SMC COUNTYWIDE Curfew Tonight. 8:30 PM – 5 AM

By Michael G. Stogner

Countywide Curfew: Frequently Asked Questions 

A curfew, applying to all cities, towns and unincorporated areas in San Mateo County, is in effect from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. beginning Tuesday, June 2, 2020, and Wednesday, June, 4, 2020.

Whom does the curfew apply to?
It is unlawful for any person, other than those specified below, to be upon any public street, avenue, boulevard, place, walkway, alley or park, or to be in any public area or unimproved private realty during the hours that the curfew is in effect. The order does not apply to:

a. Peace officers; fire fighters; emergency operations personnel; the National Guard or other military personnel deployed to the area;
b. Individuals traveling to and from work;
c. Authorized members of the media;
d. Individuals traveling to and from the airport;
e. Individuals experiencing homelessness and without access to a viable shelter; and
f.  Individuals seeking medical attention or providing necessary care for another individual in another household. 

May businesses stay open until 8:30 p.m. if it means that their staff will have to travel home after 8:30 p.m.? 
Yes. Businesses may stay open until 8:30 p.m., but may not remain open to the public after that time. Individuals traveling to or from work may be outside of their residences under the curfew order. 

What is the penalty for violating the curfew?
Any violation of this curfew Order is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment of up to six (6) months in jail, a fine of up to five hundred ($500) dollars, or both, as provided by Section 2.46.120 of the San Mateo County Ordinance Code.

Who has the authority to declare a curfew?
San Mateo Ordinance Code Section 2.46.070 authorizes the Director of Emergency Services (the County Manager) to declare a general curfew for not more than 72 hours in the area(s) where emergency conditions have been proclaimed for the protection of persons and property. The County is aware of specific threats of civil unrest,  including plans to conduct coordinated looting, property damage, and other violent activities at various retail locations across the County beginning on the night of June 2, 2020.

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SMC Sheriff’s Office Finally issues Press Release on SAL Embezzlement Investigation

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos continues to hide information from the public about ‘Those Who Matter” When he finally does disclose what he is forced to, and he Misleads the Public, as he did with Operation Dollhouse, calling it a massage parlor mistake when it was Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a minor. Or when he interfered with a criminal investigation involving his son at the Pioneer Saloon in Woodside.

You would not know from this Press Release that Embezzlement of Sheriff Activities League monies stolen from the children of the County was the subject. There has been no arrest, no booking photos, no nothing coming from Sheriff Bolanos on his own. So 59 days after the fact he issues this vague misinformation piece.

A reasonable person would know the Attorney General would not investigate Irregularities. A Sheriff Employee would not resign for Irregularities.

Sheriff Press Release

It wasn’t that long ago that both Carlos G. Bolanos and his daughter Ashley Bolanos were President and Administrative Aid for S.A.L

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“We Stand with the Black Community,” Zuckerberg

By Michael G. Stogner

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quoted in todays LATIMES.

I have to admit, I have No Idea what that means. F.B. Headquaters is located in Menlo Park, which is in San Mateo County, California.

October 3, 2018 Chinedu V. Okobi a 36 year old black man was killed by Six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees while in Custody. December 31, 2018 The Coroners Office ruled the manner of Death to be a Homicide.

“I have determined the manner of Death to be Homicide.”

Deputy Coroner Heather Diaz #21 reviewed and approved 12/31/2018

HOMICIDE PROTOCOL* 36 year old male involved in a physical altercation with San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies

March 1, 2019 two months later District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe held a closed to the public Press Conference which I attended. He gave a 26 minute presentation on why he was not charging any of the Five not Six Sheriff Employees in the tragic death of Chinedu Okobi. Who had committed no crime before the deputy decided to engage him. He was tased 7 times, struck with baton, Sprayed in face with O.C. spray and dog piled by SIX Sheriff Employees. After he stopped breathing he was sat up on El Camino Real and ignored for about 9 minutes to make sure he was dead before AMR and Fire Paramedics could get to him.

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe Never mentions the word Homicide in his presentation it’s only at the very end (47:30) of the Question and Answer period when he was asked by KQED Reporter Julie Small “Do you know the Manner of Death?”

A reasonable person would ask since it was determined a Homicide, How is it that no criminal charges were filed against the Six County Employees?

Last week the world saw George Floyd being Murdered by four Police Officers, The United States is Protesting today during a Pandemic because a Citizen was brave enough to try and stop it but also videoed it. The body camera and audio has not been released yet Why?

