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Foster City’s Gang of 3, Did you interview Mark D. Melville for Interim City Manager?

By Michael G. Stogner

If not, Why?

Foster City’s Gang of 3 is Sam Hindi, Richa Awasthi, Patrick Sullivan.

Update: the Gang of 3 has already agreed to hire Kevin Miller which also means they have met and discussed with him without any of the residents of Foster City knowing about it.

September 13, 2021 Agenda:

As I’m sure you are aware he is available and qualified for that position, he has been a City Manager before.

He has the quality the residents of Foster City are looking for, just one example, in the 2018 Election for Sheriff of San Mateo County he told Jon Mays, and every other editor of the local Newspapers that his boss Carlos G. Bolanos is a LIAR.

As a Private Victim’s Advocate in San Mateo County for the last 20 years I have heard many Sheriff Employees say the exact same thing. He is going to be a candidate in the next election so this could be a perfect fit for Foster City.

Of course since you have never explained why you fired a perfectly qualified City Manager in Dr. Peter Prinejad, I’m not sure if Mark D. Melville would want to work for you, why don’t you ask him, see if you can work something out for the short term.

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Barbara Bonilla x RWC Rotary President in Court today.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: Next court date September 15, 2021 1:30 PM

Barbara Bonilla today at 1:30 PM, Courtroom 2A, Criminal case number 20SF13661A.

To listen phone 1-206-279-9589 Code 599028

She is being prosecuted by the State of California Attorney Generals Office. She was the Executive Director of San Mateo County Sheriff Activity League until she was escorted from her office on Feb. 10, 2020.

What actions and statements from both SAL Board of Directors and the Rotary to assure the public and volunteers that this can and will not ever occur again. She was Investigated for Embezzlement and Money Laundering.

This money was for the Children.

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Foster City’s Evan Adams aka F.C. Together

By Michael G. Stogner

Evan Adams is a Foster City Planning Commissioner which is an appointed position, which means he works at the pleasure of the elected officials, The same officials that just fired the recently hired City Manager Dr. Peter Pirnejad on August 25, 2021.

Foster City Together is a Facebook Page, Evan Adams is currently the sole administrator.

The August 25, 2021 Closed Session Meeting which resulted in the FIRING of Dr. Peter Prinejad, the recently hired City Manager was not mentioned on Foster City Together on or before August 26, 2021.

Why did Evan Adams not inform the residents in advance of the August 25, 2021 Meeting? There were no public Comments or e-mails submitted by any of the residents?

Evan Adams
Tracy is a great community servant. She is also active in our local Rotary who’s mission is service. They provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through a fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

The Rotary Mission Statement is: “Service above Self” and One Profits Most Who Serves Best.

Nobody is questioning Tracy or the Rotary, but since Evan Adams mentioned it, Today in San Mateo County Superior Court at 1:30 PM, One of San Mateo County’s most well known Rotary Member, Barbara Bonilla has a hearing, the residents will recall she was escorted out of her office as the Executive Director of the San Mateo County Sheriff Activity League on February 10, 2020, She was Investigated for Embezzlement and Money Laundering by the State of California Attorney Generals Office and San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. To my knowledge Rotary has not said one word publicly about that.

Evan Adams
People should know, it is not at all uncommon in San Mateo County or for that matter California for a Chief of Police to fill in temporarily as an acting city manager.

Police departments are basically self contained and they have redundancy. A police chief is uniquely suited to manage crisis. They already stay essentially 24hour a day on call. Regularly checking in at 1-5 am.

One of the most important things a city provides is public safety and in the event of a public safety event during this hopefully short transition she can balance both roles. It is clear from the wording of public materials this is a very temporary role (acting not interim is the title) as the city finds a quality leader who can come in at an interim position.

As you can see Evan Adams comes across as a very knowledgeable San Mateo County government official. If Evan could give some examples of Police Chiefs in SMC filling in as Acting City Managers, I would like to see them.

The idea that a Foster City appointed official is the sole administrator of a Facebook page called “Foster City Together” is simply, WRONG.

Whoever the next City Manager is should correct this on his or her first day.

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Another El Granada Man, Arrested for Lewd Acts with 11 yr old girl.

By Michael G. Stogner

It’s time San Mateo County residents are honest about sex crimes against children especially those living in areas where the Sheriff’s Office is the Law Enforcement Agency.

