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San Mateo County’s Measure W Fails.



Based on the information from San Mateo County Election Office there was a total of 286,210 ballots received, of that amount 265,793 ballots tallied a total 249,288 voted either yes or no for Measure W. That also means that 16,605 votes were not tallied or didn’t vote either way for Measure W. = 6.24% of the 265,793.

With a total of 20,417 remaining ballots to be tallied, minus the 6,24% No tally or vote for Measure W average leaves 19,149 votes to be tallied. The Yes on Measure W would have to get 68.7% of the remaining ballots “and they are statistically unlikely to meet the necessary threshold”.

With that information We are calling Measure W Failed.

Total Registered Voters 399,591, 286,210 Voted = 72% Turnout


San Mateo County Elections Office should display:

Registered Voters                                                             399,591         100.0%

Total Ballots Received (turn out)                                  286,210           72.0%

               Vote by Mail                                                       260,000           65.1%

               Vote Center                                                           26,210             6.7%

Total Ballots Counted                                                       265,793          53.3%

Ballots received, damaged or challenged                       #####           ##.#%

Ballots received but not counted                                     20,417             5.1%

Credit Thomas Weissmiller

By Michael G. Stogner

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Melissa Renee Anne McKowan is no longer employed by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

According to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe she is no longer employed by his office and she now works as an attorney for the Private Defender Program. She left the DA’s office about 2 months ago.

Some readers might recall we wrote about her 2nd State Bar Court appearance in April 2017 for 2 counts of dishonesty. We also notified the 7 advertising businesses and attempted to post blogs on The Almanac and Half Moon Bay Review but we were blocked.

I had asked the question how could San Mateo County employ a dishonest prosecutor?How was she still employed by the DA’s Office?

Here is one article


State Bar



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Is San Mateo County District Three Supervisor Don Horsely Competent?


By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

Yesterday 3/13/2018 Mark De Paula and I spoke during public comment. Mr. De Paula shared his story about his time and money spent to get to the truth about Carlos G. Bolanos being inside the single family residence at 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada on April 21, 2007. De Paula also shared that after 3 years the FBI did finally responded to an Information Request. Mr. De Paula shared that information from the FBI confirmed that Both FBI and Las Vegas Metro Police Department had knowledge of a child sex slave.

Here is the County video of that meeting, I follow Mark at about the 7 minute mark, Don Horsley 28:55 mark makes a positive comment about Carlos G. Bolanos doing such a great job in the women’s jail and that is why he endorses him. What a disconnect from what Mark and I just said. Child Sex Slave, Porn & Rape Video for top Sheriff Management on County Computers, Bolanos Interfering in Sheriff Investigation for the benefit of his child.  Now if Horsley is competent what caused him to make that statement after Mark and I left the room.

Please share this with all San Mateo County Residents especially District Three residents lets see what they think.

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