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San Mateo County to receive state funding for new historic monuments along Ohlone-Portolá Heritage trail

San Mateo County, California – Senator Josh Becker from Menlo Park recently told leaders in San Mateo County, like Board President Dave Pine, Supervisor Ray Mueller, and Parks Director Nicholas Calderon, that the state will give money for new historic monuments along the 90-mile Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail in San Mateo County. This funding was arranged by Senator Becker during the 2023 session of the California legislature.

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Senator Becker shared his excitement about walking the same trails as the Ohlone ancestors and early explorers. He mentioned that he hopes the markers will help people understand what life was like for those people almost 300 years ago.

Back in March 2020, the State Historical Resources Commission decided to rename the Portolá Campground Historic Monuments to the Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail in San Mateo County. This change was made to recognize the Ohlone people’s role in this part of California’s history.

“This funding will allow us to inform visitors of a pivotal part of California’s history,” said Supervisor Pine. “I applaud the years of work and commitment by the Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail Committee, the San Mateo County Historical Association and San Mateo County Parks that resulted in this designation.”

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“The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail is a treasure worth preserving,” said Supervisor Mueller. “I am thankful to Senator Becker for the funding to support the good work our Parks Department undertakes to ensure our local history is told while hikers can enjoy the pristine views that San Mateo County has to offer.”

The new monuments will tell two stories: the lifestyle of the Ohlone people before the arrival of Gaspar Portolá in 1769, and the story of the explorers who depended on the Ohlone for food and guidance. This meeting was historically significant because it led to the discovery of what is now San Francisco Bay and eventually to California’s colonization by the Juan Bautista de Anza expedition. The content for the monuments will be created with help from partners, including members of the Ramaytush Ohlone Tribe.

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The announcement was made on December 7 at the Sawyer Camp section of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail. This is one of four places where the new historic monuments will be put up, with others at Crystal Springs Dam in San Mateo, and at Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail and Tunitas Creek Beach in Half Moon Bay.

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