From the Grand Jury Report:

Sheriff’s Office Sex Crimes Unit 

In 2007 the Sheriff’s Office discovered that the two assigned detectives were not funded. They were then eliminated from the budget. Further, in April 2007 to fund the Jail Planning Lieutenant; the Sheriff combined the duties of the SHOP sergeant with the general crimes sergeant. Therefore, in April 2007, the Sheriff’s Office eliminated funding for the dedicated sexual offense enforcement unit within the investigations division resulting in case coverage of one sergeant (25% time), one detective (50% time) and two other detectives (25% total time). This represents a 75% reduction from four dedicated Full-Time-Equivalents (FTEs) to one FTE shared among four persons, as well as the elimination of county-wide coordination among cities. The Sheriff’s Office budget approved by the BOS shows the following appropriations for SHOP: 

What else happened in 2007 involving the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office top 1&2 guys?

What happened in early 2010, “Gross Misconduct in the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office” Porn and Violent Rape Video being shared with 45 of SMCSO’s finest MEN. What did the Supervisors do about it?

Kaylan Charles Freeman of El Granada arrested January 2021

Grand Jury Report

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office NEWS RELEASE

Incident Date:Location:
Type of Crime/Incident:


July 29, 2021 6 pm

El Granada, CA

PC 288(a) – Lewd acts with child under 14-year-old

(3 Counts)

H&S 11377(A) – Possession of a controlled substance

Michael Banister – 35 years old

Summary: On August 2, 2021, Sheriff’s Office Detectives started investigating a case involving an 11-year-old child who was sexually assaulted on 3 different occasions by a family friend. He was identified as suspect Michael Banister from El Granada, CA. The sexual assaults took place near his residence while he was babysitting the child.

On August 31, 2021, Detectives obtained a $500,000 arrest warrant for Banister for the above sexual assault charges. Shortly after the warrant was issued, Bannister was placed under arrest by Deputies from the Coastside Patrol Bureau without incident. Banister has a lengthy criminal history from Oregon and had recently moved to El Granada within the past 2 years.

If you have any information about the suspect, please contact Detective J. Fava at 650-363- 4192 or email

Written by: Sergeant Joe Cang – Investigations Bureau

Case #: 21-7134 Release Date: 09-01-2021

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER • Lieutenant Eamonn Allen • 650-363-4800 • PIO@SMCGOV.ORG400 COUNTY CENTER • REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 • 650-599-1664 •

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Foster City, Who’s Flying the Plane?

By Michael G. Stogner

Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan, The Residents want Decency.

It wasn’t that long ago that a group of Foster City residents got together and said Enough is Enough. They organized, collected signatures, put a Recall measure on the ballot, and removed the Vice Mayor, from office, and they were SUCCESSFUL Why? Lack of Decency, that’s why. They wanted their Elected Officials to behave in a respectful and decent manner at all times, especially towards members of the public.

de·cen·cy/ˈdēsənsē/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.

The residents of Foster City have demonstrated before their demand for Honesty and Decency.

This story is at the very beginning it is about San Mateo County Politics and Those Who Matter vs. the Residents.

What was so important to remove the Recently Hired City Manager at this moment in time when the Assistant City Manager had just left Foster City 2 weeks ago, and has not been replaced. That equals a Leadership vacuum that was self inflicted by Hindi, Awasthi, and Sullivan. They have caused their City to be missing the two Full time employees who run the City.

Surely they must have a plan that they just haven’t shared yet, and the public looks forward to learning about it.

Imagine being on a 747 flight from SFO to Hawaii and you’ve just been informed that your Pilot and Co-Pilot are No Longer Flying the plane.

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SMC Correctional Officer Joseph Gonzales.

By Michael G. Stogner

How much money has San Mateo County Taxpayers invested/spent because of Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos’s behavior? On October 3, 2018 CSO Joesph Gonzales was one of the SIX San Mateo County Sheriff Office Employees involved in the Homicide of Chinedu V. Okobi. Everybody knew that including Sheriff Bolanos and his Public Information Officer PIO.

You don’t see CSO Joseph Gonzales listed. Ask Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos why? Ask the Supervisors why?

It’s been almost 3 years since Chinedu V. Okobi was not only killed by Six SMCSO Employees, they all failed to provide even the most basic medical attention like check his pulse for the next 9 minutes after his last sound was heard. Sergeant Irfan Zaidi provided a False Police Report 18 days later about how he ordered the Handcuffs removed from Chinedu V. Okobi. An obvious false statement.

How many closed door sessions has the Board of Supervisors held on the two Okobi Lawsuits?

