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Letter to the Editor

Sabrina Brennan

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


California is shrinking

It’s time to accept that coastal California is shrinking. A new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists predicts chronic Bay Area flooding from rising seas as early as 2060. “Cities around the San Francisco Bay will begin to experience more frequent and disruptive flooding in the coming decades and will have to make tough decisions around whether to defend existing homes and businesses or to retreat,” said Erika Spanger-Siegfried, senior analyst in the Climate and Energy Program at UCS and a report author.

The Pacific Institute calculates that San Mateo County will lose more in property value than any other county in the state. Property damage in the county is estimated to be in the region of $39 billion, with sea level rise projected to affect more than 100,000 residents.

In July, the Mercury News reported that San Mateo and Marin Counties and the City of Imperial Beach filed a lawsuit in Marin County Superior Court. The suit alleges that, “major corporate members of the fossil fuel industry, have known for nearly a half century that unrestricted production and use of their fossil fuel products creates greenhouse gas pollution that warms the planet and changes climate.”

The suit argues that 37 oil, gas and coal companies actively worked to “discredit the growing body of publicly available scientific evidence and persistently create doubt” in “a coordinated, multi-front effort.”

The suit asserts what many of us already accept as fact, that fossil fuel companies “have promoted and profited from a massive increase in the extraction and consumption of oil, coal and natural gas, which has in turn caused an enormous, foreseeable, and avoidable increase in global greenhouse gas pollution.”

Armoring the coast and building levees in the Bay will be an unimaginably expensive public undertaking, and that doesn’t include relocating highways, railways, airports, and other critical infrastructure.

Last month, the Guardian reported that Mayor Serge Dedina said that up to 30% of Imperial Beach could be affected by climate change. “As the lowest-income, highest poverty-rate city in San Diego County, we have no capacity to pay for the extensive adaptation measures.” Within 15 years flooding could affect tens of thousands of Marin County residents and cause upwards of $15.5 billion in property damage. “This lawsuit is intended to shift those costs back where they belong – on the fossil fuel companies,” says Marin County supervisor Kate Sears.

A well-funded army of lawyers is organizing to defend deep-pocketed multinationals that include San Ramon-based Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP, and Shell, while at the same time the Plaintiffs continue to approve new development within sea level rise inundation areas. These new developments will add to the already huge cost of removal and replacement of hospitals, schools, airports, fire stations, police stations, ports, roads, railroad tracks, pump stations, sewage treatment facilities, power plants, utilities, hazardous material sites, and more.

As communities become dependent on costly levee systems to stay dry, and climate projections continue to worsen, we will soon be spending exponentially larger sums of money to protect development now being built in inundation zones. One good example is the 8-mile long levee do-over in Foster City that is now budgeted for $90 million. That levee must be rebuilt three feet higher or residents will be required to buy costly flood insurance.

In addition to suing oil companies our elected representatives have a responsibility to protect the public from the huge financial burden sea level rise will bring to coastal California. They can do this by using their powers to implement policies that limit development in known inundation areas and to prohibit future shoreline armoring in favor or wetland restoration.

Suing the fossil fuel companies is a great start to holding those responsible for the coming disaster to account, but that must only be a beginning. Without common sense and practical pragmatic legislating any legal action becomes nothing more than a show. If they really want to leave a lasting legacy current local legislative bodies must show through use of their powers that they have an understanding that development in inundation zones is literally pouring money down the drain. Anything less is going to be an expensive and complex disaster.

Sabrina Brennan is a resident of Moss Beach

This op-ed does not represent the views of the San Mateo County Harbor Commission

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SMCHD Commissioner Sabrina Brennan not allowed to speak as a Private Citizen. Here is the real reason.

Sabrina Brennan has done it again, she has demonstrated that she looks out for the close to 800,000 residents and taxpayers of San Mateo County. She was concerned and she had good reason to be concerned. She was Not allowed to speak as a Private Citizen at the meeting, Here is her letter.

Dear Mayor Gupta, President Mattusch, Mr. Futrell and Mr. McGrath, 

I’m concerned about public safety and the safety of Harbor District employees.  
On Wednesday, Oyster Point Marina fuel system hazards were not discussed during a Special Meeting held at South San Francisco City Hall at 2:00pm. The meeting was specifically about the attached Draft Agreement.
The fuel system appears to be in extreme disrepair. As you know the fuel system is located in an area exposed to significant flooding. Please see the attached photo. 
The public and the unidentified people currently operating the fuel system are unaware of the safety concerns raised in the attached May 26, 2017 Fuel Dock Condition Assessment.
For years Drake Marine operated the fuel system at Oyster Point. Jim Drake sub-leased from Oyster Point Development. On Wednesday, I learned from Mike Futrell that the Drake Marine lease has been terminated. However some people are still operating the Fuel System at Oyster Point Marina.  I’m not sure who these people are but they don’t appear to work for Oyster Point Development (the current lease holder), the City of South San Francisco, or the SMC Harbor District.  
Who is providing oversight for the fuel system operation?  
Yesterday, I learned that the City of South San Francisco has performed a number of Fuel System inspections at Oyster Point. It’s my understanding that the Harbor District requested the inspection reports some time ago and has some of them but not the most recent inspection report. I would like to read all fuel system inspection reports including the most recent report. Please provide them unredacted. 
Yesterday, I also learned that Steven Miller, general counsel for the Harbor District sent a strongly worded letter regarding concerns about the fuel system at Oyster Point.  Please provide Miller’s letter unredacted.
Sabrina Brennan

