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San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Top Two Investigators being Investigated. By Who?

By Michael G. Stogner

This might come as a surprise to the residents of San Mateo County but Attorneys file False Instruments with the Courts every single day, Would the San Mateo County Counsel’s Office do it? Sure it’s possible, lets find out. The District Attorney’s Office had 73 days to Investigate Massey and Warren, why the long delay. Who’s left in the D.A.’s office to conduct an Internal Investigation of the top two anyway?

Update: 1/10/2020 San Mateo County Counsel Attorney Joseph F. Charles appeared and his two clients D.A. Inspectors William Massey and John Warren remained outside the courtroom for several hours. They did not take the witness stand but never the less it was good to see them there. Mr. Charles asked for and got his Motion to Quash Subpoenas filed Jan. 07, 2020 SEALED. Why would he ask for that?

Another attorney (female) from San Mateo Counsel Office representing the Five Sheriff Employees who were there to testify and one unnamed Sheriff Employee involved in a Belmont “incident” while not on duty many years ago, and had nothing to do with Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez ( according to her) was there to make sure the Belmont Police report was not only not made public but that Juan Lopez’s Attorneys could not see it either. The Judge temporarily SEALED it to give the Government time to file a motion to seal.

Note: Attorney David Washington sued the City of Belmont November 13, 2014 for not providing the Police Report involving Sgt. Jason Edward Peardon, I know this because I filed the suit and personally served the City of Belmont Attorney. The PADP did a story on it the next day, the attorney claimed the suit was unnecessary and a phone could have resolved this matter. Within a couple of days the City of Belmont retained a Law Firm across the bay and Never provided the Police Report.

The Statement by San Mateo County Counsel that “Sheriff Sergeant Jason Peardon has nothing to do with the Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez.” case is Laughable, He is the Juan Lopez case. Finally the Belmont Police Report surfaces only to be SEALED.

According to a Motion to Quash Subpoenas filed Jan. 07, 2020 by Deputy Counsel Joseph F. Charles SBN 228456 in Case No. NF433910A former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez. Mr. Lopez’s next court date is Tomorrow Jan. 09,2020 9:00AM SSF court Hon. Judge Danny Chou.

San Mateo County Counsel John Beiers Office just filed a motion Yesterday Jan. 7, 2020 to Quash Subpoenas for District Attorney’s Office Senior Inspector William Massey and Chief Inspector John Warren to testify tomorrow.

“In response to the October 28, 2019 Citizen Complaint served by Defendant Lopez, the San Mateo County District Attorney Office has commenced an Internal Investigation into  the allegations made by Defendant in his October 28, 2019 Citizen Complaint has recently commenced, is ongoing, and will not be completed until after the completion of the Defendants underlying criminal trial.” This internal investigation subsumes all of the factual issues raised in the Citizen Complaint which include events that transpired as far back as 2015. More importantly Defendant’s criminal trial is likely to reveal the names of witnesses, events, information and additional evidence directly relevant to the District Attorney Office internal investigation into alleged misconduct (and potentially criminal misconduct) allegedly engaged in by law enforcement personnel.

How do they know when x Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez’s underlying criminal trial is going to be completed?

What date was this Investigation opened and Who is conducting it?

Why wasn’t this Investigation opened several years ago when Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez filed a lawsuit with the exact same complaint?

thumbnail-2Senior Inspector John Warren, Lets hope this is on his off time.

Update 5:40 PM 1/8/2020 No response from San Mateo County Counsel John Beiers yet.

Michael Stogner <>.   Jan 8 at 11:46 AM

To: John Beiers

Cc: Dave Pine, David Canepa, Don Horsley, Carole Groom, Warren Slocum, Mike Callaghy

Hello John.

I hope you had good Holidays,

I writing a story on the Investigation of San Mateo County District Attorney’s top two Investigators Massey and Warren.

Can you tell me what Date that Investigation was opened?

Also Who is conducting that Investigation.

Thank You

Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County

San Mateo County Counsel John Beiers waited to respond until the Judge Sealed the Motion to Quash.

John Beiers <>. Jan 10 at 1:57 PM

To: Michael Stogner

Cc: Dave Pine, David Canepa, Don Horsley, Carole Groom,Warren Slocum and 1 more…

I hope you also had a good holiday season.
As you may know by now, yesterday the court ordered the Citizen’s Complaint and any information related to it including the DA’s internal investigation, sealed from disclosure as a confidential record.  Therefore, the County is not at liberty to discuss the investigation or answer any questions about it because to do so would violate the court order.



San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has not responded.

Michael G. Stogner <>.   Jan 10 at 7:31 AM

To: Steve Wagstaffe

Hello Steve,

The San Mateo County Counsel has stated that your office is conducting an Investigation of Inspector Massey and Warren.

Can you confirm that?

Who is conducting that Investigation?

What date was that investigation opened?

Thank You

Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County

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Redwood City Police Chief Dan Mulholland, Asleep at the Wheel

Update: October 5, 2019 The Victim of the September 18, 2019 crash passed away October 2, 2019. His name Alex C. Hill age 25. His family has been involved and has requested privacy.

