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San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has Hired an Attorney. That is a “Stop the Train” moment.

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

How many times in San Mateo County History has the CURRENT Sheriff had to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney? How many San Mateo County News Papers have reported about it.

Where is ABC 7 Investigative Reporter Dan Noyes report on this Blockbuster STORY?

No response so far to this mornings e-mail to San Mateo County Government.

Michael Stogner <michaelgstogner@yahoo.com>

To: Mike Callagy, John Nibbelin, Don Horsley

Thu, Sep 8 at 7:45 AM

Good morning, Mike, John and Don

Is San Mateo County paying for the Legal representation by James Touchstone for Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos?

If yes what is his hourly rate he is charging SMC?

Why did Carlos G. Bolanos feel he needed an Attorney?

Has Steve Wagstaffe hired an Attorney? Or is SMCC representing Steve Wagstaffe ?

Thank You

Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County News.com

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