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg said “We stand with the Black Community.”

I do not recall Mark Zuckerberg saying One Word about Chinedu Okobi’s Homicide in his own backyard.

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True in SMC Homicide of Chinedu Okobi 10/03/2018

By Michael G. Stogner

This photo was taken at a protest for George Floyd’s Murder. When I saw the Kill Now Lie Later I couldn’t help but think about Chinedu Okobi being killed by six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees and ALL the Lies that followed. The Lie Later could be minutes or hours as evidenced by SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos two News Releases.

Omitting the 6th Sheriff Employee CSO Gonzales
Sherif Carlos G.Bolanos created this lie

Chinedu Okobi was not running in and out of traffic, and did not immediately assault the deputy. Sheriff Bolanos left both of these false statements on the County’s website for 5 months.

The Lie could be 19 days later as example Sgt. Irfan Zaidi “I directed Deputy Lorenzatti to remove the metal handcuffs from the subject, which she did, and the subject was placed on his back.

This is a 100% fabrication by a SMC Sergeant 19 days after the Homicide. Zaidi was NOT involved in the Homicide but filed a false report.

March 1, 2019 60 days after Deputy Coroner Heather Diaz determined the manner of death to be a Homicide, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe and his top management team held this closed to the public Press Conference which I attended.

The Lie later could also be 5 months later and 2 months after it was determined to be a Homicide.

SMC COUNTY D.A. Provides public his highly edited video and reports.

They don’t mention the Homicide. Why?

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Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Official Statement on George Floyd Murder.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sheriff’s, Police Chiefs, Police Officer Unions across America have called it a Murder and support the remaining three fired officers be charged.

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos had the Homicide in Custody of Chinedu Okobi on October 3, 2018 by SIX Sheriff Employees. No arrests, no charges, no riots, no nothing. His Statement is below his photo.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

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Supervisor Don Horsley is Dishonest. It’s that simple.

By Michael G. Stogner

Supervisor Don Horsley

Think about this when you read the Nice description below about children and San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies, This goes back to when Supervisor Don Horsley was Sheriff of San Mateo County and had a Deputy Mary Koziol R.I.P. who worked as Resource Officer at Garfield Elementary School K-8 in Menlo Park. Her partner reported her sleeping with a female student at that school to SMCSO Sgt. Al Cantera who reported it to Victoria O’Brian who reported it to Sheriff Don Horsley, The results he had a talk with her, she didn’t stop he promoted her to Sgt.

Ask Supervisor Don Horsley what actions he took as Sheriff when he learned she was having sex with one of the female students? Remember K-8

SAL was founded in 1997 by former Sheriff Don Horsley with the purpose of strengthening relationships between youth, deputies, and communities to aid in the intervention and prevention of juvenile delinquency in San Mateo County through positive, dynamic programs. The program was in North Fair Oaks and had a small presence on the coast, serving approximately 1,000 youth per year. In 2009, former Sheriff Greg Munks expanded the SAL program to 12 locations throughout the county, increased deputy support and established a community policing substation that was a permanent home for SAL programs. The program grew to serve approximately 3,500 youth per year.

Today, under the leadership of Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, the SAL program continues to thrive and is serving over 11,000 youth per year in programs, presentations and special events throughout San Mateo County. In light of events in 2015, President Obama called for law enforcements agencies to engage in community policing to build relationships with their communities. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, thanks to our leadership, has been engaged in community policing practices for over 20 years and continues to be a progression organization that adapts to the needs of our communities.

Now S.A.L. is in the News again this time for Embezzlement of $500K-$800K. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos says he expects the Attorney General of California to finish it’s Investigation within 3 weeks. When did the A.G. Office open it’s investigation?

The former Executive Director Barbara Bonilla was Escorted out of her office February 10, 2020 and placed on Administrative Leave. I wrote an article about it on February 28, 2020. She also was a top official with California PAL and National PAL.

Michael Stogner <>To: Don Horsley Cc: Chris Hunter Thu, May 28 at 6:16 PM

Hello Don,
I’m doing an update of my S.A.L Executive Director Barbara Bonilla being on Administrative Leave Story, that I wrote Feb 28, 2020. I was the only SMC Media to report it, Now I am updating it to include Embezzlement Allegations and others involved. I know you have known about this for almost 5 months.
Would you like to make any comment at this time, When did you first became aware of it, did you report it to the A.G.? 
Are you aware of the Sheriff’s Office doing an internal Investigation? Do you think that is appropriate considering who is involved?
Can you tell me what date Barbara Bonilla resigned? Her name is still on the website.

