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Zain Jaffer case should be AUDITED not Destroyed.

By Michael G. Stogner

Upadte: This Motion to Destroy has been continued to January 3, 2022

Today December 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM in Courtroom 2A the Hon Judge Barbara Mallach will rule on a Motion to Destroy all of the records in the People vs. Zainali Jaffer case 17NF012415A. The Public is invited to attend in person.

Who filed the Motion to Destroy all records and Body Worn Camera Video?

I call this the “Magic Case” because of the “Magic Meeting” held on June 7, 2018

Who is speaking for the two Children?

Diminished Capacity is No Excuse for Criminal Conduct

This case should be taught at every law school in the United States of America. NOT Destroyed.

San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office should be audited Article

Note: Karen Guidotti announced she was retiring less than 90 days after the Magic meeting.

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City of Half Moon Bay and San Mateo County Counsel, Conflict of Interest? Sarah Gatliff case.

By Michael G. Stogner

Sandra Lee Harmon R.I.P. was killed May 5, 2020 at 845 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California. She was killed by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy David Dominguez, who fired 11 hollow point bullets at her at close range. San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, and the District Attorney’s Office claim the Body Worn Camera that was working perfectly just minutes before the Homicide was turned off by Deputy Dominguez.

The City of Half Moon Bay and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office have made NO CORRECTIONS since Yanira Serrano Garcia was killed on June 3, 2014 by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Trieu.

Both Sheriff Deputies responded alone, with NO PLAN. Both Homicides had Evidence Tampering. Yanira was shot and killed within 20 seconds of Deputy Trieu exiting his vehicle.

How hard would it be for the City of Half Moon Bay and the Sheriff’s Office to change the procedure that would stop Deputies from going by themselves. DO NOT go to the scene ALONE, Have a Plan.

The current plan is Let Them Sue us It’s Not Our Money.

The City of Half Moon Bay is represented by San Mateo County Counsel again.

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Michael D. Banister 21SF010162A in Court today.

By Michael G. Stogner

Unfortunately the Public is Not allowed to Listen to the court appearance. San Mateo County Superior Court of California has cancelled all Public Telephone Access to all Courtrooms as of November 22, 2021. The Public is welcome and encouraged to attend in Person. Courtroom 2A Time 1:30PM

San Mateo County confirmed yesterday that this new policy was authorized by Court Executive Officer, Neal Taniguchi. Why? Is the Pandemic over?

Summary: On August 2, 2021, Sheriff’s Office Detectives started investigating a case involving an 11-year-old child who was sexually assaulted on 3 different occasions by a family friend. He was identified as suspect Michael Banister from El Granada, CA. The sexual assaults took place near his residence while he was babysitting the child.

On August 31, 2021, Detectives obtained a $500,000 arrest warrant for Banister for the above sexual assault charges. Shortly after the warrant was issued, Bannister was placed under arrest by Deputies from the Coastside Patrol Bureau without incident. Banister has a lengthy criminal history from Oregon and had recently moved to El Granada within the past 2 years.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

San Mateo County Article Michael D. Banister

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Superior Court of California San Mateo County has cancelled Public Access by Phone as of November 22, 2021, Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

Evidently the Pandemic is over and Somebody in San Mateo County is inviting the public to attend Court proceedings in person in the 400 County Center Building, Redwood City, California.

There is no Press Release or Official Notice of this change on the Courts Website. Why?

Who authorized this change?

Updated 11/22/21 – The listen-only public access lines are no longer in effect; proceedings are open to the public to attend in person.

Yesterday San Mateo County published an article on Dr. Dylan Edward Oconnor’s court appearance. Article

I was on the Public Access phone line for 3 hours waiting to hear the court proceeding just like I have done many times this last 2 years. The phone line and code worked perfectly, other than I got disconnected about 8 times and had to re-dial which I did. At no time was there a notification that the Telephonic Public Access had been discontinued. I checked the Court case file and saw it was already Held and Completed.

Here are 10 other Counties close to San Mateo County, They still think there is a Pandemic.

Who would want to cut off the Telephonic Public Access? A more important question is WHO did cut it off? What has recently happened in San Mateo County Superior Courts that would caused this change. The only thing I can think of is recently, Hon. Judge Joseph Scott, his Court Clerk Katrina Bihl and the Court Reporter all conspired and committed Perjury in the x Sheriff Deputy Juan Pablo Lopez 7 year criminal case.

