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Zain Jaffer case should be AUDITED not Destroyed.

By Michael G. Stogner

Upadte: This Motion to Destroy has been continued to January 3, 2022

Today December 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM in Courtroom 2A the Hon Judge Barbara Mallach will rule on a Motion to Destroy all of the records in the People vs. Zainali Jaffer case 17NF012415A. The Public is invited to attend in person.

Who filed the Motion to Destroy all records and Body Worn Camera Video?

I call this the “Magic Case” because of the “Magic Meeting” held on June 7, 2018

Who is speaking for the two Children?

Diminished Capacity is No Excuse for Criminal Conduct

This case should be taught at every law school in the United States of America. NOT Destroyed.

San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office should be audited Article

Note: Karen Guidotti announced she was retiring less than 90 days after the Magic meeting.

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Redwood City Police Officer Shawn Nimau Arrested for Child Porn.

By Michael G, Stogner

Redwood City Police Officer Shawn Nimau was arrested at his home in San Carlos on Tuesday March 10, 2020, He was indicted by Federal Authorities for possession of child pornography including minors under the age of 12. Officer Nimua pleaded not guilty to charges of child pornography and criminal forfeiture, which were filed by The United States Attorney’s Office.

He is a former Lake County, California, Sheriff Deputy. His years of police service at Redwood City (5) and previous service (2013 to 2015) at Belmont Police Department.

San Mateo County Residents will recall back in 2013 it was the Federal Authorities that arrested and prosecuted San Mateo County Probation Chief.

Statement from Redwood City Police Chief Dan Mulholland as of March 10, 2020:

“The City is aware of the federal criminal investigation and is fully cooperating with federal authorities. The allegations in the federal investigation, if proven to be true, are intolerable and in no way reflect the moral principles and professional standards of the City of Redwood City and its Police Department. Since this is an ongoing investigation, no further comment will be offered.  Questions regarding the federal criminal investigation should be directed to Mr. Abraham Simmons, Public Affairs Officer, United States Attorney’s Office at (415) 436-7264.”

Next Court Date is March 31, 2020

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