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Mark Melville Candidate for SMC Sheriff 2022


Retired Deputy Mark Melville is running for Sheriff of San Mateo County in 2022.

By Michael G. Stogner

In the 2018 Election Mark Melville got 52,996 votes which was 40% of the 172,168 Ballots cast. 38,140 ballots or 22% of total ballots DID NOT vote for Sheriff according to the San Mateo County Elections Office website. Most of the residents of San Mateo County don’t realize that they are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their Sheriff. The Sheriff Office employees 800 people who are trusted to provide law enforcement services throughout the County. There is ZERO Oversight of this agency.

Melville stands a much better chance to win now that he has the time to get his message out to the voters. That includes the uphill battle to counter the False information provided to the public by the print media. Example SMDJ “Although an initial news report located Bolanos in the brothel with Munks, later reports indicated he was outside the entire time. I have asked Jon Mays to provide a copy of the Later Reports he has not.

Mark Melville was very direct and specific when talking about his boss Carlos G. Bolanos. “He’s a Liar,” That would have been good information for the SMDJ to pass on to their 84,000 readers/voters of San Mateo County. They choose not to and instead said “We Believe Him.”

KQED Interview

I don’t know if Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has any plans to run for re-election in 2022. I do know he didn’t like to attend candidate forums with Mark Melville present.

As far a transparency goes, Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has refused to provide the Booking Photo of Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquino for his September 14, 2019 DUI Arrest by the Redwood City Police Department. I asked Candidate Melville as Sheriff would he release that photo? His answer was Yes. That was refreshing, it’s pretty simple that Booking Photo is Public Information. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has issued several False News Releases regarding the October 3, 2018 In-Custody Homicide of Chinedu Okobi by six Sheriff Employees. He has refused to respond to several requests regarding the False Information.

Contact Information for Mark Melville: call / text at campaign cell number 650-730-3187

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Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez & Zain Jaffer & Matthew Graves cases.

By Michael G. Stogner





The public expects when their District Attorney”s Office criminally charges a person that the charges are accurate and truthful. What is the assurance that this is reality. It used to be reporters in the courtroom and producing articles covering the cases. San Mateo County used to have dedicated space in the 400 County Center Building for all the advertising businesses aka Newspapers Reporters to work on their stories. San Mateo County Government closed that and hired most of the reporters.

What if the District Attorney’s Office was used as a Weapon, or a Profit Center? What would it be worth to destroy a political opponent and his close loved ones and associates.

How much could one case possibly be worth to have it simply disappear after it already made its way through a Preliminary Hearing and all charges were confirmed.

What would the ordinary residents of San Mateo County do if they learned that was happening? How would they find out if that was really happening today? Would they look to the Governments website for that information. Would San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman notify the public if he was personally aware of this happening.

Would San Mateo County Sheriff Detective & Public Information Officer Rosemerry Blankswade notify the public if she had personal knowledge of this happening? Would she respond to all News Media questions or just those approved by Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos.

What would they do if they learned that Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos willfully issued a False News Release as he did on October 3, 2018 regarding the In-Custody Homicide of Chinedu Okobi?

What role do the seven English print media play in informing or not informing the public of Newsworthy events. A most recent example is the Redwood City Police Department September 14, 2019 DUI arrest of Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquino and for refusing a breathalyzer and blood test which is a 1 year suspension of your Drivers License by DMV for almost all ordinary people. Google it to see how many SMC papers covered that story and what date did they report it.

Yesterday I drove up from Monterey County to attend Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez case in SSF. San Mateo County District Attorney Jordan Boyd was to take the witness stand and explain under oath how he interviewed 49 Witnesses in this case and DID NOT RECORD any of them. After an hour delay and a lot of hem hawing the Judge announced that the District Attorney’s Office has made Juan P. Lopez a plea offer,  which included NO PRISON TIME and therefore Inspector Jordan Boyd will not be testifying under oath. What a relief for the D.A.’s Office.

For any San Mateo County resident you will recall that Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez was arrested at gun point in front of his son for smuggling a cell phone and drugs to a Hells Angel member inmate at the Redwood City Jail. A reasonable person would assume that there was evidence to support those charges. There was not they were dismissed by Hon. Judge Ayoob.

There is no question that SMCDA Inspector Jordan Boyd is a Brady Officer. That is why the County Government doesn’t want him on the witness stand. Think of the Sunny Day Murder cases he worked on.

I invite any and all concerned people to join me November 6, 2019 at South San Francisco Courthouse when Juan P. Lopez and his attorneys Tony Serra and Maria Belyi announce his decision on the Plea Offer.

Matthew Graves is serving an additional 4 years in prison after he declined the District Attorneys’ plea offer. He made a phone call to a protected person a violation of the Restraining Order. That charge was added after he declined the offer to teach him a lesson. He was represented by the Private Defender Program.

