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San Francisco opens public pools on Wednesday and offers free access to beat summer heat

San Francisco, California – San Francisco announced that this Wednesday all nine of its public pools would be available free of charge in response to a strong heat wave. This unusual move by the city seeks to provide residents—especially seniors and families with young children—a break from the extreme heat. In times of severe heat, San Francisco Recreation and Parks General Manager Phil Ginsburg highlighted the value of community resources.

“It’s important that residents, especially seniors and families with young children, know that there are resources to help them keep cool during excessive heat,” said Rec and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg, as reported by KRON4. “Our pools will be free for anyone looking to chill out on Wednesday.”

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With temperatures predicted to reach between the low 80s and mid-90s, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for San Francisco from 11 a.m. Tuesday through 7 p.m. Wednesday. The advisory is expected to continue through the weekend as many in the city search for ways to cool off.

San Francisco announced that this Wednesday all nine of its public pools would be available free of charge in response to a strong heat wave
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Every pool has special characteristics to suit various preferences. In particular, Hamilton Pool features the two indoor waterslides in the city, which provide families looking for relief some excitement. Operating as the only outdoor swimming facility run by the city, Mission Community Pool is another well-liked location providing a cool outside experience.

Though pools are open on Wednesday, all city public pools and leisure facilities will close on July 4th in commemoration of Independence Day.

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Particularly in highly crowded areas like the Mission, Tenderloin, and Chinatown, the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is closely observing the situation. Because of their extensive infrastructure and lack of green space, these areas—known as urban heat islands—usually see higher temperatures.

The DEM has provided advice on how to get ready for the heat, highlighting lots of liquids, frequent relaxation in shaded or air-conditioned surroundings, and consistent contact with vulnerable family members and neighbors. This project shows a great effort by local authorities to guarantee public safety and comfort during demanding climatic circumstances as the city gets ready for additional hot weather.

Public San Francisco pools:

Balboa Pool

Coffman Pool

Garfield Pool

Hamilton Pool

Martin Luther King Jr. Pool

Mission Community Pool

North Beach Pool

Rossi Pool

Sava Pool

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