Superior Court of California San Mateo County

Superior Court of California Santa Clara County

Superior Court of California Contra Costa

Superior Court of California San Francisco County

Superior Court of California Marin County

Superior Court of California Alameda County

Superior Court of California Napa County

Superior Court of California Solano County

Superior Court of California Sonoma County

Superior Court of California Monterey County


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Dr. Dylan Edward O’Connor in Court today 8:30 AM to listen 206-279-9589 code 599028

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: After being on the phone line for public access for 3 hours and being disconnected 8 times and not hearing one word spoken, I checked with the case file to find out that the case was already heard and over. It seems the San Mateo County Superior Court has cancelled the Public’s ability to listen in on Courts cases without putting your life at risk.

Updated 11/22/21 – The listen-only public access lines are no longer in effect; proceedings are open to the public to attend in person.

One of the charges against him is PC 288.2(a)


As you can see some people get charged with this crime, while 45 male San Mateo County Sheriff Employees DON’T. How is that possible?

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Pacifica Resident Therese Dyer is the expert on Corruption in San Mateo County.

By Michael G. Stogner

I don’t remember the exact date when I first met Therese Dyer but I do remember where it was. It was in line to enter the 400 County Center Building in Redwood City, California where we both were going to speak to the Board of Supervisors of San Mateo County during the two minute Public Comment.

I remember thinking, The Five Supervisors and their Staff should meet with Therese right away and get to the bottom of this subject matter she just reported to them, Corruption in San Mateo County, specifically in the District Attorney’s Office, The Courts, The Investigators etc. Most reasonable thinking residents would want the Supervisors to look into this to find out if her statements were true and accurate, and if they were too FIX IT.

I knew Therese was a Veteran, and had served on the San Mateo County Grand Jury.

It was at that BOS Meeting that I thought a simple fix would be for the Supervisors to set up a Public Data Base where all Notifications of wrong doing by San Mateo County Employees/Elected Officials could be filed. As anyone who has ever taken the time and energy to go to a BOS Meeting on a Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM to have the opportunity to Inform the Supervisors of Criminal behavior or other serious subjects knows, 2 minutes goes by pretty fast, and you might be a little nervous. Most likely you can not come close to saying everything you want to say.

I remember being so nervous before I made Public Comment to the Supervisors of SMC, reporting Corruption of some Law Enforcement Employees, and every time I spoke the Supervisors would say “Thank You, Mr. Stogner for your comments.” I became more comfortable once I realized that they couldn’t care less about the Corruption.

A Public Data Base however would allow you to state everything, Names, dates, allegations etc. The other benefit is that information would be Public.

I can say this about Therese Dyer, for the last 20 years that I am aware of, She has been doing her very best to inform the Residents of San Mateo County of the Corruption in the Government.

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SFPD Sergeant Davin Lyle Cole in Court Today. To listen call 503-300-6847 code 438807 Time 9 AM, 21SF012848A

By Michael G. Stogner

SFPD Sergeant Davin Cole on Administrative Leave

Update: The Judge asked Davin Lyle Cole’s Attorney, “Why is your client NOT HERE.” His attorney represented to the court that he is in Rehab and the somebody at Rehab said it would be a bad idea for him leave and show up at a San Mateo County Superior Court today. So Judge said OK and allowed him to appear on ZOOM.

Next Court date is February 7, 2022 @ 2:00 PM

Lets see how this case goes, Robbery, with a Gun, Resisting Arrest.

Here is a really good PR piece on his arrest, “Everybody is Shocked” “It was a Secret,” “Nobody Knew,” and he is now in Rehab.

The title is the give away: SFPD sergeant arrested for robbing Rite Aid in treatment for prescription pill addiction.

ABC Story on Arrest

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos

I was not able to find the Booking Photo from San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, under the Leadership of Carlos G. Bolanos, that is another Red Flag, that this is a “Those Who Matter” case.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, Please release the Booking Photo of SFPD Sergeant Davin Cole, and can you tell the public why you didn’t in the first place?

I checked the SMCSO Press Releases for SFPD Sergeant Davin Cole Arrest and found Nothing, Zero, Zip,

Here is what I did find for November 5, 2021

A fair and level playing field would make all Booking Photos available to the Public, The Five Supervisors of San Mateo County Support Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos’ method of picking and choosing which Booking Photo and Arrest to make Public. That is a very Bad Idea.

This looks a little more serious then the Media has reported.


Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/20212PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/20213PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/20214PC212.5(c)-FEL-Second Degree Robbery212.5(c)Felony 2nd Degree11/03/20215PC25400(c)(6)-FEL-Carry Concealed Loaded Weapon25400(c)(6)Felony11/03/20216PC25850(c)(6)-FEL-Carry Loaded Firearm In Public Place, Person,Vehicle25850(c)(6)Felony11/03/20217PC148(a)(1)-MISD-Resist, Obstruct, Delay Of Peace Officer Or EMT148(a)(1)Misdemeanor11/03/20211PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/20212PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/20213PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/20214PC12022(a)(1)-ENH-Special Allegation-Armed With Firearm12022(a)(1)Enhancement11/03/20211PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/20212PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/20213PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/20214PC1192.7(c)-ENH-Serious Felony1192.7(c)Enhancement11/03/20211PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/20212PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/20213PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/20214PC667.5(c)-ENH-Special Allegation-Prior-Any Felony667.5(c)Enhancement11/03/2021

That is a perfect example of Corruption.

