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San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Andy Mar trial going to the Jury.

Hon. Judge Leland Davis III told the jury come back tomorrow at 1:30PM.

This is a “Those Who Matter” case.

Why was this case heard in San Mateo County in the first place. Many people including myself felt the charge of Brandishing a firearm was a huge gift in the first place. When you pull your fully loaded firearm with one in the chamber and NO SAFETY from the holster and hold it with both hands and aim it at a person that is more than brandishing. The Conflicts of Interest that exist are numerous, Co-Workers, Sheriff Office, Clerks, Court Reporters, Judges etc. The social pressure of being friends not wanting to tell on a friend or get a friend in trouble. Witnesses lying under oath in front of Judge Leland Davis III. He reversed the Conviction of x Sheriff Deputy Colin T. Smith because of Prosecutorial Misconduct recently and the District Attorney dropped the case after a conviction.

The District Attorney not only undercharged this case they left out a very important charge that I wrote about in 2015. Witness Intimidation Andy Mar went to the cafeteria and confronted victim Jose Verdusco by walking towards him him looking him in the eye with his hand on the gun. That was never charged and never mentioned until this afternoon why? The Jury knew nothing about that incident.

The firearm was a Smith & Wesson .45 cal it was fully loaded with one in chamber and had NO safety.

Why is this weapon with NO SAFETY allowed to be used by Law Enforcement in San Mateo County?

Other coverage: http://www.mercurynews.com/san-mateo-county/ci_30286350/redwood-city-custodian-testifies-bailiff-pointed-loaded-gun

Update: Jury found Andy Mar Not Guilty this morning.


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