Thank You
Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County

Don Horsley chose not to answer any of my questions, He did make comments to HMBR reporter Libby Leyden, Horsley said “he was only aware that Bonilla was on administrative leave.”

I had to laugh when I read that because I would not have been able to write my article February 28, 2020 if it had not been for Supervisor Don Horsley talking about Embezzlement by Barbara Bonilla, and another individual that Don named which I will not name at this time.

The real story here is the hiding from the 750,000 SMC residents for 5 months an Embezzlement case. One of the main reasons to hide it is to make sure the guilty people are never charged. The coverup how many great corporations are involved with Sheriff Activities League. The money is stolen from the kids, how many prominent leaders in SMC knew for 5 months about the embezzlement and kept their mouths shout.

That is a Great Lesson to teach our children of San Mateo County.

October 18, 2019 Article about Chinedu Okobi Homicide by six San Mateo County Sheriff Employees. In response to questions about Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos issuing 3 News Releases 2 on October 3, 2018 and 1 on March 1, 2019 all containing False statements.

Supervisor Don Horsley said that he thinks that the sheriff’s office has been transparent through the investigation and was unconcerned that it took five months for the inaccurate information to be corrected.

“I think it was good of them to correct the statement,” he said.

The reality is Don Horsley was ok with the lies for 5 months and then He lied about them being corrected. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos NEVER corrected the False statements he just Deleted it.

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Mark Simon Joins the Victim Shaming/Bashing TEAM.

By Michael G. Stogner

May 14, 2020 Mark Simon wrote an article titled “An unusual Harbor District Meeting” the typical Victim Shaming piece which is something he is quite skilled at. This article is about a SMCHD meeting that took place 29 days prior to his article. He has joined Congresswoman Jackie Speiers Daughter Stephanie Sierra of ABC 7/KGO in the Victim Shaming plan of attack. Also on the TEAM is Supervisor Don Horsley, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin (Mark Simon’s partner) I can’t wait to discover who is the Captain of this TEAM and who is responsible for forming it.

I would suggest Mark Simon consider the May 26, 2015 as an unusual meeting it was very exciting and I know he attended I just don’t know why?At the time he worked for SamTrans.

First of all this April 15, 2020 meeting was not unusual for the Harbor District, I’m not sure how many meetings Mr. Simon has actually attended I have attended several and the yelling and cutting each other off especially Virginia Chang Kiraly to Sabrina Brenna is normal Virginia doesn’t like Sabrina similar to how Mark Simon feels about her.

Mark Simon who supports the Perpetrator says Her vehicle for this behavior was a long-standing dispute with fellow Commissioner Tom Mattusch, who in 2014 foolishly circulated some raw pornography to about 40 people. Mark doesn’t mention the Invitation for all expense paid Safari trip Tom Mattusch offered Sabrina.

So it’s Not ok with Mark Simon for Victim Sabrina Brennan to speak about female genitalia but is ok to mail unwelcome porn, which is exactly what Commissioner Tom Mattusch sent her and all the other Commissioners, Supervisor Don Horsley, Assemblyman Mullin, Mark Simon, and Stephanie Sierra ABC 7/KGO are cool with that. Together they want/wish Sabrina Brennan to just SHUT UP, Move On. That is the same that all Child Molesters (SMC Dr. William Ayers) and their Enablers want/wish of their Victims.

John Ullom at 29:20 Mark He and brother Dan own Citizen Access TV, somebody stole his broadcasting device, They were broadcasting the meeting live for FREE. Somebody didn’t want that to happen.

SMCHD Meeting May 26, 2015

SamTrans 2013 Protest of Bulling and Corruption at San Carlos Headquarter

The true picture of Mark Simon, a Loud & Vile Bully, Victim Shaming/Basher.

As a Private Victims Advocate for the last 22 years in San Mateo County I find the way to get a victim to stop talking about a subject is to deal with it Honestly in the first place. Victim Shaming, and telling the Victim to Shut up is a guarantee that you will hear about it at Every Single Meeting.

“I will continue bringing up my harassment at these meetings,” she said. “I won’t be silenced.” Sabrina Brennan.

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