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Two adults and two kids found dead in San Mateo home; more details expected soon

San Mateo, California – In San Mateo, four people — two grown-ups and two little kids — were discovered dead in a house on Alameda de las Pulgas on Monday morning. This happened after the police were asked to check on them because someone was worried after not hearing from them for some time.

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Officer Jerami Surratt from the San Mateo police said that this was a very sad and unusual situation. It’s tough for everyone – the family, the community, and the police.

The police went to the house at 9:13 a.m. on Monday because someone asked them to see if the four people were okay. When the police arrived, they noticed that nothing seemed broken to get inside. When they went in, they found the four people dead, showing clear signs they had passed away. Officer Surratt didn’t give more details because they are still figuring things out. He mentioned they don’t think anyone else is involved and are not looking for anyone else in relation to this.

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Surratt also mentioned that the two children were boys but didn’t give more details about who the four people were or their relationship to each other or the person who called the police. He mentioned the obvious thing was that they were not breathing.

San Mateo Police detectives are working hard on the investigation, and the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office is helping identify the four people. The District Attorney’s Office knows about the situation, but no special cleanup teams were needed.

An autopsy is planned for Tuesday morning to learn more.

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The police have asked people to stay away from the area as they keep working on the case. A part of Alameda de las Pulgas was closed, but local residents can get to their homes with police help.

Officer Surratt emphasized they are being very careful with the investigation to make sure they understand what happened.

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The last time something like this happened in San Mateo was in 2005, when four people were found dead in a house. Back then, it was a very tragic situation where a man confessed to harming his family because of financial troubles.

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