Welcome to San Mateo County

How many Criminal Cases has he testified in the last 11 years and How people are in Prison because of his testimony?

He was on the Gang Task Force.


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San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office No longer responding to ICE Inmate Transfer Requests.

By Michael G. Stogner

Good job to all the Advocates who worked on this effort.

San Mateo County Sheriff No Longer Responding to ICE Inmate Transfer Requests

Redwood City — San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos announced today that, effective immediately, his office will no longer respond to any requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for notification of an inmate’s release or transfer any inmate to its custody. 

Bolanos said this decision helps fulfill his office’s mission to protect the safety of all San Mateo County residents, and it relies on county residents’ trust and willingness to cooperate with law enforcement, report crimes and testify in court. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 3, Bolanos and the Board of Supervisors heard from residents at the annual TRUTH Act Forum, a special meeting required when local law enforcement has given ICE access.

“It has become apparent to me that complying with those requests regarding the pending release of undocumented individuals who have committed serious crimes is undermining the trust we need to protect the community. It simply is not worth losing the trust of many members of the public by continuing to process these requests from ICE. Our policy is now consistent with other Bay Area counties. This change is being made after we heard from hundreds of residents who shared their perspective on how we will all be safer when the entire community understands the Sheriff’s Office is here to protect the public, not enforce immigration laws,” Bolanos said.

Last year, the Sheriff’s Office coordinated 15 transfers to ICE from the county jail. Most individuals convicted of serious felonies serve their sentences in state prison, not county jail. If ICE believes an individual poses a serious threat, it can always obtain a judicial warrant, which all law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area must honor. 

“This is a momentous and compassionate decision by our sheriff to end cooperation with ICE. He listened to the community and values all our residents regardless of immigration status. This is a policy change that will keep families whole and I applaud Sheriff Bolanos for taking this action,” said Board President David J. Canepa.

Supervisors Don Horsley and Carole Groom expressed similar sentiments.

“This decision is consistent with the sheriff’s personal values and deep-rooted commitment to serve and protect all San Mateo County residents, regardless of immigration status. These values are reflected in his office’s long-standing history of support and engagement with immigrant communities,” Horsley said.

“We thank the Sheriff for working collaboratively with the Board of Supervisors and his quick implementation of this important change, which we support and believe is in the best interest of the county as a whole,” Groom said.  We thank the sheriff for listening to the public and taking their comments very seriously and adopting a new policy.” 

Bolanos reiterated that he remains committed to public safety. 

“I will continually evaluate any effects caused by this change in policy and, if necessary, consider adjustments,” Bolanos said.

Horsley and Groom will continue supporting and working with the sheriff if future policy adjustments become necessary. 

MEDIA CONTACT: Sheriff’s Lt. Eamonn Allen at or (650) 421-1243

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Daly City, SSF voters you elected David Canepa, Is this what you voted for?

By Michael G. Stogner

This is a question for David Canepa.

How many young girls and young women have been Sexually Assaulted, Molested and even Forced Raped in San Mateo County because of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff Greg Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos since 2014. Recently in the Kaylan C. Freeman case the Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Carlos G. Bolanos issued this false statement.

Kaylan Charles Freeman identification was unknown until January 2021.

SMC Sheriff’s Office Press Release Kaylan Freeman article

David Canepa, The President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has No questions or concerns about this False Statement and the Impact on Young girls and Young Women in San Mateo County. He is not alone not one of the FIVE Supervisors care.

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San Mateo County Government Attorneys do the exact same disgusting thing.

By Michael G. Stogner

Just ask the Families of Errol Chang R.I.P., Yanira Seranno Garcia R.I.P., Chinedu V. Okobi R.I.P. San Mateo County’s George Floyd, and Sarah Gatliff the daughter of Sandra Lee Harmon R.I.P. Roger Allen R.I.P. All Homicides by SMC Law Enforcement.

Los Angeles County wants a judge to force Kobe Bryant’s widow to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to prove she suffered emotional distress from leaked photos of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, daughter and seven others.

Who supports this disgusting behavior, all FIVE San Mateo County Supervisors, and almost every other elected official in the County.

Why would San Mateo County Residents need a Citizens Oversight Committee? That is what the Supervisors are paid to do, SUPERVISE.

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