In Court August 27, 2021

Case 3:21-cv-01463-VC Document 56-1 Filed 08/23/21 Page 23 of 31



MOTION for Summary Judgment filed by County of San Mateo, John DeMartini, Alyssa Lorenzatti, Joshua Wang, Bryan Watt, David Weidner. Motion Hearing set for 8/27/2021 10:00 AM in San Francisco, Courtroom 01, 17th Floor before Judge Susan Illston. Responses due by 8/6/2021. Replies due by 8/13/2021. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of Warren Metlitzky, # 2 Declaration of Sergeant Richard Cheechov, # 3 Declaration of Bryan Chiles, # 4 Declaration of Matthew Cutts, # 5 Declaration of Deputy John DeMartini, # 6 Declaration of Jason Fries, # 7 Declaration of Correctional Officer Joseph Gonzales, # 8 Declaration of Brenda Lewis, # 9 Declaration of Deputy Alyssa Lorenzatti, # 10 Declaration of Sergeant Jason Reed, # 11 Declaration of Jonathan Sebring, # 12Declaration of Detective Joshua Wang, # 13 Declaration of Deputy Bryan Watt, # 14Declaration of Sergeant David Weidner, # 15 Declaration of Sergeant Irfan Zaidi) (Metlitzky, Warren) (Filed on 7/23/2021) (Entered: 07/23/2021)

This is a great question for every candidate for San Mateo County Elected positions especially the Supervisors. Are you in favor of the Sheriff of San Mateo County knowingly making false statements to the 760,000 residents? YES or NO

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San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo asking for Sheriff Smith to Resign.

By Michael G. Stogner

If only San Mateo County had an elected leader like this.

Today Mayor Sam Liccardo has asked Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith to resign.

“My concern is entirely with the leadership,” Liccardo said. 

Good for the Mayor It’s always the leadership.

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Great Job Felix Levy, San Mateo County Whistleblower.

By Michael G. Stogner

All of San Mateo County Residents should be thanking Felix Levy for reporting this. Of course he should be paid his Whistleblower fee, well deserved.

What date did he first report this to San Mateo County Officials?

What was the outcome of that effort?

It’s not that easy to report alleged criminal conduct in San Mateo County.

Now that the County Attorneys Jennifer Stalzer Kraske, John Nibbelin and John Beiers the Supervisors of San Mateo County have agreed to quietly settle a Whistleblower complaint by Felix Levy which included false billing to Medicare.

San Mateo County has agreed to pay the Federal Government $11.4M.

The question I have is what date was this case referred to the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office? If the answer is this case was never referred to the D.A.’s Office, why not?

Department of Justice Press Release

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Google to Employees, You must be Vaccinated.

By Michael G. Stogner

October 18, 2021 is the target date for all Google employees to be back in the offices.

In a July 28, 2021 e-mail sent to more than 130,000 worldwide employees CEO Sundar Pichai announced that return to work date and disclosed that once offices are fully reopened, everyone working there will have to be vaccinated.

That announcement seems to be pretty straight forward and clear.

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San Mateo County Requires Masks in County Facilities.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County has just announced this change. Starting July 26, 2021

July 22, 2021
For Immediate Release County of San Mateo to Require Face Coverings in County Facilities Due to Rise in COVID-19 CasesMasks mandatory as of Monday in County facilities, regardless of vaccination status
Redwood City –Visitors to all indoor County of San Mateo facilities will be required to wear a face covering as of Monday, July 26, due to a troubling rise in coronavirus cases.As case rates rise and the highly transmissible Delta variant is increasingly prevalent, health officers around the Bay Area have recommended that everyone wear masks indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. The Delta variant, which is more contagious and spreads more easily and quickly than other variants, has become the dominant strain in California and is now responsible for more than 80 percent of cases nationwide.The County of San Mateo, out of an abundance of caution and to protect public health, is requiring face coverings as of Monday for the public when indoors at County offices, clinics and other publicly accessible facilities. The masking requirement is similar to guidelines in place before the state’s June 15, 2021, reopening.“Our deepest condolences go out to all of you who have lost loved ones and friends due to the pandemic,” said County Manager Mike Callagy. “The increasing case numbers are a harsh reminder that we are not done with COVID and COVID is not done with us. Let’s all continue to do our part by getting vaccinated and taking common-sense precautions so we can keep all of us safe.”Although vaccines are proven to be highly effective against COVID-19, County officials said they need to take action now to protect younger children and overall public health as cases rise.On June 15, the day of the state reopening, County Health recorded 13 new COVID-19 cases. That number grew to 74 cases on July 15, and the trend continues to be troublesome.The latest seven-day average of cases per 100,000 people is 5.2. It was 1.3 in mid-June.    The latest test positivity rate is 2.6 percent; the test positivity rate was around 0.4 percent a month ago.To date, County Health has identified 43,444 positive cases of COVID-19 across all of San Mateo County and 584 deaths.A week ago, July 14, there were four people hospitalized with COVID-19. There are now 15 people with COVID-19 in the hospital and six of those are in the intensive care unit.

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