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California law enforcement arrests organized retail crime group spanning from bay area to San Diego

San Diego, California – In the Bay Area, stealing from stores has become a big issue. However, this Wednesday, the leading law enforcement officer in California shared news about catching and charging a group involved in numerous thefts stretching all the way to San Diego.

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Rob Bonta, the Attorney General of California, reported the capture of three individuals who were managing a group stealing from stores, posing a danger to both shoppers and staff.

“Organized retail crime hurts businesses, it hurts retailers and consumers, it puts the public at great risk,” said Bonta.

One of the crimes they’re accused of involves a bold incident in October where robbers used a stolen Land Rover to break into a Louis Vuitton store in Walnut Creek, taking merchandise worth $250,000.

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“As a result of these crimes, we will charge the suspects with multiple felonies, including organized retail theft, second degree burglary, grand theft and vandalism,” said Bonta.

According to the authorities in Walnut Creek, this particular incident drew more criminals to join the theft group.

“In that case, there were easily a dozen suspects, potentially up to 15, we know this because we sent officers who arrived within a minute after the alarm activation at Louis Vuitton,” said Bonta.

Bonta explained that from September to the middle of November, this theft group was active, endangering many and causing retail stores to lose around $650,000.

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“Customers deserve to walk into a store without keeping an eye on emergency exits,” said Bonta. “Workers should be able to clock in for their shift without fear that they may not be able to safely clock out.”

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