Help Make San Mateo County Safer.

Just contact us.

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If you have any ideas on how to make the county safer let us know.


One response to “Help Make San Mateo County Safer.

  1. CC

    I like the law enforcement angle. The swamp runs deep here. Please keep the pressure on. I’ve seen corruption here my whole life, as far back as when Sheriff McDonald had to get his neighbor, Speaker of the Assembly Dixon Arnett, to get McDonald’s kids out of a breaking and entering charge.

    My big concern lately is with the Board of Supervisors ignoring/contributing to our Coast pollution problems.

    Fecal matter is detected consistently on our beaches, including the Fitzgerald national marine preserve. I have contacted all the Supervisors every week with this report and they choose to ignore.

    School children go to these tidepools daily.

    If there’s anything you can do I appreciate it.

    When I tell people I can’t go to the beach due to Fecal matter, they think I’m lying.
    It has never been worse this Summer. I used to go to the beaches at Pillar point but due to poop in the water I have not been able to go all summer.

    All the major beaches have been under this warning at one time or another.

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