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SMC Sheriff Sgt. Lou Aquino Arrested for DUI, by Redwood City Police

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: 11/21/2019 In 2010 I received a letter from a Brave Female Sheriff Deputy titled “Gross Misconduct in the San Mateo County Sheriff Office.” She was reporting Porn and Rape Video being shared and viewed on the County’s Computers. She identified the 45 Male Sheriff Employees who were on the e-mail list. Deputy Lou Aquino was the first name I saw. This could have been solved 10 years ago by firing all 45 Sheriff Employees. You can thank the Supervisors for failing to do their job.

Update: 11/14/ 2019 Illegally Appointed July 12, 2016 and Legally elected Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has still refused to respond to my request or explain why he doesn’t need to. This is a big difference from his 2 emails to me advising me that he really wanted to talk to me in person. 

Update 11/4/2019: Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos & PIO Rosemerry Blankswade refuse to respond.

Michael Stogner <>
Booking Photo of Sergeant Lou Aquino DUI arrest
Cc:Dave Pine,David CanepaDon HorsleyCarole Groom,Warren Slocum and 1 more…
Oct 28 at 7:27 AM
Hello Rosemerry,
Could you please provide me with that photo or an explanation as to why the Sheriff’s Office does not think they need to.
Can you confirm his Driver’s License has been suspended for refusing the chemical test?
Is he on Administrative Leave or is he on his normal duty?
Thank You
Michael G. Stogner
San Mateo County

Update: 10/24/2019 Congratulations to the Palo Alto Daily Post for their Front Page Story on Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquino’s DUI Arrest on September 14, 2019. They are the only one of 7 Print Media in San Mateo County to inform the public. The San Mateo Daily Journal placed it on the Website version I asked Jon Mays if he published it in print copy he has not responded. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and PIO Rosemary Blankswade refuse to even respond to my request for his Booking Photo.

Update 10/21/2019 There is no blood alcohol result because he refused to submit to a chemical test as required by law. This means for the ordinary resident your Drivers License is suspended for 1 year.

Update: 10/17/2019 Sheriff Bolanos and PIO Rosemerry refuse to even respond to my e-mail request for Booking Photo. Why? It’s public information.

Update: 10/02/2019 9:40PM The court appearance date is October 23, 2019

I know when you read the date below you are going to think this is old News and you are correct. I will say that I am the first News Media to inform the public about it, this is an example of a Those Who Matter case. Special Treatment, What the public doesn’t know won’t hurt them etc. No statement from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, No statement and even more important No Charges by District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Why?

Steve Wagstaffe informed me this morning 10/02/2019 that his office has not received the case from Redwood City Police Department and that would explain why No Charges if it were true, so I sent RWCP an e-mail. Gary Kirk responded RCPD filed the case with the DA’s Office on September 23rd. On September 27th, we received a request for additional information for prosecution from the issuing DA. You may want to call them back to clarify the information they provided. The DA’s case number is 0811082.

September 14, 2019 The Redwood City Police Department arrested San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Luis Dejesus Aquino for DUI last week after he crashed a car (not his) the car belonged to San Mateo County Sheriff Lieutenant Victoria A. O’Brian.  Location of arrest was Broadway/Arguello St, which just happens to be where the DSA building is located. The arresting Officers transported him to First Chance in Burlingame where he was refused acceptance reason being he was to “Belligerent”. He was than transported to Maguire Jail where he was booked. He had attended a retirement celebration at the Deputy Sheriff Association (DSA) Building on Broadway Street Redwood City, prior to being arrested. So much for “Friends don’t let Friends Drive Drunk.” or “Let me call an UBER, Lyft or a Cab for you.” Better yet “I’ll drive you home.”

His attorney is Josh Bentley. You might ask why do you need an attorney if No Criminal charges are filed? Who called Mr. Bentley and When?

San Mateo County Sheriff Office has not responded to my Booking Photo Request.

Redwood City Police did respond to my inquiry of the DUI Arrest of Sergeant Lou Aquino and confirmed it. Thank you RWCPD.

SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has refused to provide me with the Booking photo. He has remained Silent on Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquinos’ arrest. Here is what he was saying just two weeks before the arrest.

“Labor Day should be a time for friends and family to come together to enjoy the last days of summer,” said Sheriff Carlos Bolanos. “We need commitment from our community members that they’ll keep the streets free of drunk drivers so that everyone can have a safe holiday. This is a campaign to get the message out that drunk driving is illegal and it takes lives. Help us put an end to this senseless behavior,” he said. 

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and NHTSA are reminding citizens of the many resources available to get them home safely. “Drunk driving is not acceptable behavior,” said Sheriff Carlos Bolanos. “It is essential to plan a sober ride home before you ever leave for the party. That’s why, during the Labor Day holiday, we will make zero exceptions for drunk driving. There are just no excuses,” he said. 

San Mateo County Sheriff Det. Rosemerry Blankswade Press Release 2 weeks before Sgt. Aquino’s Arrest.






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