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Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie Look how it’s done. S.F. Police Chief Apologizes

My Michael G. Stogner

City of Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie

City of Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie has kept a tight lid on any and all information regarding the April 7, 2021 Homicide of Roger Allen R.I.P. by somebody from her Police Department. Here is what we know for sure Roger Allen is dead, that’s about it. We don’t know who shot him or why 4 DCPD Officers were at a disabled truck with a flat time in the first place.

Who’s gun fired shots? See how simple this is? An examination of the officer’s gun showed that a single round was fired.

Why would Daly City Elected Officials and Staff go the opposite way of America in 2021. I would guess it’s simple Math. They are betting this will settle with a payment of Taxpayer money and Never get to a Jury trial. That way a NDA will be signed and No more information will be made public then we know today.

Jeff Regan has it right: Why do voters put up with this? You can’t recall a city manager, but you can recall a city council.

Jeff ReganMay 11, 2021 at 8:34 amEdit

Public comment about any subject should be at the beginning of city council meetings. Then, public comment for each agendized item. Daly City not having body and dash cameras, their lack of transparency regarding a police homicide and making residents wait several hours for public comment are done intentionally to thwart democracy and the rights of the citizens who pay the salaries of city staff, and police department personnel. Where is the council oversight? Why do voters put up with this? You can’t recall a city manager, but you can recall a city council.

Just north of Daly City, San Francisco Police shot a man on May 7, 2021, He wasn’t killed but here is what happened the Police Chief Identified the Officer who shot him and he Apologized to the public.


San Francisco police chief apologizes for officer shooting
Bullet struck burglary suspect in the wrist during scuffle on May 7
POLICE CHIEF William Scott says the shooting of Xavier Pittman “simply should not have happened.” (Justin Sullivan Getty Images)
By Lila Seidman and Richard Winton
San Francisco Police Chief William “Bill” Scott has offered a rare public apology for an officer’s recent shooting of an unarmed car burglary suspect.
Xavier Pittman Jr., 23, was shot in the wrist by plainclothes Officer Zachary McAuliffe as he was being arrested May 7. Pittman is a suspect in a series of car burglaries.
He was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, officials said. An examination of the officer’s gun showed that a single round was fired.
“The shooting of Mr. Pittman quite simply should not have happened,” Scott said during an online town hall on Thursday. “I’m deeply sorry that Mr. Pittman was shot during this incident, and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Mr. Pittman, his family and his friends.”
Scott added a wider public apology, saying, “We know you expect us to get this right, and we know how traumatic it is to see these types of incidents — especially when they should not have happened.”
The chief said the shooting remains under investigation. He said plainclothes officers are exempt from wearing body cameras, but that video surveillance from a nearby business recorded the shooting.
The incident began when police received 911 calls that several suspects in a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross were breaking into vehicles all over the city, from Golden Gate Park to Fisherman’s Wharf.
Shortly after noon, U.S. Park Police spotted the Mitsubishi in the Presidio area of San Francisco and tried to stop it, but the vehicle sped away.
McAuliffe and a colleague found the vehicle and the suspects at Jack London Alley and Varney Place, police said. As some suspects fled in the Mitsubishi, the officers apprehended Pittman and the shot was fired.
Video footage shows two officers running in the alley toward Pittman with their guns drawn.
“Plainclothes officer No. 1 grabbed Mr. Pittman, and both fell to the ground,” a San Francisco police commander said during the town hall.
In the scuffle, he said, the officer’s handgun fired and struck Pittman “in the left wrist area.”
According to the video, one officer can be heard yelling: “Police Department! Police!” Immediately afterward, a gunshot is heard.
Pittman, who was unarmed, is heard saying he has been shot and requests an ambulance.
McAuliffe “did not intend for his firearm to go off,” his attorney Mike Hinckley said. “He sincerely apologizes to Mr. Pitman and wishes him a full speedy recovery.”
Pittman’s attorney, Adante Pointer, said it is “unclear whether it was an accidental discharge or intentional, as the video is not terribly clear.”
He said his client did not do anything to warrant deadly force being used against him. He said the officer was acting recklessly.
“For safety reasons, officers are trained not to have their gun in hand when they go hands on with a person in order to prevent this very thing or something worse from happening,” he said. “This could have easily been a fatal shooting of my client or of another person in the vicinity.”
The Police Department has yet to determine whether the gunshot was intended. The San Francisco district attorney will decide whether the officer involved will face criminal charges.
Pittman was arrested on suspicion of second-degree car burglary, conspiracy, possession of stolen property and committing a felony while on release.
Police said the other suspects remain at large. The Mitsubishi was found abandoned in Oakland. Investigators also recovered a large amount of stolen property from the auto burglaries.

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Daly City Managers and Police Chief must be removed. Roger Allen Homicide by Police.

By Michael G. Stogner

Shawnna Maltbie

Roger Allen a 44 year old Black man was killed by somebody with a gun on April 7, 2021 while he was sitting in the passenger seat of a disabled truck in a residential neighborhood in Daly City. That was 20 days ago. Last night the Daly City Government held a zoom meeting for the first time for the Outraged public to speak about it. I don’t know the exact number of participants on that zoom meeting but it was well over 125.

Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie attended but remained silent, Assistant City Manager Stephen Stolte Hosted the meeting also silent.

I mentioned the Outraged public, I did not mention the Outraged Elected Officials and Staff who are responsible for the behavior of the Daly City Police Department and its officers. The reason I didn’t mention them is because not one of them is Outraged with the killing of a Black man who committed no crime and was killed while sitting in a parked truck.

The demands were pretty consistent “What are the names of the four Daly City Police Officers Involved in the Homicide of Roger Allen?” Who could provide that information? Shawnna Maltbie, Stephen Stolte and Patrick Hensley that’s who. Why wouldn’t those three Employees want what the public wants?

The four Unnamed DCPD Officers idea comes from San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe and DCPD Chief Patrick Hensley vague and unbelievable description of what supposedly happened and how Roger Allen ended up dead at the scene.

That was until last night when Talika Fletcher, Roger Allen’s sister mentioned the other police agency officers being protected. What other Police Agency Officers? Is that even a possibility in San Mateo County? Of course it is.

Talika Fletcher and her Aunt Zipora Wright both stated that Talika is being STALKED and Harassed by Law Enforcement. They are in Mourning and must be protected by the Citizens not Law Enforcement.

How is this possible in San Mateo County, the answer is Simple, “Those Who Matter” run the Government. They control criminal Investigations, have the ability to falsely criminally charge Those Who Don’t matter like x San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez for the sole purpose of financially destroying him.

What we saw last night was NOT ONE of the people with the Authority and Power to solve, did so. They must be removed in order for San Mateo County to finally get on the right track. Elect Good Human beings is my recommendation.

Those Who Matter

Thank You to all the Concerned Citizens who took the time to be on the Zoom Meeting last night.

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