Corrupt County Sheriff Greg Munks

This picture is the house Munks was busted at by the FBI.. he claims he thought he was in a “legitimate” business for a “massage”.

To make a simple statement, it is the responsibility of the supervisors to oversee their county officials and those that enforce the law. They have regrettably failed to do so.

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CGC 25303 – The board of supervisors shall supervise the official conduct of all county officers, and officers of all districts and other subdivisions of the county, and particularly insofar as the functions and duties of such county officers and officers of all districts and subdivisions of the county relate to the assessing, collecting, safekeeping, management, or disbursement of public funds.

My letter to San Mateo County’s top two Law Enforcement officials.

San Mateo County’s top two District Attorney’s e-mails to Sheriff Munks and Undersheriff Bolanos

Reporters’ Notebook

April 26, 2007, 12:00 AM

“Happy belated birthday to county Supervisor and state Assembly candidate Jerry Hill who celebrated his 60th with 18 loved ones in Las Vegas last weekend. How exactly did Hill mark the milestone? We don’t know — what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless, of course you’re the sheriff…”

….They celebrated in Las Vegas the same weekend…

This article was published one year after Munks and Bolanos were detained, we can thank our five Supervisors for this.

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