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Richard Moss Update

Hawaii News

Update by Dan Moss July 14, 2017

We’re waiting for official confirmation from the San Mateo County Sheriffs office about the status of Richard and his car. Sadly, we should know within days that he is gone. I have no words to tell you how we feel. It’s like a hole in our heart is the best way to describe it.

His car has apparently gone off a cliff just north of Montara State Beach. The same place many others have crashed and died. Our search team managed to get evidence of the crash and they are going out in the morning, July 14th to recover more items.

My sadness is turning to anger. The anger has to do with CalTrans. Please see my next post for more.

I’ve talked to many members in the community about this. As far as we can tell, it appears that Richard and his vehicle crashed on the next to last turn while he was headed southbound on Hwy 1 after exiting the Tom Lantos Tunnel on May 25th at 7:12 am, just north of Montara State Beach. The crash more than likely ended in Richards death.

Here’s the problem. The exact area where Richards car went over the cliff has also had numerous crashes. As a matter of fact, it’s routinely talked about that cars have gone over the cliff in this area and there is debris and cars in the water to prove it. Kindly think about this.

In this particular case Richard Moss died. In September, a young woman died in the same spot. There are numerous deaths at the same spot, yet CalTrans has done nothing about this to protect our lived ones.

Things are going to be changing, my extended Ohana. Please read the next post.

Hi Friends and family.

Richards AAA card was found on Montara State Beach in a line of seaweed just below the restaurant today. We’ve organized a search party to begin around 5:00 pm to do a grid by grid search of the beach. We need your help. We’d like to get about 30 volunteers.

Patrice will meet everyone at the dirt parking lot on the north end of the beach by Martini Creek. She’s wearing a bright blue sweatshirt.

Dan 808-343-4110

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San Mateo County’s Superior Court Open Access Data Base Replaced, Why?

Its been almost one year since Open Access data base has been replaced with an indisputable inferior software program. The question is what is the cost of the new software that gave the public less access? And why was open access replaced at all?

Tylertech about Public Access

Tylertech claims

San Mateo Countys Odyssey Portal

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San Mateo County DDA Melissa Mc Kowan has Court Appearance Monday April 17, 2017. State Bar Supreme Court.

McKowan not only lied to a victim’s mother, she lied to SMCDA Chief Deputy M. Guidotti who was investigating the allegations of her lying.

11:00 AM, State Bar Supreme Court 180 Howard Street, San Francisco

Sixth floor, Courtroom 2.     Judge Lucy Armendariz.

Update: May 15, 2017 1st Settlement Conference was held. Next Settlement Conference date is June 5, 2017.

Update: Trail Dates set July 5,6 & 7, 2017

DA Wagstaffe suspended McKowan without pay that didn’t help her to stop lying.

State Bar Filing

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How is San Mateo County DDA Melissa Renee Anne McKowan still employed by the District Attorney’s Office?

Steve Wagstaffe and Karen Guidotti protected Melissa McKowan, They should have fired her, criminally charged her and made sure she never practiced law again.

Sad, San Mateo County Supervisors have failed to address Prosecutorial Misconduct for 17 years. This could have easily been avoided.

She not only lied to a victim’s mother, she lied and supplied a false document to SMCDA Chief Deputy M. Guidotti who was investigating the allegations of her lying. Both are criminal acts. The false document was a copy of letter from Special Deputy Trial Counsel, Robert K. Sall dated July 25, 2011 in which she wrote “Not True” in the margins. She knew it was true.

State Bar Court, Hearing Department- San Francisco


In the matter of: Melissa, Renee Anne McKowan No. 203031

April 17, 2017 11:00 AM 6th Floor, Courtroom 2  Hon. Judge Lucy Armendariz.

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San Mateo County and its relationship to the State Bar Association.

This is something to think about, it demonstrates their thoughts about Human Trafficked Sex Slaves and our top two Sheriff’s being detained as Customers of that trade.

emails&literatureJames P. Fox is the current President of the State Bar Association. Former DA of SMC.

James Wagstaffe who represents the Bar Association is the brother of SMC’s current District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

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