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Shawnna Maltbie, Munir Edais’ Suspicious Death and Suspicious Investigation. Let’s Audit.

By Michael G. Stogner

Shawnna Maltbie the City Manager of Daly City is responsible for the behavior of the Daly City Police Department. Munir Edais’ R.I.P. Father has asked Shawnna Maltbie for a Special Public Meeting to see if the Daly City Police Department followed their own Death Investigations Policy.

Daly City Police Department Death Investigations Policy

344.2.3 Death Cases
Death investigations require specific investigation methods depending on circumstances and should be handled in accordance with the Death Investigations Policy. The handling officer should notify and apprise a supervisor of the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine how to proceed. The following cases shall be appropriately investigated and documented using the approved report: (a) Sudden or accidental deaths. (b) Suicides. (c) Homicide or suspected homicide

Eman Edais (new wife of 6 months) placed a 911 call to San Mateo County Dispatch at 1:59 AM on January 21, 2020.

Lorena Reyes the first Daly City Police Officer #2135 to respond to the scene. January 21, 2020 This is from her report.
They have no children in common but she is 5 months pregnant with his child.

Eman Edais stated in the last two days they were arguing about an issue she did not want to disclose.
She said he was sad and upset about the relationship.

I asked Eman Edais several times what was the issue they had; however, Eman said she did not want to talk about it because “His family will hate her.”

Eman repeatedly continued to say his death was “her fault,” but did not disclose why.

She told me there was a camera in bedroom #2 that was motion detection, however, Munir Mustafa Edais only had access to the application.

Eman also told me Munir Mustafa Edais was a police officer for Los Gatos Police Department.

At approximately 0247 = 2:47 AM I requested the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office be paged to my cell phone. Deputy Coroner Holly Benedict #15 called me and I advised her of the details to this case.

Daly City Police Officer Lorena Reyes had solved this Supicious Death Investigation in less than 45 minutes. That has to be some kind of record for San Mateo County Law Enforcement. She never secured the scene, didn’t remove Eman Edais from the apartment.

Any reasonable person would support the Public Audit of the Daly City Police Department, Lets see what the Daly City Government does.

Families Petition

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Shoshana Diengott SMC Case to watch.

By Michael G. Stogner

Attorney Stephen J. Montalvo

Today In Courtroom 6A 9:00 AM 20-FAM-02358-A | Andrew Diengott and Shoshana Diengott 

San Mateo County should audit this Family Law case to see what really happens in the Family Law Courts. What is currently happening to Shoshana Diengott is happening to thousands of parents across America daily. The goal of Divorce Attorneys is to divide/remove one of the parents from the children/home/pets/and of course all money etc and if you are really good have some criminal charges added into the mix to exhaust what personal time or money you might have managed to scrape by.

One more thing, It’s always more fun when that parent ends up representing herself against a skilled and very well connected attorney in San Mateo County.

The Diengott Family Law case number 20FAM02358-A has all of that.

  • 03/30/2022 Declaration Comment
  • 04/12/2022 Request for Order Modifying: Child Custody and Visitation Judicial Officer
    Reyna, Renee C.Hearing Time
    9:00 AMComment
  • 04/12/2022 Order to Show Cause Re: Contempt Judicial Officer
    Reyna, Renee C.Hearing Time
    9:00 AM

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