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Electric train testing halts weekend service to San Jose at San Francisco Caltrain station

San Francisco, California – The San Francisco Caltrain station was expectedly quiet on Sunday. It was clear that regular commuters knew about the halted weekend service to San Jose, which was paused for crucial tests on Caltrain’s upcoming electric trains.

“This is the first test of eight electric trains running simultaneously,” said Dan Lieberman, Caltrain spokesperson. “We need to make sure that the power flow to the trains is working properly and everything else is in good working order.”

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The electrification initiative, which began in 2017, is close to completion, according to Lieberman. He expressed optimism, noting that the city is just three months from introducing the new electrified service. According to Lieberman, this upgrade is a significant modernization, introducing sleek, environmentally friendly trains designed to transport more passengers more quickly.

This pioneering project in North America is converting from diesel to electric trains and infrastructure. Lieberman highlighted that the new setup will cut down emissions substantially, enhance air quality, and help ease traffic congestion.

“Once we electrify, it’ll be the equivalent of taking 55,000 cars off the road every year,” he said. “We do love the F40’s, they’ve done their job for a good long time but it’s time to step into the future and give Silicon Valley the transit system they really deserve.”

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The project is on schedule with a target launch date of Sept. 21, according to Lieberman.

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