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President Biden Announces Vaccine for Every Adult American by end of MAY.

By Michael G. Stogner

This is a BIG DEAL

President Biden just announced the Merk and Johnson & Johnson Companies have just agreed to work together to produce vaccines 24/7.

This does not mean that every adult American will have shot in arm by the end of May. There is still a lot of work to be done to accomplish that but now the Doses part is handled for the first time.

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San Mateo Union High School District finally goes to District Elections, What took so long?

By Michael G. Stogner

The SMUHSD recieved a letter from attorney Kevin Shenkman promising a lawsuit if they didn’t do the right thing. The Voters of San Mateo County should be thanking the Law Firm for nudging the SMUHSD to do the right thing in the first place.

The district Board of Trustees voted unanimously Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021 to change to District Elections.

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White Supremacy plus Those Who Matter.

By Michael G. Stogner

White supremacist definition is – a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over. This could be part of it mixed with Those who Matter. Those who control the Data from Body Worn Cameras and the Audio. That data belongs to the Public and should be released Immediately Unedited. This Master Trooper lived 1 year and 4 months knowing that someday the truth was going to be made public about what he did.

Louisiana State Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth “I beat the ever-living Fuck out of him” “He was spitting blood everywhere all of a sudden he just went limp.” He was talking about Ronald Greene R..I.P.

WEST MONROE, La. (AP) — Louisiana State Master Trooper Chris Hollingsworth funeral who died September 25, 2020 in a single-car crash just hours after he was told he would be fired for his role in the death of Ronald Greene R.I.P. May 10, 2019 was buried with honors Friday at a ceremony that authorities sought to keep secret out of concerns it would attract a mass protest.

Why did they attend at all? Why was he buried with honors?

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San Mateo County Halts Vaccines to One Medical

By Michael G. Stogner

Nobody should be surprised that this activity occurred and in this case San Mateo County took the appropriate action. All Medical Providers will be tempted to give “Those Who Matter” the vaccine before the rest of population.

San Mateo County has halted supplying COVID-19 vaccine to One Medical after an investigation determined it had vaccinated 70 people who were ineligible.

One Medical charges patients an annual membership fee of $199.

Two employees of One Medical were terminated for “inappropriate use of a vaccine,” 

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San Mateo County ICU Beds, How many are there?

By Michael G. Stogner

When you think of ICU Beds remember they need Trained Staff.

They should not be confused with ICU Surge Beds.

On February 14, 2021 San Mateo County Health reported on their website that there were 22 ICU Beds and Trained Staff available which is a fantastic number. There was only one little problem with it. It made the total amount of ICU Beds and Trained Staff 89. That is the HIGHEST number reported ever. Now the Good News is today that number 22 has disappeared from the data on the website. Today it shows 10.

On February 19, 2021 San Mateo County Health reported on their website that there were 6 ICU Beds and Trained Staff available. It made the total of ICU Beds and Trained Staff 52. That happens to be the LOWEST number reported ever. That is a 37 ICU BED and Trained Staff SWING in a FIVE day period.

When the Website started the total number of ICU Beds and Trained Staff was 66 and there was a 20% Availability target or 13. The 20% has been reduced to 15% or 10 ICU Beds and Trained Staff.

Who is responsible for the SMCH website? How much money has been invested in it? Who has the authority to simply change the data?

San Mateo County Health Website

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3470 Healthcare Deaths and counting.

By Michael G. Stogner

3470 is the number of Healthcare worker Deaths to date that have been documented it is a work in progress. This is a National number.

Lost on the Front Line Data Base

A question I have had since March of 2020 is why wouldn’t my President and his Staff demand America Manufacture all PPE products in this Country to protect the Healhcare Workers and First Responders who are forced to work in the most dangerous conditions and for extended hours of exposure.

The President of the United States had the authority to do that with the stroke of a pen. He chose not to, it was a deliberate act. He and others knew what the outcome would be. Anybody who reads the CCE of 2019 would know what the outcome was and is going to be, Financial destruction of millions of Americans, Evictions, Credit destroyed, Homeless of millions of hard working people. The CCE Exercise predicted 586,000 Deaths in America, looks like that number will be low.

The President of the United States conducted a Nine Month Exercise from January to September 2019 named Crimson Contagion Functional Exercise.

I read this first draft in March 2020 made public by the New York Times.

Crimson Contagion Exercise 2019 Draft

Crimson Contagion Exercise 2019 made public late 2020

San Mateo County Participated in this Exercise.

