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Substantial material evidence casts doubt on both of those findings.

By Michael G. Stogner

Robert Foucrault why did you ignore the Family’s CPRA request?

On February 27, 2020, the Coroner published an autopsy report finding that Munir Edais had died of “suicide by hanging” and set his time of death was 2:41 a.m. on the morning of January 21.

Substantial material evidence casts doubt on both of those findings.

What is the EVIDENCE Munir Edais a 32 year old Police Officer, Father of two girls, Husband of less than 6 months, San Mateo County Resident all his life Hung Himself?

Robert Foucrault, why are you and David Silberman fighting so hard to keep your Work Product a Secret from the Parents of Munir Edais. Is that part of your job description?

Are you telling the 760,000 Residents of San Mateo County to trust your findings? Have you ever made a mistake, or changed your findings for ANY reason.

Robert, what were/are your thoughts about the Nanny Camera located in Bedroom #2 the same bedroom you say Munir Edais Hung Himself? Your Team never mentioned it, WHY?

Please sign and share Munir Edais R.I.P. story, for some reason the San Mateo County Media never reported this Suspicious Death of a Police Officer in Daly City, California. Let’s find out why?

Ask your friends and family members in Law Enforcement why they haven’t signed this Petition?

Ask all San Mateo County Employees why they haven’t signed this Petition?

The Edais Family Petition

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