By Michael G. Stogner


Chief Dan Mulholland

The outcome was both predictable and, I dare say, inevitable. The 20th Century “Good-Ol-Boy” policing model Chief Mulholland has brought to Redwood City is on full display and has but one outcome, bad -resulting in recurring problems. The Kristina Bell matter, a San Mateo County Sheriff’s Lieutenant who was the Suspect in a Redwood City domestic violence case, should have raised serious questions about Chief Mulholland’s judgement and ability to lead. Bell was given a pass,(Not arrested, Gun not removed, young child present) while other Redwood City residents engaging in similar conduct would have gone to jail. San Mateo County Domestic Violence Protocol Violated. Who knows this the Redwood City Council, San Mateo County Supervisors, County Manager, County Counsel. Just to name a few.

Now, we have a tragic incident. On September 18, 2019 Angela Wittman an on-duty Redwood City Police Officer, en route to a hot call, lost control of her marked patrol car, struck a pedestrian, and collided with other vehicles.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 11.08.07 AM

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the collision and the results are pending, but I can say, with confidence, Chief Mulholland bears responsibility, in the matter.

Let’s look at the patrol car which was involved in the collision. It was a Ford Crown Victoria sedan, a vehicle last produced by Ford, in 2011, meaning this patrol car was at least 8 years old. It was a high mileage “run-out” car, a worn-out vehicle being operated well past its salvage / replacement date.

Law enforcement duties place heavy demands on vehicles, including frequent use, exposure to the elements, prolonged idling, stop and start city driving, quick maneuvering, high speed braking, and frequent loading of their suspension. This hard driving police work causes tremendous wear and tear on vehicles.

Regular inspections, repairs, and replacements, in a police vehicle fleet, are required, to maintain safety and efficiency. Chief Mulholland’s lack of attention to updating this old, driven into the ground, vehicle, disregarding industry replacement standards, speaks volumes about his leadership ability and suitability for the job.

When officers are saddled with high-mileage dilapidated cars such as this, ones far beyond accepted best practices, what did Chief Mulholland think would happen? I submit, a tragedy such as the collision described was both inevitable and foreseeable.

And let’s look at another aspect of the collision. Aside from the officer’s vehicle being a run-out, it was also a canine car and being operated as such. A deck had been installed where the rear seat would normally be and there was an adjustable partition governing access between the front and back passenger areas. Meaning, depending on how the partition was adjusted, the police dog could have the ability to physically influence the officer’s driving, either by chance (sliding or moving around, when the vehicle was underway) or by design, becoming excited, say in a high-speed response, and deliberately touching the driver or vehicle’s controls. Is this an industry standard or best practice and could the potential for mishap not be foreseen?

With a workforce of just 77 line officers, what training does Chief Mulholland give his officers, specific to high-speed & defensive driving, and how often? Further, how often does this training include instruction specific to the organization’s policies and procedures -it’s one thing to have policies & procedures, but quite another, to ensure they are trained to, monitored, and enforced? Remember, such driving is a perishable skill and, in that light, I would suggest it be given yearly. What do Redwood City PD’s training records show, Chief?

Finally, what is Redwood City PD’s policy, on using a canine unit to respond to an emergency call? Say, for instance, exceeding the speed limit, traveling at high speed, going Code 3 (with red lights and siren), etc.? Shouldn’t Chief Mulholland have given this issue some thought and enacted polices which would have governed / restricted the use and manner in which canine units respond to such situations? Better yet, with twelve sergeants, four lieutenants, two captains, and one deputy chief, shouldn’t one or more of those persons have been on-duty and supervised / managed the police department’s response, that September day?

Did Chief Mulholland ever consider these things or was he asleep at the wheel?

This is the 21st Century and, so far, Chief Mulholland has demonstrated backwards 20th Century performance. Chief Mulholland has a fifty-one million dollar budget for an agency with just seventy-seven actual worker bees. To supervise and manage this workforce, he has twelve sergeants, four lieutenants, two captains, and one deputy chief. To say the agency is top-heavy would be an understatement. Yet, even with such a lopsided ratio of supervisors & mangers to workers, Chief Mulholland managed to provide the resulting outcome.

The public’s expectation is for Chief Mulholland to be responsible, display good leadership, ensure the public’s and his staff’s respective safety, and be a good steward of the monies entrusted to him.

With a fifty-one million dollar budget, a workforce of just seventy-seven officers, and, beside himself, a dedicated staff of nineteen (supervisors and managers) to oversee the police department’s operation, how could the described circumstances ever have been allowed to exist and last week’s tragic event to have happened?

I submit, Chief Mulholland was behind the wheel and that last week’s tragic accident was both foreseeable and avoidable. It’s time to hold Dan Mulholland accountable and him not offload the blame! The buck should stop with him.

Note: Article on SMSCO Lt. Kristina Bell Domestic Violence Call

It’s been 12 days since a pedestrian was struck by a RWCPD Police car. It has been reported that he was in critical condition, Redwood City Police and CHP who investigated the incident refuse to identify both Officer and Victim, Why?


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Redwood City Council refuses to respond.

Michael Stogner <>,Ian Bain,,,jseybert@redwoodcity.organd 2 more…
Nov 14 at 8:37 AM
Good morning Redwood City Elected officials,
I had hoped I would have heard from one of you by now 6 months after writing this story about San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. K. Bell and the Redwood City Police Department ignoring the DV Protocol, after receiving a 9-1-1 DV call. Not Attested and Gun was not removed. A young child was present.
You will notice I was the only reporter to cover the Lt. Bell story.
James McGee 17.5 hour standoff Domestic Violence call. Favorable treatment again by your Police Department.

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