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Robert Stewart

LAPD Officer Robert Stewart

From LATIMES today

A 120-year-old L.A. injustice finally put right

Police Commission votes unanimously to reinstate, retire with honor one of the city’s first Black officers.

ROBERT STEWART had an “exemplary career” but was fired in 1900 after being falsely accused of assault. ( ) 

By Kevin Rector

Undoing a 120-year-old injustice, the Los Angeles Police Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to posthumously reinstate and retire with honor one of the LAPD’s first Black officers, who they say was pushed out of the department in 1900 based on false allegations against him.

Born into slavery in Kentucky in 1850, Robert William Stewart later made his way to Los Angeles and was one of the first two Black policemen to make it onto the LAPD force, which he joined in 1889, said Fred Booker, a special assistant to LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

Records from the time showed Stewart had an “exemplary career,” Booker told commissioners. But in 1900, he was terminated after being falsely accused of assaulting a teenager while on patrol, Booker said.

The commission at the time approved Stewart’s firing without waiting for his trial, and “though he was ultimately acquitted of all charges, the same board of police commissioners refused to hire him back,” Booker said.

Stewart went on to work other jobs in the community, and died in 1931 at 81.

In recent years, local historians — including Mike Davison, Rita Knecht and USC Police Chief John Thomas — picked up and investigated Stewart’s story, drawing more attention to it, and later joined in calling for his legacy as a barrier-breaking and community-minded officer to be restored through reinstatement.

Moore agreed, landing the matter before the commission Tuesday. The board’s two Black members, William Briggs and Dale Bonner, put forward and seconded the motion to reinstate Stewart, which the full board unanimously approved.

In addition to having his reinstatement, Stewart will have a roll call room in the Central area — where he worked — named in his honor, officials said.

Thomas, of USC, said after the vote Tuesday that Stewart’s posthumous reinstatement had been a long time coming, but still felt good.

“I firmly believe that when we have a chance to correct history and bring about justice, we have an obligation to do that,” Thomas said. “It’s never too late.”

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San Mateo County has 1 ICU Bed Available.

By Michael G. Stogner

Today San Mateo County Health website is reporting that they have 1 ICU Bed and Trained Staff available for the entire County of 760,000 residents. That should be Front Page News in all publications.

Yesterday SMC moved from the Purple tier to the Red tier. Why and How is that possible?

The Supervisors and County Manager should explain it.

SMC Health Wesite

Recommended reading of Crimson Contagion Functional Exercise of 2019

I read the Crimson Contagion Draft Not for publication in March 2020. I have recently confirmed that San Mateo County participated in it.

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San Mateo County has 2 ICU Beds Available.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Health Website this morning is reporting a total of 502 Deaths from COVID-19 and 2 ICU Beds and Trained Staff for the entire County. When the Global Pandemic first started the recommended amount of ICU Beds and Staff that should be Available was 20% of the 67 Beds which was 13. That percentage has been reduced to 15% which is 10.

The County has reported as few as 52 ICU Beds Total and as many as 89 Beds Total between February 14th and 19th of 2021.

San Mateo County Health Website


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Yanira Serrano Memorial Scholarship

By Michael G. Stogner

I can’t think of a better way to share Yanira Serrano’s story than with the youth of Half Moon Bay, California. If you can please donate and share.

Dear San Mateo County Community Members,

This past year has been a struggle for many families as they have faced financial insecurity due to job loss and increased health care expenses, in addition to grief for loved ones who have been lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all these difficulties, the hard-working families in our community have continued to support their exceptional Coast Side high school students who have encountered unprecedented challenges while studying online to pursue their dreams of going to college. Many of the students have taken on jobs to assist their families with rent and other expenses.

Many of these hard-working students also take time out of their weekend to help distribute staple food items to struggling San Mateo County families every Saturday because they understand and hope to alleviate food insecurity within the community. Given the current financial crisis, these deserving students are unsure of how they will fund their college education.

Please help us show these students that we believe in their dreams and aspirations and consider a contribution to the Yanira Serrano Scholarship Fund. We all know this has been an unprecedented and stressful year, and community contributions will allow these students who have worked so hard under great stress to start college on the right foot and with a lesser financial burden.

In partnership with the Latino Council of Half Moon Bay, the Yanira Serrano Scholarship Fund was created in memory of an HMB High School community member who was lost during a mental health crisis. The scholarship was named to honor her memory and help give life to the future of Coast Side High School students. Over four years, the scholarship fund has distributed over $7,000 to ten high school students to help alleviate college’s financial burden and jump-start their futures. The primary candidates to receive the scholarship will be selected based on need and contributions made to the community.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Latino Council of Half Moon Bay

To Donate

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