Shelly Kessler

The victims here are me, a group of victims in the 110 unions Kessler represents, and the registered voters of San Mateo County. Union members who have received this mailed document have been lied to with false information.  Shelly Kessler is attempting to mislead a group of 70,000 and their families.  This is a large and expensive movement of false propaganda that discredits my good name.  How can the voters of San Mateo County outvote her deceived group she is supposed to be safeguarding? Is she sincere in calling me a community wrecker?

Shelly kessler – san mateo county central labor council

Executive Secretary Treasurer

+San Mateo County Central Labor Council

+Committee on Political Education

+The Redwood City\Woodside Democrat Club

+San Mateo County Democratic Party

+San Mateo County Democracy for America Organization

… all meet at the same address,


How much money she is receiving and using at her discretion. And she can’t manage to invite ALL candidates for a public forum.

San Mateo County Central Labor Council Committee on Political Education – Campaign Contributions

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