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ACCSF waives adoption fees to ease overcrowding at San Francisco shelter

San Francisco, California – San Francisco Animal Care & Control (ACCSF) has announced that its dog shelter reached full capacity earlier this week, stressing the ongoing challenge of overcrowding in animal shelters.

Addressing Overcrowding Challenges

The ACCSF highlighted the complexity of the situation in a Facebook post, noting that some dogs cannot be fostered out due to legal constraints, leaving the shelter no choice but to provide a safe and caring environment for them. The shelter serves as a crucial safety net for dogs whose owners might be hospitalized, deceased, or victims of domestic violence, ensuring these animals are not returned to abusive or neglectful situations merely to free up space.

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The issue of overcrowding extends beyond the Bay Area, with the ACCSF pointing out that it is a national problem. Despite working with over 100 adoption partners and rescue groups, the collaborative effort faces challenges as these shelters are experiencing similar capacity strains.

To help alleviate some of the overcrowding, the ACCSF has waived adoption fees for dogs over five months old. This move aims to encourage those who are considering adding a pet to their family to adopt and provide a loving home to these animals in need.

Furthermore, the ACCSF is advising the public to delay surrendering their dogs, if possible, at least until after Monday, March 11. This temporary measure is hoped to provide some relief to the current overcrowding situation.

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For those interested in adopting and providing a “fur-ever” home to a dog, detailed information and available dogs for adoption can be found on the ACCSF website. This initiative not only helps to address the immediate issue of overcrowding but also aligns with the broader mission of ensuring the well-being and safety of animals in the community.

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