we need to find what we can control within our purview and tonight is the first of several things that we as a small city on Peninsula can do to stand up and say here’s what we hold dear in terms of our values.”

Jenks said last month her organization approached San Mateo Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, who agreed to manage the buyback program and provide staff and security. The Sheriff’s Office will destroy all surrendered firearms.

Jenks said the buyback will likely be held May 5.

“This has very much been on our minds lately with the firearms store last fall,” San Carlos Councilman Mark Olbert said, referring to a moratorium on new stores that sell guns passed after a business received a permit to do so. “Many of the citizens pushing for this throughout the county are San Carlos residents so the council saw it as an important issue that a lot of people in our community are working towards. That’s something we want to support as much as possible, and we want to incentivize other communities to step forward.”

Despite its growing support, not everyone is on board with the program. San Carlos Councilman Matt Grocott, who voted against his city’s contribution to the buyback and the store moratorium, believes the money could be better spent on security efforts.

“I really question the claim that this (a buyback program) will make us any more safe in San Carlos, just look at the statistics,” Grocott said, adding that the last gun suicide in his city occurred in the 1980s and the last homicide was a knife attack more than 10 years ago. “So what it means is we’re putting up a $50,000 subsidy to parts of the county where gun violence is more prevalent.

“A lot of the guns that do get turned in are old and inoperable, basically scrap metal,” he added. “Someone could turn in two to three old, inoperable guns and turn around and buy something operable and you haven’t accomplished anything.”

But the San Carlos citizens group is determined to address gun violence and not just through a buyback. Jenks said her organization is also discussing future education and awareness efforts.

“Once we hit $75,000, we’ll really think about what’s next,” Jenks said.

(650) 344-5200 ex. 102


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